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I love to read… I’ve always had my head stuck in a book starting with the fantasy genre, specifically the Dragonlance series. I eventually fell in love with George RR Martin’s books and was always on the look out for a new series I could love.

I happened upon young adult as so many of us did, by reading Twilight. When I read it I was immediately swept up into the story and loved the easy pacing. The more I’ve read from the young adult genre the more I’ve grown to love it. I think some of the most talented writers are in this genre and I love how much it has grown and expanded.

I typically prefer books with a sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal or horror twist. I have recently really enjoyed historical fiction and steam punk as well. The one genre I just can’t seem to really get enraptured by is contemporary. When I read I typically am seeking an escape into a fantasy setting/world.

Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope it’s helped you find a new book to love.

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Husband, blog contributor, artist, software engineer, and over all computer nerd… I design the Covers in Blocks and I’m the other half of Blocks Behind the Blog.

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