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14 Days 0f final

I am so excited to be part of 14 Days of Fictional Swoon Blog Hop hosted by Jaime from Fiction Fare and Meg from Swoony Boys Podcast. This is a Valentines Day hop to celebrate the wonderful authors and books that have made us swoon. You’ll be able to visit lots of blogs over 14 days to collect words for a scavenger hunt for the group giveaway as well as enter individual blog giveaways. You can find more details on Swoony Boys Podcast.

I typically prefer my romance tucked away in a fantasy or science fiction setting so you’ll see most of my selections (ok ALL of them) are fantasy books. I think my favorite romantic trope would be those with a slow build up–often the ‘I hate you but grow to love you’ types. I’ll be listing some of my favorite authors and a quote that I thought was rather wonderful. Of course there’s no way I can include all my favorites but these were the first to cross my mind.

I am trying to not add spoilers but if you are highly sensitive you should skip any books you’ve not read because you might see something that tips you off.

Masters of Swoon

Renee Ahdieh for The Wrath & the Dawn

So much yes to this book. I loved the strong main character and there are some beautifully romantic scenes.


How right you are. You are not mine. I am yours.

It’s a fitting punishment for a monster. To want something so much- to hold it in your arms- and know beyond a doubt you will never deserve it.

Marie Rutkoski for The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime

Marie Rutkoski’s writing is absolutely beautiful-elegant and emotional. Her romantic build-up and tension is probably my favorite type- slow, angst-y and wonderful.

TheWinnersCurse TheWinnersCrimeCover

Tentative fingers touched her face. A thumb ran along the wet skin of her cheekbone. She suffered for it, suffered for the misery of knowing that whatever possessed him to do this could be no more than compassion. He valued her that much. But not enough.  –page 207 The Winner’s Curse

Susan Ee for Angelfall and World After

Angelfall World After Cover

The relationship between Ee’s leads, Raffe and Penryn, is so touching and such a slow burn it aches. I absolutely adore their interactions and I really think they might be some of my favorite characters ever written.

His pupils dilate when he sees me. His lips part as he momentarily forgets to marshal his expression, and I could swear he stops breathing for several heartbeats. –page 168 Angelfall

Sarah J. Maas for everything she writes but specifically A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sarah knows how to write swoon…I have shipped so many of her characters…


He plucked a strand of grass from my hair. Heat radiated from my face as his fingers grazed my cheek. “I could make you able to see it, he said. His fingers lingered at the end of my braid, twirling the curl of hair around. “See my world–hear it, smell it.” My breathing became shallow as he sat up. “Taste it.  —page 209 A Court of Thorns and Roses

A.G. Howard for Splintered, Unhinged and Ensnared

It’s pretty obvious even if you’ve not read this series that there is a love triangle. I’m not usually a fan but with this series I felt it made complete sense. You’d have to read the series to see why

splintered Unhingedcover Ensnared

I wind my hands in my miniskirt as the tinkling little netherlings disappear through the trees again. “You always keep me on my toes.” He surprised me by catching me around my waist. “Then I shall have to amend my strategy. My intent was to sweep you off your feet.” — page 210-211 Ensnared

I’ve not even touched some of the other swoons I love like Paula Weston’s Shadows, Ellie Marney’s Every Breath, Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season, Leigh Bardugo’s The Grisha series.

Below are two giveaways for you to enter (and be sure to visit the other blogs to enter their giveaways too). For the group giveaway my phrase is…

In vain

For my giveaway I’m giving away YOUR CHOICE of any of the books I’ve mentioned in this post. If it’s not released it will be a pre-order. This giveaway is international if Book Depository ships to your location.

My Giveaway

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  1. says

    I’m not entering the giveaway because all the books you have featured I already own or have preordered! But I so highly agree with you in all of them!! Well, I have to reserved judgement on ACOTAR and The Wrath and The Dawn until my preorders arrive, but I’m sure I’ll agree 100% with you!

  2. says

    Mt favorite fantasy novel, let me see.. Gosh, there are so many!
    First of all I, too, say the Infernal Devices because JEM. Also, the Throne of Glass series because Celaena and Rowan are my top OTP and I need them to be together, soooo bad!!

    I’m reading now an Adult Urban Fantasy where nothing has happened yet but the two main characters… OMG, I have all the feels! Their scenes are so cute and adorable and frustrating because I want something to happen and everybody knows something will happen but nothing has happened yet and just please, do something for goodness sake! They are the best :3 The first book is Written in red! 😀

    Then there’s Inspire by Cora Carmack. It’s a NA but it’s paranormal and it’s so romantic and sweet and good!!

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. And I totally want to read Splintered! *-*

  3. says

    I agree with you 100% in that I mostly prefer my romance in a fantasy/sci-fi setting – and the love turns to hate thing is also an added bonus.

    What a great selection of reads – Sarah J Maas is my queen!

  4. Amanda says

    I am with you on the swoony fantasy — Splintered series all the way! I love Jeb, but Morpheus wormed his way into my heart as well.

  5. says

    I AM SWOONING. You make me want to re-read all of SJM’s books (can’t wait for ACOTAR’s release!) and THE WINNER’S CURSE.

    I think one I swooned over was THE YOUNG ELITES (that kiss scene?! hotdamn *fans self*) or GRACELING (Po!!! *sobs*) or THE BITTER KINGDOM (when Hector and Elisa finally find each other again? *sobs again*) or SCARLET by A.C. Gaughen (I cannot wait for LION HEART) or GRACE MERCY (Duval!!!).

    I may/may not have just gone through my bookshelf to squee about this. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Also, my Twitter entry jacked up. My handle is @ktbucklein, not @katebucklein like it still has in the system.

  6. says

    Oh, thanks for the recommendations! I’ve read the Throne of Glass and End of Days series and I’m always looking out for new reads.
    I recently read and liked Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked and The Dark Elements series, they’re great 🙂 Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor also features some nice romance!

  7. says

    EEEEK! Gorgeous post Kristen. <3 And omg, so many swoony romances 😀 I love so many of them too. Sigh. So perfect. The quotes are gorgeous 😀 I love Graceling the most, as the best swoony fantasy book, I think. <3 Thank you so much for this perfect giveaway too 🙂 You are the bestest. And Fantasy books are the bestest too, hah 😀 I love them the most. <3

  8. vero says

    Just finished Angelfall and i really really need World, I think is one of the most awesome book i read about YA lately, I just love Penryn and Rafe, i want a friend like Penryn xD
    And Sarah J Mass books are awesome, can’t wait for A Court of Thorns and roses, sounds a epic book

  9. Valerie Pennington says

    I am just recently getting into fantasy novels so I haven’t read that many… I loved Ror and Niklaas in Princess of Thorns! I just finished Shadow and Bone and while I like Mal and Alina, I can’t commit my love to them as of yet.

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