My June To Read Pile

It is June! So many incredible books are releasing this summer. I am really excited about the stack of books I have this month. I really do think creating this post keeps me on track with my reading and reviewing.

Here’s my pile:


I’m also going to be on the blog tour for Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen next month so I’ll be reading the e-arc this month as well.

Alias Hook

My break over BEA really got me on track with the amount of reviews I’ve got written and ready to go. I hope I can keep up being ahead of the game because it really makes for a less stressful blogging experience (I say this after a week maybe of experience).

This month look for reviews of Say What You Will, The Murder Complex, The Winner’s Curse (finally!!), The Immortal Crown and more. I promise the Lego cover of The Kiss of Deception will go live as well (maybe this weekend) and I have a couple discussion posts I’m hoping to do as well.

What books are you planning to read this month?


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    I didn’t even realize you hadn’t written a review of TWC! Did you have to reread it?

    Most of your books are on my TBR, too. I think I’m most excited for In the End. And I’m more than halfway through The Immortal Crown. I’m enjoying it more than Gameboard, but for some reason, I’m reading it very, very slowly.

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      I had read it twice and written down a lot of notes. Then I wrote a very rough draft. I finally finalized it. Felt great to have it finished 🙂 I really enjoyed The Immortal Crown! It was a very slow read but a great one. I enjoyed it more than Gameboard too.

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    I’ve heard great things about Hungry, and seeing it over and over is just causing my curiosity to heighten. Good look with your reading this month!

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      Thanks Meredith! I’m about midway through Hungry and not sure how I feel about it. Some aspects I like and others not so much. I hope I enjoy the last half.

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      I started Alias Hook today and so far I’m liking it! I’ve seen some really positive things so I’m super excited. I hope you love it when you read!

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    I cannot wait to see what you think of Hexed and In The End! And I’m super excited to finally read your review of The Winner’s Curse! Also cannot wait to see what you thought of The Murder Complex!
    And YAY for LEGO covers!!

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    Yay 😀 Lots of awesome books sweetie. <3 I hope you will have the chance to read and love them all 🙂 Ack. I really loved A World Without Princes. <3 Fingers crossed you will too 🙂 Happy reading Kristen 😀

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      Yay! I’d not heard of Alias Hook until yesterday. So happy to be reading it and hearing great things. The cover is wonderful. I’m about a third into Dark Metropolis and really liking it!

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    That looks like a really fun pile of books! The only thing I know for sure I want to read this month is “The Islands of Chaldea.” I’m excited because it’s Diana Wynne Jones, but sad because it’s her last. 🙁

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      I’ve not read anything by Jones! I’ll have to look at her books and see if I can’t add one to my wish-list. Thanks for stopping by Kel!

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    I should do this and actually stick to it. I made a Summer TBR and that’s worked out really well for me. But I’m such a mood reader these days that I never know what I’m going to feel like reading. But I guess if I just include a good mix in my monthly TBR, I’ll always have something for every mood. 🙂

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      I’m not strict with my list and most times go off from it. It helps me to have a visual to refer to though. I recommend it! I’m a mood reader too most of the time….but like you said, if you add a good mix you can pick and choose.

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