Discussion Post- If a book makes you ugly cry do you rate it higher?

This was me the other night:


This emotional outburst led to this tweet:


I was surprised by the level of response I got-so many people weighed in and said that yes, ugly crying equals at least half a star or more. If a book can bring about that much emotion then it is worth a higher rating. This is pretty obvious, but I’d not really thought about it until I read The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst. I’d heard nothing about the book and lucked into an ARC. I didn’t expect to get emotionally involved like I did but by the end I was ugly crying. I felt pretty shocked that I was affected so strongly. Yes, there were early signs in the book that something sad might happen but I didn’t think I’d be completely hit upside the head with the feels.

Beyond just tears, so many of you replied that any big emotional response upped your rating. I wondered, even if you see some major flaws in the book do you stick with the higher rating because of the feels? This goes into a past discussion I did about how you rate but I just got to thinking about it all again and wondered about your opinions.


Also, I’d love to hear about a book that made you have all the feels: happy, sad, whatever.