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blogtourbannerthegirlwhofellI am really excited to be on the blog tour for The Girl Who Fell. This book was so well done and a really important read. I highly recommend it. Today I’ll be sharing my review and a giveaway.

TheGirlWhoFellCoverThe Girl Who Fell
By: Shannon M. Parker
Release Date: March 1st 2016
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse
Format: Print ARC
Source: Author- thank you!

A copy was provided by the author as a gift and does not impact my rating or review.

His obsession.un
Her fall.

High school senior Zephyr Doyle is swept off her feet—and into an intense relationship—by the new boy in school.

Zephyr is focused. Focused on leading her team to the field hockey state championship and leaving her small town for her dream school, Boston College.

But love has a way of changing things.

Enter the new boy in school: the hockey team’s starting goaltender, Alec. He’s cute, charming, and most important, Alec doesn’t judge Zephyr. He understands her fears and insecurities—he even shares them. Soon, their relationship becomes something bigger than Zephyr, something she can’t control, something she doesn’t want to control.

Zephyr swears it must be love. Because love is powerful, and overwhelming, and…terrifying?

But love shouldn’t make you abandon your dreams, or push your friends away. And love shouldn’t make you feel guilty—or worse, ashamed.

So when Zephyr finally begins to see Alec for who he really is, she knows it’s time to take back control of her life.

If she waits any longer, it may be too late.

My Thoughts:
I am usually not a fan of contemporary or issue books but I was drawn to The Girl Who Fell due to the subject matter. When I was in high school I fell for a boy that was controlling so I could relate to this book and I feel it is important for ALL teen girls to read. Parker really shows how easy it is to fall for someone and slowly lose the ability to see what is happening even if it’s abusive.

The book starts off with a bang- it had me disturbed and terrified all within the first chapter. Parker showed a snippet of the present then took the story back to how it all began. I felt this worked fairly well because it gave the book a suspenseful nature. The reader had a glimpse of what was to come so the warning was clear that this perfect boy that Zephyr had met wasn’t all that perfect.

It was very easy for me to be swept up in Zephyr’s feelings and her confusion yet inability to deny her attraction to Alec. He seemed exactly what she needed upon meeting him and though there are warnings it was so easy to ignore them all. Having had my own past experiences I can attest to this. It was easy to think away the things that struck me wrong and somehow turn it to seeing from the other person’s point of view. I loved that Parker detailed the fall Zephyr took into this relationship and the way she was able to disregard her gut and the warnings of those closest to her. Alec was a manipulator and fed on her insecurities.

I think one of the strongest point of this novel was how real the characters were and how easily it was for me to relate to them. You see the mistakes being made and it HURT but you can see why the characters (minus Alec- I didn’t understand, or want to understand him) took the actions they did. The secondary characters were beautifully executed and I really enjoyed Zephyr’s friends and parents. I thought they were all realistically represented and added so much to the story.


Final Thoughts:
The Girl Who Fell was an incredibly quick read that was full of emotion and suspense. It was not an easy read due to the content and you will be disturbed and upset while reading this book. I think this is a must read for everyone and hope that it can help to warn others of the ease of being manipulated.

About the Author

shannonShannon Parker lives on the Atlantic coast with a house full of boys. She’s traveled to over three dozen countries and has a few dozen more to go. She works in education and can usually be found rescuing dogs, chickens, old houses and wooden boats. Shannon has a weakness for chocolate chip cookies and ridiculous laughter—ideally, at the same time. The Girl Who Fell is her first novel. Find her at

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram


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    Great review! I found myself falling into Zephyr’s thoughts and feelings and even though my instincts fought against some things, I found it easy to relate to her. It’s a great book and a very important read.

  2. says

    I’m so happy to see that you liked it!

    Yes I agree that books portraying that type of relationship is important. It might even save a lot of people. I honestly don’t know whether I’ll be able to take it. I’m fairly sensitive so I don’t know how I’ll react to this book. I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Great review 🙂

  3. says

    Hugs. <3 Stunning tour post and review Kristen 🙂 Thank you for sharing about this book. I'm not sure it would be for me. But then I saw international giveaway, lol, and I wish to give it a try, if I win 🙂 You do make it sound amazing. And evil. I'm curious about it 🙂 So glad you liked this book sweetie. <3

  4. says

    Glad you enjoyed this one! I was ready to roll my eyes reading the first couple of chapters, but I really liked the realistic twist and turn – and the ending’s violence really surprised me. Not often a contemporary YA can shock me, so it was really refreshing!

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