Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Bookish People to Follow

Ahhh, this is going to be so difficult to narrow down to ten folks. I follow oodles of people on all my social media and there are so many unique and amazing people how do I pick just ten? TELL ME HOW DO I PICK?

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke an the Bookish. Each week a different question is posed and gives us bloggers an opportunity to share our top tens on all different types of bookish topics.

Top Ten Bookish People to Follow

JamieJamie at Broke and the Bookish and Perpetual Page Turner
Twitter: @brokeandbookish

Well this is an obvious one! This is our wonderful host of Top Ten Tuesday and also one of the kindest and down to earth bloggers I know. She’s always been there for me when I needed to talk to a blogger with more experience and I value her opinion so much.


Crystal and Jenna at Bookiemoji
Twitter: @bookiemoji

Both these ladies are such wonderful people and some of my closest bloggy friends. I adore them both! Plus, those bookiemojis are really the best. You should really follow them for how friendly they, their amazing taste in books, and because I said so.


RachelRachel at A Perfection Called Books
Twitter: @yaperfectionist

There’s not a single other blogger I know that has such an expansive knowledge on debuts. If you want to know anything about up and coming authors and their books Rachel is the lady to follow. She will keep you up to date. Plus, she’s a wonderful person.


JonJon at Bookish Antics
Twitter: @staygoldjonny

Jon was my first real bloggy friend and we’ve done countless read-alongs over the 3 years. Jon has some of the best taste in books (and all things really).


GillianGillian of Writer of Wrongs
Twitter: @mizgillianberry

Gillian never fails to make me laugh. Her humor and cleverness are really just the best. I also love that she encouraged me to read a book recently I’d never have thought to read and I ended up loving it. Her book taste is impeccable and she’s funny. What more do you need?


PiliPili at In Love with Handmade
Twitter: @pili28

Pili has to be the most optimistic and kind blogger out there. She has lifted me up and been so caring to everyone in the community. I adore her cupcakes too, haha! She was one of my very first blog readers and has always helped to keep me going when I’m feeling a bit bleh about blogging.


I am running out of spots and I still have so many people I think you should follow!

Seriously. This is nearly an evil TTT for making me choose.

I’ll just say you should follow Nikki (Mistborn fan and an amazing blogger), Carina (amazing book collections and the cutest cat ever), Sarah (she makes book trailers!!), Brittany (she goes to all the amazing events and she’s just plain awesome), Jess (she is always up on all the latest books and news. I love talking books with her), Jaime & Erin (two of the kindest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of talking with), Britt (always there to help you smile plus she has great taste in books), Evie Seo (her bookish store and designs¬†are AMAZING), Lisa (her bookish photographs are so beautiful), Stacee (David Tennant expert, damn funny and owns all the bookish guys) and I could go on and on and on and STILL not tell you all the people I love.

That’s the thing about this community- there are so many great people. AND I’ve not even started on authors, publicists and publisher accounts. GAH. This is damn near impossible so I’ll leave it at this…

you should follow ALL THE BOOKISH PEOPLE.