Discussion Post- Low Blog Esteem and Boredom

I’m assuming that anyone that has been blogging for any length of time has felt that their blog isn’t up to par, doing as great as it once was or you even feel the tiniest bit bored. Let’s face it–sometimes it gets to be a bit repetitive. We need to shake things up and get out of the blog rut we’ve fallen into.


Why do these slumps happen at all?

For me when my blog isn’t getting as many comments or views I start to feel like maybe my content isn’t as great as it might have been in the past. I know that whenever I’ve reviewed a highly anticipated book and I get very few views or comments I tend to ask myself why. I think the worst feeling is when I’ve felt like I had absolutely nothing new to add to the community. At those times I feel completely void of any ideas or inspiration which really takes a toll on my blog esteem. Another thing that can bring me down (admittedly it’s rather lame of me) is when everyone gets an ARC that I don’t get it. I try not to be like that but sometimes it happens.

What do you do when you’re feeling a bit bleh about your blog?

This last time I did a bit of a makeover of the front page (thank you to my dear husband). Also, my bloggy friends are an amazing source of inspiration and help to build me up when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or under-inspired. When I began my blogging journey I never dreamed I’d meet and become close to so many amazing people. Without them I don’t think I’d be enjoying the experience nearly as much.

Tell me–what do you do when you suffer from low blog esteem? I’m sure many of you have written posts about this very topic I’d love to see your thoughts so link them in the comments.


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    What a brilliant post, Kristen!
    I always get the feeling that my blog is smaller and more modest one, given that I’m out of the US I cannot think of ARCs as way to measure the reach of my blog, and I have quite a few blogging friends that do comment and make my blog feel important enough.
    What has made me feel rather low as of late has been being passed for all the latest blog tours I had signed up for, even the ones I already had ARCs of the book… makes me feel like my poor blog really isn’t good enough… but oh well, it is what it is!

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      I imagine it gets very frustrating to be out of the US and see all the giveaways and arcs here. 🙁 I get passed up on blog tours ALL THE TIME. I think other than one instance I’ve only ever been on publisher tours. I think it’s hard at times to remember why we started in the first place. There’s so much pressure to post so often that it starts to feel like a chore. I don’t want it to feel like that so I’m not going to let it!

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    When I’ve felt a bit “meh” about my blogging, I tended to take a mini break, or redesign my layout (that usually put me in the blogging mood again!), but now that I’ve fallen in LOOOOVE with my layout, I don’t want to change it, ha! I feel your pain with this right now, for all I am in the mood to do lately is just read and sleep, hehe. But I manage to just push on through those posts, mostly because it makes me happy when I do it. And, yes, blogger friends are a huge inspiration as well 🙂

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      I decided to take a week off! I did that back in May and it helped so much to have time to write posts and not worry about posting. Maybe I should do it every few months because it seems to revive me more than anything else. I think it being okay for me to not worry about posting helps me come up with ideas and write reviews.

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    I’m just getting started blogging (in month 2) and the low self-esteem comes from all the struggles of getting off the ground. One thing that I think about, when feeling kind of inadequate, is something I learned in art school — artists make art for themselves. (You can replace “artists” with “bloggers” here.) I remind myself of how fulfilling it is to write about what I read. Reviewing books helps me develop as a writer and an observer. Reading posts like yours helps, too!

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      Welcome to book blogging Ellen! I recall at 3months I hit my first blogging slump. I think around the 2 year time it’s common to hit another and that’s where I’m at. It always passes and I get more motivated than ever. Actually, last year around November I had a big slump. Maybe mine happens annually? haha.

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    Wow, get out of my head! I just finished a draft about this topic about two hours ago lol. I”m planning on posting it tomorrow. I’ve been seeing this a lot on other blogs lately and have read several bloggers who are blue right now, due to being burned out and their blog stats being low. I’ll be addressing the stats issue and will be using my own blog as an example of why I think stats are a bunch of hooey 🙂

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      I can’t wait to read your post! I’ve not been checking my stats lately and that’s helped some. Right now it’s the inspiration to write the reviews and to go out and put in the effort to create posts. I’ll head on over to your blog and see if you’ve posted yours yet 🙂

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    As someone with a very, very small blog, I deal with this a lot. To be honest, I haven’t found a solution to it yet, except to remind myself that I blog because I love to talk about books. While I’d love to get upwards of my usual 20 or so views a day, I sometimes have to tell myself that the real love is the reading and writing. Other times I stop posting reviews for a while and write other kinds of posts. I also recently took on a coblogger to diversify the books on the blog.

