DNF Review- Where Silence Gathers by Kelsey Sutton

Where Silence Gathers (Some Quiet Place, #2)Where Silence Gathers
By: Kelsey Sutton
Release Date: July 8th 2014
Publisher: Flux
Format: Electronic ARC
Source: Publisher

I DNFed at 45%

Seventeen-year-old Alexandra Tate sits outside Nate Foster’s house, clutching a gun. After serving ten years for the drunk driving accident that killed Alex’s family, Nate has been released from prison. Every night, Alex waits out of sight, building up the courage to exact her own justice. There’s just one problem: Forgiveness.

Alex has been able to see personified Emotions for as long as she can remember, and Revenge is her best friend. But when Forgiveness suddenly appears, he offers Alex a choice—getting even or moving on. It’s impossible to decide when Revenge whispers in one ear . . . and Forgiveness whispers in the other.

My Thoughts:
First, I need to say that I loved Sutton’s first work and the companion to this book, Some Quiet Place (my review). When Where Silence Gathers came up on NetGalley I was very excited to be approved because of how much I loved the other book.

Let me first talk about the aspects I did enjoy- I think that the idea behind these books was very beautiful and reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novels. I adore the idea of feelings being seen in a human state. I absolutely adore that idea and am sold whenever anything similar comes around. I think that Sutton is a very strong writer and I enjoy her pacing and descriptions. She focused on smell a lot in both novels and I like having that added to the visual and tactile senses presented to me as the reader.

I believe the reason I’ve had such a difficult time getting immersed in this book is due to the characters, especially the main character. The story follows from Alexandra’s point of view and I had such a difficult time really getting invested in her. Her character has suffered from extreme loss and was so deep into her own despair she was broken and completely absorbed. This leads to her treating others poorly and being blind to many things in front of her. I was capable of feeling empathetic towards her situation but I never felt the connection I’d like to have felt. I wanted to like her but never could.

There was a brief period around 30% where I thought I was going to start enjoying the story more but as the events proceeded Alex’s dismissal of her living family members and friends had me irritated. The story itself had some interesting qualities and there was a bit of a mystery that I’m curious about but it wasn’t enough to push me through the last half. Since I am a fan of Sutton’s writing I can see myself picking this up and finishing the story hoping that I’ve not been in the correct mindset or mood.

Have you read Where Silence Gathers? If you have I’d love to hear your thoughts (feel free to leave me the link to your review!)


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    I can understand that you ended up DNFing this one, I also had a very hard time with Alexandra but was intrigued enough by the mystery to push through. The writing was fantastic and I think Kelsey Sutton was super brave on writing a character that would be so hard to relate to, but it might have ended up working against her…

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      I agree, Sutton was very brave in both her books with her MC. Both are difficult to relate to for readers which is always very brave of an author. It’s strange because I could relate to her MC that didn’t feel emotions but not to this one! I will be reading her next book for sure.

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    Ohhh, buddy 🙁 I LOVED Some Quiet Place – I gave it five stars last year, and five stars is pretty rare from me. But this one? I was close to DNFing it, but I finished. It was sooo not to the caliber that book one held. I gave it two stars. I just could not connect with Alex, the “love interests”, the story… So much disappointment! :\

    Awesome review, Kristen!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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      I loved Some Quiet Place too! It was an unexpected favorite of last year so I was so excited about this one. I couldn’t connect to Alex either. *sigh* so sad this didn’t work out for either of us. I’ll be reading Sutton’s next though.

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      You should give it a go and let me know if it works for you. Did you read the first book? I really loved that one, beautifully done. Sutton is a very talented writer just this story didn’t work for me personally. I hope to give it another go one of these days.

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    Aw, I’m so sorry Kristen 🙁 I’m sorry you had to DNF this book :\ But yeah. It sounds quite awful, lol. But yess. I’m sorry. It is always depressing when you don’t want to read a book. I have yet to read any of the books, but I’m not going to either, lol 🙂

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      I will try Sutton’s work again because I really did love the first book so much. This might be a case of my mood or maybe because I was reading the e-arc. I tend to connect easier with the physical book.

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    Oh noes! I loved the first book, and I was hoping to get to my copy of this one very soon. So, I’m very sad to hear this. I still think I’ll give it a try, though, just because that first book was so dang good. I mean, I had a hard time connecting to the MC in the first book, but I still ended up loving it, so maybe I can forge past all that with this one.

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    THat is so disappointing to hear. I really really enjoyed the first book so I was looking forward to this one! But not being able to connect with the MC can easily make or break the books for me so I will pass on this one, at least until my TBR pile becomes more manageable 🙂

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