Review of My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

MyLadyJaneMy Lady Jane
By: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows
Release Date: June 7th 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Print ARC
Source: Publisher

A copy of this book was provided to me in consideration of an honest review.

My Rating:

For fans of The Princess Bride comes the comical, fantastical, romantical, (not) entirely true story of Lady Jane Grey.

Lady Jane Grey, sixteen, is about to be married to a total stranger—and caught up in an insidious plot to rob her cousin, King Edward, of his throne. But that’s the least of Jane’s problems. She’s about to become Queen of England. Like that could go wrong.

My Thoughts:
Oh man. This book. I saw SO many 5 star reviews and so much praise I was thrilled when a copy landed on my door. I hadn’t originally planned to read it only because I wasn’t overly thrilled with the author’s previous work nor did the idea of a comedy intrigue me. As my husband so happily reminds me, I have a very limited sense of humor. It is very rare for things to get me to laugh. After hearing how amazing this book was and that comparison to The Princess Bride I thought- I’ll have to love this.

Sadly, this was not the case. I could see what the authors were going for and I respect the effort. I easily saw where things were supposed to cause the reader to laugh but it all fell rather flat for me. I felt the pacing was uneven and sections really dragged. I fully felt the girth of this novel and multiple times I considered DNFing but I kept hoping I’d start to love it. There were moments I thought I’d be able to really connect to the characters and story but it never happened.

I think the writing style was to blame for my complete disconnect. I always felt at arms length. I never really cared about the character’s outcome nor did I ever like Edward. I really wanted to but nope. I also never shipped the romances. Man, this review is seeming so harsh. The thing is I didn’t hate it at all it just wasn’t something I would read again or own. I do appreciate the creativity of doing something different and approaching history with what could/should have been.

I could easily see the attempt to add that Princess Bride feel and I think the book succeeded in that for the most part but it lacked heart for me personally. I did find the addition of humans turning to animals a fun twist though I couldn’t help but compare the divide with the historical religious divide between Catholic and Protestant.

I was impressed with how well the authors work all flowed together and I wasn’t able to see where one work ended and the other began. I couldn’t tell you if they all wrote each character or if they each took one. Their styles and work were seamless.

Final Thoughts:
I am so sad that this book didn’t work for me. The humor, characters and pacing all were a miss for me though I appreciate the idea behind the book and a comical approach to historical fiction.


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    Oh man. I have heard wonderful things too. I actually think this is the first review I’ve read of this one that hasn’t praised it to the heavens. So now I’m nervous. I have it pre-ordered but IDK. You’ve given me a lot to think about (as always) so THANK YOU. At least if I don’t like it I can say someone else didn’t either! Also, that picture is GORGEOUS. You’re so wonderful at bookstagram. <3

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      I really wanted to love this one because of all the great reviews from people I usually have similar taste to! I was shocked it didn’t work for me. I put it down for a few days hoping it was my mood but when I resumed reading I still wasn’t a fan. I hope you like it! So many people have maybe you will. If not, at least you have me, hahaha. And thank you so much! I’ve been loving Bookstagram.

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    Girl I feel you. My review was pretty positive but my rating was somewhere between 3.5 stars and 4 stars (which is still more positive than yours, but also not of the OMG-SO-GOOD type). I didn’t like Edward much, and Jane got on my nerves at times. I loved G though. 🙂 Overall the humor of the book worked for me and I got over my occasional dislike of Jane. I can definitely see the appeal of this book, but I wasn’t dying over it like some people are. Which is fine! Hey, you gave it a shot and you hoped you would love it. It didn’t work for you but you were able to find some positives from your read. And you wrote a terrific review. 🙂

    Have a lovely Wednesday, Kristen!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • says

      Thank you Alyssa! So glad you weren’t blown away too just so I don’t feel as alone. I kept thinking- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? What am I missing? lol. I didn’t even like G and I was really not into him being called G. I’m just broken when it comes to this book 🙁 I am proud that I stuck with it and finished. Thank you for saying my review worked!

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    Aw, I’m so sad that you didn’t like this. I’m really looking forward to this and reading it soon, so I hope that I will have a better luck than you. Great review though!

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG

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    Oh no! I was looking forward to this book actually. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. But my husband says the same thing about my sense of humor lol. Oh boy. I’m a bit worried now haha. Thanks so much for your honest opinion, great review!

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    I don’t think your review was harsh, I appreciated it. I’ve heard only good things about this, so it’s maybe making my expectations more realistic now, having read your review. I think I’ll still be getting it to try it out, so hopefully it won’t end up in my DNF pile!

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    Oh bummer, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this! I was hesitant going in because I LOVE historical fiction and wasn’t sure what a comical version would look like. I ended up loving it, but I think it’s definitely a book you either click with, or don’t.

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    Nooooooo! I’ve been desperate to read this book for so long, and I’ve seen so many high praises for it! Then again, isn’t that always the case for new releases? I’ve got to say, I’m still probably going to pick it up just because I’ve been looking out for it for so long… but thank you for bringing my expectations down to Earth!

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    I haven’t been really sure about this one. Weird as it sounds, I’m not always a fan of historical fiction set in this particular period. I’m also always a bit wary of books that are co-authored although it sounds like that wasn’t an issue here. I might just file this away as another one to consider recommending even if I don’t end up getting to it myself–too many other books screaming for attention. Thanks for the review!

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    When I started reading the first paragraph, I really thought you liked this book! Too bad you didn’t! But I totally understand why. I also hate slow paced stories especially when it’s unnecessary.

    Great review!
    Jade x

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    Sniffs. I’m just so sad that you didn’t like this book sweetie 🙁 But yay for not fully hating it, lol. But aw. I loved it SO MUCH 🙁 And it makes me so sad that you did not. Aw. But I can understand why you had some issues 🙂 Your review is gorgeous Kristen. <3 Thank you for sharing your awesome thoughts 😀

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    I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this book, I don’t think I’ll be reading it any time soon. Must be working for someone out there, though! Thanks for reviewing it (:

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