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      You’ll have to let me know how co-blogging goes. I’ve considered it at times but haven’t ever moved on it. I’ve been doing this for almost two years now which isn’t that long but long enough to where I feel sometimes I’ve ran out of things to say. I’m going to take a tiny break and see if it helps to revitalize myself. 🙂

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    It might be a good idea to just take a step back? I always see you as a big, popular blog to be honest! So you definitely matter (and add something) to the blogging community 🙂 I haven’t had a low blog esteem so far *knocks on wood* but it might help if you come up with something new and refreshing? Like, I felt my blog wasn’t complete, so I came up with a new feature that has given me a lot of enthusiasm to write new posts and to come up with ideas.

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      Thank you Mel! I’ve decided to take a tiny break until October 1st. I think giving myself the time to comment, reply and prep posts without worrying about posting new content will help me. I just feel so behind so often.

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    My very, very best advice is to stop comparing your blog to other blogs and yourself to other bloggers.

    Next week I’m celebrating my 6th blogiversary and all summer long I was stressing and fretting about it. Why? Because many blogs/bloggers do huge giveaways and month-long celebration events for their book blogs. I kept thinking I should plan one but IRL I’ve been struggling financially and haven’t felt organized enough to plan something. I spent all those months freaking out because I thought I had to do what other bloggers do and ya know what… when I had the epiphany that I didn’t HAVE to it was the biggest relief.

    All that to say that comparing yourself to other blogs/bloggers is absolutely toxic and helps no one. It took me a long time blogging to get over ARC envy (not sure anyone ever fully gets over that but again, toxic thinking) and to stop feeling sad every time I visited a blog I like where a post had actual meaningful comments on posts. In that vein it might be time to reassess why you blog. Is it for you? Is it for other readers? Is it to connect with authors? When you know who you’re blogging for it’s a lot easier to decide what you need to do and honestly, if you’re blogging for anyone other than yourself… you’re going to always feel the low blog esteem and boredom. Work more toward blogging for you and your passion and enthusiasm will bring in the readers, they can spot a blogger faking it from a mile away.

    Good luck getting your mojo back Kristen!

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      This is great advice! Congrats for doing this for 6 years! That’s incredibly inspiring 🙂 I’m about to hit the 2 year mark (in about 3 months) and I’m already thinking about the anniversary post. I didn’t even bother to do anything for year one and honestly-I’ll prob not again this year. I felt so passionate prior and it feels like all of it sort of left when I wasn’t looking. I’ve got to get my mojo back! I’m taking a tiny, one week break and see if I can’t get caught up on some things. September was so hectic with all the ARCs it felt like I HAD to review them all. I think that hampered the creativity and fun part of it all.

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        🙂 Sounds to me like you’re doing just fine then.

        Blogger burnout is totally natural. I have a friend who runs a blog that took off really fast and was really popular really fast and she just crashed and burned last winter. She was exhausted and unhappy. She took off a month (I actually did the same because I was so exhausted IRL that I wasn’t left with any energy for my blog) and came back with the goal to do less. But then she has spent this entire year barely posting. And that’s okay but I know she didn’t want to lose her followers and her connections either and when you let yourself overdo it and burnout happens a break can also break your blog.

        I joined a group of bloggers for chats recently and the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that 1 good follower who comments meaningfully and values what you’re doing is worth a thousand who drop by once and post ‘thanks for the giveaway’ never to be seen again. So go easy on yourself and find your rhythm. What works for you won’t work for someone else and vice versa. And congrats on being heading to the 2 year mark, that’s a big deal!

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    Huuuuugs <3 You are amazing Kristen. And omg yes. I feel this way too 🙁 though, you have an amazing blog and I love love reading your reviews. <3 But yeah. Feeling low happens pretty often. And omg. About others getting ARCs that you don't get. Yesss. That is the worst feeling, lol. It is just a bit depressing. Sigh. Thank you for sharing Kristen. <3 I do hope you will feel better about it, though 🙂 As I think you are awesome. <3

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      Thanks Carina! I’m hoping to get motivated and inspired again. I know it comes in waves so this is just a bleh period. I think the stress of the kiddo starting school and personal stuff has impacted it a tiny bit. I don’t feel like I have as much energy for it. But! I’m taking a week off and will try to get back up to speed and hopefully come up with some post ideas. I love your reviews and blog–how long have you been at it now?

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    Just think of where you’re at now! I would love to be in your position! Due to laptop difficulties, I haven’t been able to make my usual Booktube videos, so I’ve decided to make a book blog on Tumblr, but it just doesn’t get as many views as Youtube. If you love it as much as you seem to, then just keep going for it, and it’ll all turn out alright 🙂

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      This is true! When I started I could never have dreamed of getting any books in the mail at all. I honestly didn’t know it was even possible. This whole experience has been wonderful overall. And I really, truly love this community and blogging. I cant’ imagine ever quitting for good.

