The BEA Books I Never Knew I Needed + INT Giveaway

Every year I peruse the BEA haul pictures to find new and exciting books to add to my wish-list and this year was no different. I am always amazed how many books have slipped under my radar. I wanted to share some with you in case you wanted to add them to your list as well.

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The History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz
The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich
These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly
Hunter by Mercedes Lackey
The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow
The Marvels by Brian Selznick
Drift & Dagger by Kendall Kulper

Did I miss any books you saw at BEA?


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  1. Mithila says

    I’m afraid I have several… Beastly Bones, Six of Crows, Passenger, Truthwitch, and Soundless… yep.

  2. says

    I love the look of The Dead House, These Shallow Graves, and The Accident Season. I’ll definitely be looking out for reviews of these nearer the release date!

  3. Susan T. says

    Truthwitch, Six of Crows and Dumplin’ are the top of my list. These under the radar choices look really great!

  4. Ashley says

    Watching everyone’s tweets/instagrams/hauls, I was most jealous of Six of Crows, the signed Fangirl special editions, and Marvels. I was prepared for the Leigh Bardugo/Rainbow Rowell envy (I mean, they are amazing and I knew they were going to be at BEA), but I hadn’t even HEARD of Marvels before BEA. It’s just SO PRETTY and I love the art that I’ve seen. I have to get my hands on it!

  5. says

    Truthwitch and Six of Crows! I’m so excited for these two. Thank you for the giveaway!
    A History of Glitter and Blood, The Dead House and Hunter sounds amazing. I’ll definitely add it on my TBR list.

  6. Carol says

    There are a lot of books at BEA this year I’m so excited about! Six of Crows, the Dead House, Illuminae, These Shallow Graves, argh! (Un)fortunately I didn’t get to go!

  7. Rebecca Hipworth says

    I would love Six of Crows and A Thousand Nights. The Scorpion Rules sounds fantastic too.

  8. says

    I have already read A History of Glitter and Blood and it was FANTASTIC. Probably one of my favourite reads this year. I want to read The Accident Season so so bad! But the rest seem really interesting too!

  9. Nahir Almonacid says

    Hello, thanks for the giveaway. Drift and Dagger looks pretty good.

    What i have to write in the blank for the freebie point?

  10. Katie says

    SIX OF CROWS is definitely at the top of my list, but so is THE SCORPION RULES because it sounds SO good.

  11. hj says

    omg omg The Dead House. I hadn’t heard about it until your post but it’s DEFINITELY on my radar now!

    I, too, basically drool over all the amazing goodies people bring back from BEA/BookCon, etc, in advance of release. But it just makes the wait even more exciting.

  12. Danielle D says

    Out of this list – These Shallow Graves or The Marvels! But Six of Crows, Truthwitch, and Passenger also sound amazing!!

  13. says

    Oh my gosh there were soooo many good books at BEA this year! Like so many. I was all set to go with plain ticket, hotel, press pass and everything and then my mom was hospitalized. It was a bummer, but I’m honestly glad I stayed home. But I wish I could have gotten Six of Crows, Truthwitch, and Soundless. I think those might have been my top 3 ARCs. I had so many that I wanted to get though.

  14. says

    I’m not entering! I just love this post <3

    I love seeing all of the new books, too! I'm excited to see the ones you're about to focus on!! I think I'm most excited about THE ACCIDENT SEASON and THE SCORPION RULES.

    Oh my, that cover on THE MARVELS is FANTASTIC!!!

  15. says

    These Shallow Graves was definitely a book I didn’t know I needed until BEA but i’m looking forward to many of these! (I hope they are all great!!). My most anticipated book though might have been Lair of Dreams with Armada and Truthwitch being close seconds. Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  16. says

    Ugh, you are doing so many giveaways right now Kristen. <3 You are AMAZING 🙂 Just, thank you for being so kind and awesome and just the best. And yay for new books to want for 😀 I'm really excited about Drift & Dagger. <3 The BEA book I wanted the most.. Six of Crows, always 🙂 Thank you for sharing sweet girl. <3

  17. SepiaAutumnOwl says

    If I went to BEA I would want to get as many books as possible! Although the book I want most right now is Truthwitch.

  18. says

    My most anticipated read from BEA would have to be Six of Crows, but all of the titles look equally as enticing 🙂 Good luck to everyone entering 🙂 x

  19. says

    So badly wanted to go to BEA this year. However, Six of Crows really is the book I desperately want. Also, Truthwitch is up there too because of all the buzz around it and Susan is delightfully nice in person.

    After reading the Buzz Books anthology though, I’m really hoping to get The Accident Season ahead of time. It’s such a unique perspective of magical realism and YA read.

  20. says

    This happens to me every year too! This time the book was Passenger, which I would have picked up but didn’t know Alexandra Bracken was doing a signing. I passed on Iluminae this year intentionally, but am wondering if I’ll change my mind after the reviews start coming in.

  21. _Sandra_ says

    I’m super excited for Six of Crows, Passenger, Illuminae and Black Widow: Forever Red.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. says

    Omg, so many of them! I always manage to fill up my TBR after seeing everyone’s BEA hauls 🙂 I think I’m most excited for either Six of Crows or Truth Witch. But that could change at any given second haha. Thanks for the giveaway!

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