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I’ve seen various tweets about people not having read one of the latest best sellers. Sometimes it’s because they’ve not gotten around to it yet; other times because the hype and marketing plan was so overbearing it turned them off from wanting to jump on the bandwagon and read. I got to chatting with Tammy February at The Book Fairy’s Haven about this very topic and it got me thinking of the big hit books I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t read.

I try to keep from letting hype or obnoxious marketing campaign keep me from enjoying my reading material. Sometimes I can’t avoid it, one example is The 5th Wave. It was a wonderful book but I did feel that the advance praise might have marred my reading experience, only because my expectations were so high.

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve seen a couple marketing campaigns that were so overdone it did detract me from reading the book. Perhaps I’ll get around to them eventually but I need to cleanse my mental pallet before I attempt to read them. I’m not including those on this list because the books below I plan on reading (sooner than later).

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)Eleanor & Park
The Book ThiefThe Fault in Our Stars

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead
Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell- I will be reading this soon with Scott Reads It and Read, Sleep, Repeat
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

What books haven’t you read yet? Are you avoiding any because of the hype or five star ratings or are they just lost in your TBR pile?


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    I’ve put off reading the Vampire Academy series for so long but now that it’s being made into a movie I feel that I HAVE to read them. (Plus my sister really wants me to, so I will.) I hope to get around to reading Eleanor & Park soon. The rest I have read and loved. I read The Book Thief 3 or 4 years ago without any prior knowledge of it and absolutely loved it. I recommend it to EVERYONE who asks for a rec. The Fault in our Stars was good but I think the hype ruined it for me. I did bawl my eyes out though. 🙂

    ~ Stacy Renee @ LazyDayLiterature

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      I totally agree about the Vampire Academy books…I’ve got to read them before seeing the movie. I hope we both love the books when we get to them 🙂

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    I’ve only read the first three Harry Potter books so far; I’m not putting off reading the rest of the series, I just have a bunch of library books to get through. I also haven’t read the last four in the Vampire Academy series. I really hope you read The Fault In Our Stars soon – such an amazing book.

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      I really enjoyed the Harry Potter books better than the movies–I hope you get a chance sooner than later to read them. I really must move Fault in Our stars up in my TBR pile.

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    People are going to kill me for this but.,……………………………. I didn’t finish The Book Thief. This was before I was blogging and I was in a very frilly, happy-go-lucky reading state of mind so maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it when I was reading it, but I felt like it was taking a really long time and I just wasn’t enjoying it. Eeep.
    The Fault in Our Stars… it was okay. Definitely not close to a 5 star read for me at all (but I think I’m learning that I’m not a John Green person *gasp*)
    I do love VA and Eleanor & Park though!

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      Mood can make such an impact on if a book hits right or not. Maybe you can pick it up again sometime. I’ve read only one book from John Green and I didn’t love it–Looking for Alaska.

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    The Fault in Our Stars and The Book Thief, for me, were so worth the hype. And The Lightning Thief was good for me too, but I don’t know if you’ll like it or not. But if you ever get around to reading them, I hope you enjoy them!

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    I will tackle hug you when you read Percy Jackson. Even if you don’t 100%ly enjoy it. Because, I just love people who read my favourite series. But The Book Thief! Read that one too! Some say the writing is hard for them or they don’t like the topic. Anyways, I hope that they all end up to be jems for you! <33

    Melanie~ (YA Midnight Reads) and (Finding Bliss in Books)

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      Tackle Hugs accepted (and expected once I read PJ). You know, I love people that read my favorite books too. Even when it’s not perfect for them it makes me happy to see them try. I guess that’s where hype comes from is just that general wanting to share what one loves with anyone and everyone. I get SO excited when people read Angelfall just because I love it so much.

      Thanks for visiting the site Melanie 🙂

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    You already know I haven’t read GoT, but I hope to get started by the end of the summer. I actually considered just starting with Storm of Swords, but I thought that might make people want to go after me with pitchforks. I also haven’t read Harry Potter, but I don’t currently have any plans to change that.

    I’ve read the Vampire Academy Series (and Bloodlines). I think you’d enjoy them! I also made the mistake of reading The Book Thief and TFIOS back to back. I don’t recommend that! You’ll want something upbeat after both.

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      Well, now you have that super nice collectors edition so I expect you to read it SOON (or else). TFIOS is super sad? See, I have a problem with sad books! I have so much trouble getting myself motivated to read them. Your warning has been taken and I will remember to read them far apart!

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    I don’t pay that much attention to hype. I mean, there is no way that everyone is going to like the same books, There are some hyped books that were just not for me. I could see why other people loved them, but I just didn’t connect with them. I think I get most disappointed when a book — hyped or not — has a premise I am super-excited about and then it just doesn’t work for me. I feel so sad…

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      I totally agree Jenn…when the premise promises what I want and then I don’t like it much–very disappointing. Lately I’ve been reading some really great ones so very happy about that!

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    I put off reading VA, TFiOS and E&P a lot longer than I planned because of the hype, but the only one that really disappointed me was E&P. The other two, especially TFiOS, were awesome reads…the kind I’ll end up reading again and again. I still need to read The Book Thief. I know everyone loves it, but I’m still afraid it won’t measure up for me. I try my best these days to avoid the hype because I don’t want to go into a book with really high expectations only to be let down, but sometimes, it’s almost unavoidable, like with The 5th Wave…though, I did think that one merited the advanced praise it was receiving. Great topic!

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      Oh no, sad to hear E&P wasn’t that great for you. I think the 5th Wave did merit all the hype and had I read it early on I’d be one of the ones hyping it for sure…but I just went into it with my expectations too high. that was my fault. I think it was a good lesson for me to take a book at what it is and enjoy it. Luckily, I still loved it 🙂 I’m scared about The Book Thief too. Also, I have so much trouble reading things I know are sad.

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    Yeah, hype leads to -often too- high expectations and that can lead to dissapointment, but that’s not always the case, imo.
    I haven’t read any of the books you listed…. The Book Thief and TFiOS sounds way too sad/tragic for me. And while I have heard some amazing things about E&P, something tells me it wouldn’t be something I’d enjoy reading. I might be wrong on that though…. I don’t read middle grade so Percy Jackson is out too. And I’m pretty burned out on vampires right now.
    BUT I loved The 5th Wave and probably wouldn’t have picked it up if not for the hype.
    Anyway, I hope you get around to read those books soon and that you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

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    I’ve read them all except Eleanor & Park. I’m not sure if I’m interested in reading that one. It doesn’t sound like my sort of book. I don’t plan on reading it unless one of my close friends tells me I MUST read it. Love the others listed! You really can’t go wrong with them! I just reread VA. I’m rereading the series this summer and will get to Shadow Kiss before July. It’s been about 4 years since I read the first 3 books and I’m liking the series the same as I did back then! That’s pretty cool in my opinion 🙂

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    hahaha…. I haven’t read The Book Thief either and people are constantly shocked and amazed. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Vampire Academy is a super fun series but ended on a low note for me, but I do recommend the first few installments. 🙂

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