Recommended Books: The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has become a household name with her Mortal Instruments series set to hit the big screen this August with City of Bones. The series is wonderful and should be read but her (sort of) lesser known series and prequel, The Infernal Devices (Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess) is actually my favorite so if you’ve not checked them out you should do so. This month (March 19) the last in the series, Clockwork Princess releases (for all those people who only like to start a series once all the books are out–now is the time).

Whereas the Mortal Instruments takes place in today’s world the Infernal Devices is set in the past: Victorian London. These books have a steampunk feel and Clare does an amazing job of melding historical details with her own creative influences to write a beautiful world populated with charismatic and well rounded characters. Jem and Will have got to be some of the best fictional characters ever written, they are truly alive to me and I am so enraptured with their worlds and journeys. Our heroine, Tessa, is strong willed and loyal (to a fault perhaps). And we can’t forget about the appearance of some of our favorite long lived characters from the Immortal Instruments.

And coming in 2015, a three book companion series to the Mortal Instruments: The Dark Artifices series. You can read a character list here

You can find the Clockwork Princess Tour Dates Here

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Unremembered Monday

Unremembered Monday - BadgeJessica Brody the author of Unremembered (releases March 5, 2013) is hosting a new meme: Unremembered Monday. She asks: which book would you like to Unremember so that you can read it again for the first time?

My answer to this would be Clockwork Angel by Cassie Clare. I would love to “unremember” it because the last book (SOBS) in the series, Clockwork Princess, is releasing March 19, 2013 and I would love to reread both Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince for the first time before I dive into Clockwork Princess.

I originally picked up Cassie Clare’s Immortal Instruments series and decided then and there that I would read anything she published. When Clockwork Angel came out I didn’t even bother to read the summary, I just grabbed it up. I ended up loving it and the Infernal Devices series the most.

What book would you like to Unremember so you could read it again for the first time?