Doctor Who Week- The 10th Doctor as a Lego

I am so excited to be part of the Whovian fandom this week leading up to the 50th Anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor. When I saw that Karen at Teen Librarian Toolbox was hosting a Doctor Who week I had to be involved. Head over to her site now to read all the Doctor Who posts (including one from me) and enter some giveaways. Not only have I written a post but my husband and I created ‘my’ Doctor as a Lego.

The 10th Doctor as a Lego

Remember to head over to Teen Librarian Toolbox to read guest posts and enter giveaways.
First “The Day of the Doctor” trailer:

Second “The Day of the Doctor” trailer:

Additional Lego Character and Cover Art:

 Blocks UnhingedThe Immortal Rules

 Are you a Doctor Who fan? Which Doctor is your Doctor?