The Opal Release Party

A week ago I went to a Q&A/ signing with Jennifer Armentrout, author of the Lux Series and Covenant series. It was the Opal (A Lux Novel) release party. Joining her was Pepe Toth, Daemon Black on the Lux covers. I wish Sztella Tziotziosz (Katy on the covers) could have been there too. I would have loved to have all three signatures in my books. You can read up on both models and see an interview with them on Jennifer Armentrout’s website.

Lots of excited fans showed up and weren’t let down. Jennifer answered questions for an hour and then she and Pepe took the time to sign each and every book. After meeting Pepe, I totally see him as Daemon Black and Sztella as Katy. If you’ve not seen the Lux trailers you should check them out (extras on Jennifer’s site).

My only disappointment was that I didn’t own Elixir, Shadows or Daimon (novellas that weren’t in stock at the signing) so couldn’t complete my collection. I hope she will come back with the next release!


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