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    We all very much have uninspiring days when it comes to our blogs. I know I have. Sometimes like you I feel like I’m contributing nothing new. Nothing new at all. Usually I just start working on any old post idea that comes in my mind and it grows and then I feel better. Good luck!

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    I don’t get very many hits anymore (something changed in the book blogosphere a couple of years ago… I’m not sure what), so my blog is basically just for me now. I participate in a few memes and get a few comments there, but when I write reviews I know they’re mostly just for me and I don’t expect comments anymore.

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      I guess we all are really doing it for ourselves and to help the person or two decide on a which book they’d like to read. I always hope that my reviews help someone choose a book here and there. I hope you keep at it and enjoying the experience 🙂

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    I talked about this in recent days on my blog. I have taken hiatus time in the past, but for health issues or moving, and realized I came back raring to go. So…taking mini-breaks is good to recharge. Also I no longer participate in blog tours, and the only books on a deadline are the NetGalley requests I make, but they are doable. If you cut back on your commitments you have more control to mix-up how you do things and keep it fresh.

    Good luck; I’m a new follower and hope to read more by you after your break. by the way: how do you make those Lego covers & buttons? Amazing!!

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      I’m already feeling way more motivated-I wrote two posts today alone. I think feeling like I have too takes away some of the fun. Plus, I get behind on things and feel overwhelmed. I think a week off ever so often will be best for me.
      haha, thank you! The Lego covers are done with a collection of many mini-figures, photos, photoshop and my husband’s amazing ninja skills.

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    One thing that has been great is ignoring stats. It’s hard but you almost have to do it in order to be sane. I think it’s myth that followers are the be all end all of blog success. I know many very well respected bloggers that have fewer followers than I do. Breaks are good because I think it gives you a chance to gain some perspective about why you blog. At least, for me. IN the end, you do what you have to do so that you are comfortable and happy. You have a great blog and a lot to be proud of, here!

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      I was obsessed with stats when I first started. Since it was always that upward climb it was exciting to see growth. Now it’s less about that and more consistency or decrease in views. I go weeks without checking now (usually only for requests) but I still get overwhelmed with the number of reviews, etc I need to write. Or, just feeling like I have nothing new to write about. Taking this break has already helped so much. I think just taking the pressure off myself opens up my creativity. Thank you Kate!

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    I agree with La Cocinelle — in the last year, my stats have seemed lower than the two years before, and I think that might be because more people are blogging and have less time to read blogs. Plus, I’ve just been busier with life in general this past year and that has cut down on my time to read and comment on other people’s blogs.. I know that if I put more time into commenting, I will get more comments back.
    I also do whatever it takes to keep the pressure off. I found that cutting down on posts (I used to post every single day — was I insane?) actually increased the views and comments on each individual post. I do mini-reviews if I don’t feel like writing a long review. I DNF without guilt and just write a short explanation/apology to the publisher.
    I hope you enjoy your break, but I also hope you come back renewed and refreshed. I would absolutely miss you if you stopped blogging, so I hope that you don’t!

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      I wonder why the shift in blog comments and views? It must be that people have less time and there are more blogs. I’ve only been around for almost 2 years and I feel like I’ve seen a slight decline…even in giveaway entries.
      I used to post almost every day too! I stopped that long ago though. I couldn’t keep up with that pace! I also DNF without guilt. It’s not worth the time to read a book I’m not liking. I think the break will be exactly what I need. I can’t ever imagine quitting blogging–I’ve made such great friends and enjoy it way too much.

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    I constantly feel like I’m repetitive (since I mostly only do book reviews) and I’ve started feeling that it’s causing a lull in my blog audience. But yes, I think these are things that we all go through unfortunately. We as bloggers, that is. I’ve been trying to brainstorm new ideas but is it just me or all the cool ideas used up? lol I think for me I just keep going and do the best I can. Breaks definitely help. I hope yours helps you!

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      Reviews are the majority of my posts too. I wonder about that too (it creating a lull). I do believe all the cool ideas are all used up! it seems that way most days.

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    I’m a fan of saying screw it and hiding in a book instead of thinking about the blogging world at times >.> A library book or a book you bought works well for this since then you’re also telling ARCs they don’t matter, haha. But apparently I’m a bit antisocial at times <.< I hope you feel better soon though! I think that the start of school has decreased people's time for looking at blogs and have definitely seen a hit in my stats too, so it isn't just your blog!

