My February To Read Pile

January is behind us and now it’s the month of love- February. I ended up reading 12 books in January and I’d love to read that many again this month but I’m going to keep my reading pile smaller than that. I don’t want to cause unnecessary stress on myself.



I had to start The Heart of Betrayal immediately upon receiving it because I’ve been waiting forever and I’m not patient. I’m about 50 pages from the end so it’s cheating a bit to have it on the list but whatever. It’s been amazing- maybe even better than the first book.

I am about half-way into Invaded and sadly I’m not loving it. I’ve been tempted to DNF but I’ll keep trying for a tiny bit more. Solitaire looks to be different than my norm and was unsolicited but I’m going to give it a shot. The Storyspinner doesn’t release all that soon but I know I’ll not be able to wait to read it much longer.

I’ve started Magonia, Illusionaruim and A Wicked Thing but haven’t made much progress on any of them. I hope to read them all this month too.

I’m really excited about the posts I’ve got planned this month. I have 3 interviews this month:

  • Interview with Melinda Salisbury author of The Sin Eater’s Daughter-first week of February
  • Interview with Becky Wallace author of The Storyspinner-second week of February
  • I’ll be participating in 12 Days of Fictional Swooning Hop- February 13th
  • Interview with Karen Bao author of Dove Arising– end of February

What do you plan to read this month?


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    I need to hurry up and read The Kiss of Deception before The Heart of Betrayal comes out! I already know I’d love it, but I’ve been slow at reading the books I physically own 😑 I’m so excited for A Wicked Thing, I hope you end up loving it!

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      YES, I absolutely adore these two books and I hope you do too when you get around to KoD. I am so slow at getting to books I own too. I can be really excited about them but they still get shoved under the review books.

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      I create the pile, photograph it then read all sort of stuff not pictured. I’ll get through February ad realize, oops…I didn’t read those March books I’d intended to get around to. haha

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    Yay for planning on reading so many amazing books πŸ˜€ I hope you will end up loving them all sweetie. <3 I cannot wait to read The Storyspinner πŸ˜€ Waaaants it. <3 Looks and sounds so pretty πŸ™‚ Happy reading Kristen. <3 But aw πŸ™ I really loved Invaded. I'm so sorry you are having issues with it.

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      I like to TRY to plan though it’ll fall through and I’ll read whatever I feel like. But at least I can pretend right? haha The Storyspinner looks so good. I think I might have to jump to it sooner than later. You loved invaded? Why cant’ I love it. I’m bored πŸ™ *sobs*

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    I cannot wait to see those intereviews, the Melinda Salisbury one the most!
    I hope you’ll enjoy Invaved more once you pick it up again.
    Happy reading, Kristen!

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      Thanks Pili! The Melinda interview won’t disappoint! I’m so sad that Invaded isn’t working for me. I don’t know why not other than I’m just sort of bored.

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    Lovely reading pile! I can’t wait for you to read Storyspinner! I’m half done and it is just incredible! Can’t wait for some of your reviews on these lovely titles! Happy reading!

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      YES, I want to hear that the Storyspinner is excellent. I have some high hopes. I’m probably going to have to start it sooner than later because I have zero patience.

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    I read “A Wicked Thing” last December and it was a fun read! It had a very slow plot and the characters and world weren’t that well constructed but I finished it really quickly and never got bored while reading. Hope you enjoy too!

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    Oh I REALLY want to read Solitaire. x) I’m sad Invaded is sucking a bit…I didn’t adore Alienated but I would read the sequel eventually. (I’ll probably wait until my library gets it though, to be safe.) I’m definitely keen for Vanishing Girls. ^_^

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      I started it and it’s pretty good so far. Very different than what I normally read so a bit refreshing. Yeah, I’m trying to get through Invaded. Still not that great which is oh so sad. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it.

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