I am so excited to see all the shelves and book collections today! I had these lofty plans to reorganize and dust my shelves but that so did not happen. I’m posting picture though my books are in no particular order. I’m hoping seeing everyone else’s shelves will help motivate me to FINALLY organize.

Thank you Crystal for doing so much for the hop. You are the best.

Now to the tour…


These shelves are in my bedroom

SideTable Photo2

My side table is always piled high with books I’m planning on reading or have started. The ones below are typically forgotten for the most part. Poor books. This other bookshelf is also in my room and is my newest addition. I’m still working on filling it completely. I’m thinking I’m going to need another bookcase soon.


This bookcase is in my living room. The basket contains books I need to read but aren’t have to read right this instant.


This bookcase is in our office and holds all the books I’m willing to get rid of at some point. Giveaways, trades and donations.

Now to some of my collections…


My Sarah J. Maas collection. It’s taken me a little while to get all of these and I’m so thrilled to have them all. Thank you to the folks that helped me get ahold of ToG and CoM



My Leigh Bardugo Collection. I never though I’d own the S&B or S&S arcs but I do! These are my precious. Thank you dear friend that was so kind to trade with me.

SamanthaShannonCollection LainiTaylorCollection

MarieRutkoskiCollection TheseBrokenStarsCollection

Marie Rutkoski and Starbound Collections


Kendare Blake Collection


Maggie Stiefvater Collection


For my giveaway I’m going to let you pick any book from my collection and I’ll order you a copy of your choice (sorry not giving away my books!). I’ll order from either Amazon or Book Depository based on your location.  If you choose a book that hasn’t released yet I will pre-order for you. If the book is out of print we’ll discuss a substitute book (some first editions have different covers etc). This is an international giveaway. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Participating Blogs

Now that you’ve seen my shelves be sure to visit everyone else’s! A HUGE thank you to all of you for your excitement and participation. It means so much to Crystal and I!

First Ever #TheShelfieHop


Over the weekend on Twitter I started talking to folks (thanks to Sarah at The YA Book Traveler  and  Chasing Faerytales for helping to inspire me) about their favorite and most treasured book collections. This led to some pictures and my overwhelming urge to see all of your shelves. One of my blogger besties, Crystal at Bookiemoji, jumped into the excitement and we developed #TheShelfieHop

We want YOU to share pictures of your shelves on November 16. It’ll be a one day hop where everyone posts their pictures and we can all visit one another’s blogs. If you would like to you can host a giveaway but that is not mandatory at all. The object of this hop is allow us all to share our passion- our books! If you don’t have them on shelves feel free to share your favorite collections or book.

Also, if you already have a commitment for that date, feel free to still join in. This does NOT have to be the top post!

We are taking signups through this Google Form and we’ll send over more information as well as banner, list of participating blogs and a reminder prior to the posting date. Sign ups will close at the end of October. Or you could sign up here…



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