#HeleneWeek: Favorite Helene Quote and Excerpt


Today Bustle.com has revealed an excerpt from Helene’s point of view! That’s right, A Torch Against the Night has a POV from Helene. I know that while reading An Ember in the Ashes I was so curious about Helene’s thoughts and now we get to read them. You can check out the excerpt here.

I’d also like to share what I feel is one of the very best Helene quotes there is. To me, this captures so much of her struggle:

They always underestimate me.  page 84

I find her character such a strong force in these novels and I feel her dedication to her role and duty fight her heart-which is something a lot of us can understand.


Let me know in the comments what you think of Helene and also if you’re excited to read from her POV.


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    I haven’t read An Ember in Ashes yet, and now with the next one coming out I think I’m going to start feeling some serious FOMO!

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    Ohh, I haven’t looked at your blog for daaays now, and ee, newish design? 😀 I love it. <3 Looks awesome. Gorgeous post sweetie 😀 I must read this first book soon. Getting the second one too; and excited about them 🙂 Yay for loving Helene. I just. I don't want a love triangle. Sigh 🙂

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