Event Recap- Austin Teen Book Festival 2013

Last Saturday was the huge event Austin Teen Book Festival. It was a blast and I got to meet Sherry Thomas, Mindy McGinnis and more. There were so many authors and so much going on my introverted self barely could take it. We showed up late so I missed the Dark Days vs Fierce Reads–from the pictures I’ve seen it looked like a blast. I did get to see three panels: Dark Days, Into Hearts of Darkness and Powers Strange and Perilous. I had intended to take notes and highlight them in my recap but I was so distracted with what everyone was saying I forgot to take notes.

The festival had a great turnout and every panel was almost full. Each panel was moderated by one of the authors which added an interesting element to the questions. In the Into the Hearts of Darkness panel Victoria Scott moderated and included devil horns to the author with the most naughty answer. This really created an interactive experience between the panel and the crowd, it was so much fun watching audience members scream out who deserved the horns.

One of my favorite moments was walking through the halls and coming across people sitting or sprawled in sitting areas reading in between panels. It was a great event (and I got to meet the TeaTime girls and Snarkles!) Thank you Austin, all the volunteers and authors for creating such a fun day.

Dark Days:


 Into Hearts of Darkness

Powers Strange and Perilous



Event Recap: Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

 Throne of GlassCrown of Midnight

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Sarah J. Maas’ event at Blue Willow Bookshop. The lovely Kate from Ex Libris moderated and had us all laughing. We began by playing a game seeing if anyone could pronounce the names and locations from the Throne of Glass series correctly.


Sarah then talked about the origins of her character’s names. I loved her explanation for Celaena. It goes back to The Last Unicorn a classic fantasy novel by Peter S. Beagle and a 1982 film by the same title. There was a harpy named Celaeno trapped by a traveling witch in her midnight circus. The harpy was her most prized capture and the most dangerous of all the mythological creatures the witch had in her circus. Celaeno in Greek means the ‘Dark One’ so Sarah always thought it would be an excellent assassin’s name. Being a child of the 80’s that movie had a major impact on me too.

The Last Unicorn
Sarah spoke about her journey to being published and her writing process now. She said she doesn’t use outlines (they crush her creative soul) but she does use music, movie scores in particular, as a backdrop and inspiration. She said without knowing it she had been outlining to some degree with her song choices. She associates certain scenes with songs and so moves them up or down her playlist according to where it falls in the story.

Kate did an amazing job moderating and Sarah J. Maas was funny, incredibly likeable and personable. It was a blast. If you follow My Friends Are Fiction you’ve seen the Lego cover we did for Crown of Midnight. I had a few printed up and had them signed. Sarah loved it and totally recognized it when I went up to get her to sign my books. Was a really awesome moment. Of course I gave her one and am keeping one for myself…but I have one for a lucky giveaway winner.


 This is an international giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ARC August

ARC August is a event hosted by Octavia at Read, Sleep, Repeat to help us bloggers with an ARC addiction get a handle on that menacing pile of books.

My goal for this event will be to read 10 of my ARCs. I’ve been pretty good at keeping up…but just barely. Hopefully this will help me get ahead or at least a bit more on track.

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis, The Deepest Night by Shana Abe, Overpowered by Mark H. Kruger, Thin Space by Jody Casella, More Than This by Patrick Ness, Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer, Horde by Ann Aguirre, Sylo by DJ MacHale, Untraceable by S.R. Johannes I will attempt to finish The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

Not a Drop to DrinkThe Deepest Night
Thin SpaceMore Than This

Houston Teen Book Con 2013

This was my first time to go to the Teen Book Con, and it was as amazing as I had anticipated. I got to meet some of my favorite authors (Leigh Bardugo, Morgan Rhodes…). I attended three of the four panels, Power to the People, Power of Memory and Take Me Away.

Power to the People
Cinda Williams Chima, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Jennifer Nielsen, Caragh O’Brien, Mary Pearson and Morgan Rhodes

Teen Book Con 2013Houston Teen book con
Power of Memory
Leigh Bardugo, Jessica Brody, Bethany Frenette, Claudia Gray, Dan Krokos, Lisa McMann

The Houston Teen Book Con Power of Memory Panel Claudia Gray

Memory Panel

This panel was hilarious–you could really see how much fun the authors were having. You know, I had no idea Dan Krokos is so funny. I immediately followed him on Twitter after this panel. My favorite question from the crowd was: “Mr. Krokos, do you know that you look like Doctor Who?” The crowd cheered. He really does.
Another question was which books inspired them when they were teens, lots of answers but the one I was most excited about, Leigh Bardugo loved the Dragonlance series. I grew up on these books! I read them in fifth grade and have read them every few years to this day. A lot of George RR Martin love too.

After the panel I had to run up and tell Leigh Bardugo how much I love Shadow and Bone and tell her how awesome I thought it was that she is a fellow Dragonlance fan. It was a really great moment for me to fan girl with one of my favorite authors. We  even have the same favorite three books in the series–kismet people!

Awesome Sauce

Three of my most prized books. I will never part with them.

Take Me Away
Lenore Appelhans, Tera Lynn Childs, A. G. Howard, Sophie Jordan, Stacey Kade, Shannon Messenger

authors at the Take Me Away Panel
Then it was time to stand in line for the book signing
Author Signing
Leigh Bardugo at signingSadly, my picture with Leigh Bardugo didn’t come out (sobs)
Shannon MessengerStacey Kade

Morgan RhodesAG Howard

Maureen JohnsonJessica Brody

Everyone was super nice especially since I become an awkward mess when I get up there to get my books signed. I forget everything I had tried to remember to say. I was also working on the biggest headache so that’s why I’m not totally smiling huge in the pictures; my excitement did not translate.

Thank you to the amazing authors and everyone that helped put this event together. Shout out to Blue Willow Bookshop, my favorite independent bookstore.

Upcoming on My Friends Are Fiction- two signed books I’ll be giving away in the next few months…



Houston Teen Book Con

Next Saturday, April 20th, I will be attending the Houston Teen Book Con. I am so excited because one of my all time favorite authors will be there, Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone, Seige and Storm). The list of authors is expansive and I’m seriously feeling fan-girlish! Leigh Bardugo, Jessica Brody, A.G. Howard, Sharon Messenger, Morgan Rhodes and Maureen Johnson–seriously amazing!


 Check the website the additional 29 authors that will be attending. Trust me I will be coming back with a couple of books signed and ready to giveaway. Which book would you like to see as a signed giveaway?