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      Yep! I’ve been reading all types of non-review books and it has been divine! I’m enjoying it oh so much. Am I still very behind on ARCs? Yep! But I’ll get to them eventually. I get anti-social too Anya…I guess we know that since we go weeks without talking in our reading group. And how long has it been since we read a book together!? We really should.

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    I haven’t been blogging long – about a year – so I don’t know if I have any right to feel these things, but I know where you’re coming from. It’s hard when 1) you write a review that gets very little comments – what’s the point? It takes me a while to write a review, so when it gets little response it definitely discourages me. And 2) when I comment on others’ blogs but they rarely comment back.. that’s tough. I know it shouldn’t be about that, but I can’t help feeling that way some times.
    I know I only started visiting your blog recently, but I think it’s wonderful! Keep up the hard work, girl. <3

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      Yes, Danielle! A year in blogging is a very long time when you consider how much time you put into reading/writing, etc. I don’t know how we’ve missed each other for so long but I really love your blog! I’ll be visiting often 🙂

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    I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years, and yes, I feel this way often. And lately, it seems like I’ve had a severe decline in comments, too. Not visits, necessarily, just comments. I know I’d do better to spend more time commenting on other posts, too, but it’s so hard to find the time to do it all. Commenting usually takes a backseat to creating new content, reading, reviewing, and real life. I try to catch up with everyone at least every couple of weeks, but in waiting that long between visits, I miss a lot. I don’t know how I used to do it every day, but I”m going to try to devote an hour each morning to doing just that so I can get back on track. The worst part of all of this is that I don’t even have time to respond to comments on my own blog.

    I think taking a break would affect me negatively, leave me feeling even more behind, so that’s kind of out of the question for me. Even though my husband suggested I do just that the other day and just spend some time reading what I want to get back into that aspect and not feel so much pressure. Actually, for me, the pressure has kind of waned now that September is almost over and I’ve decided just to read what I WANT to read. I’ve accepted that I’ve only accepted those review copies for CONSIDERATION and haven’t committed to reviewing each one, though I’ll still try to get to them all if there’s time.

    Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent and I really only wanted to say that you’re not alone, which I’m sure you know, but that we all experience this lull in our blogging lives. I hope your break gives you a chance to read some awesome titles and allows you to reflect on how you can make your blogging experience what you want it to be.

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      I am so impressed you’ve been doing it 3.5 years! I didn’t know it had been that long. My ability to manage as much time visiting blogs has diminished as well but I want to designate time to do it daily. I think since I took a small break from posting and not writing posts has helped me not feel behind. I’ve not bothered with having new content available but have been trying to build up posts for the future. I’ve also been trying to visit blogs and reply to comments. I think i’ll be doing this every 3 months or so. I’m reading Sanctum by Sarah Fine and really, really enjoying it! I’ve not been bothering with review books and loving it.

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    Honestly, I don’t bother with the guilt over a hobby. But for blogging, I set mini-goals that are very achievable. Like increase blog followers by 5, or page count by 10 hits for the month. Then I work out what I’m going to do to try and achieve those goals. Usually, I make it since the gals are very very small – but do add up over time.

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    I just hit my two year mark last month and I know what you mean about feeling like you’re in a slump. Sometimes it seems so hard to stay motivated and not get discouraged. I feel like my blog is on the small side, and sometimes and a times I wonder am I making an impact? Why no comments? When that happens I have to remind myself that I started book blogging so I can talk about books to anyone who would listen or stop by my site. It’s fun and I love to read. I think as long as you love doing it and remember why you started it in the first place, you’ll be just fine.

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      I never thought that I would lose sight on why I started to blog in the first place but over time it happens. I agree, remembering that and looking at it as fun helps so much. I think I’ll just take a break every few months to let myself remember why I love it and catch up on things. It must be a 2 year slump that we all go through!

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    I really try not to judge my blog by stats, mine are not great at all, but it’s really hard when everyone else judges it by stats.

    I’ve been pretty meh about my blog lately. I’ve been slow on getting reviews done and haven’t really been doing other posts. However last week I made a post every day for Banned Books Week and I decided to start a Book Club! I am SOOOOOO excited for the book club, so far it’s got a small group of people that are participating and starting tomorrow we are going to start taking suggestions for the books we are going to read. And I am JUST. SO. EXCITED. I have wanted to do this for a long time but I was always afraid that no one would participate and I just decided to go for it. I could get my best friend to do it and if no one else did, oh well! Yay book clubs! 😀

    Also I think for a small time I started to get a little obsessed with ARCs, and I’ve pulled back a lot. I’m mixing up reading them with reading my own books, I have a ton of those. But reading just ARCs and having so many of them was making me feel pressured to read, and review, and it wasn’t making it fun. And blogging should be fun!

    Great post Kristen!


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