BEA and All the Books I Never Knew I HAD to Have

Though I wasn’t able to attend BEA I still became obsessed with stalking the tweets and pictures from the convention. Crystal (Crystal in Bookland), Pili (In Love with Handmade) and I got to talking about all the amazing books we saw and how each of our TBR wish-lists were growing. We figured it would be fun to post the books we found that we’d not heard of but now have to read.

 ZodiacGhost House (Untitled, #1)Bitter Greens

 Salt & StormThe Miniaturist

Zodiac by Romina Russell, Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto, Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth, Salt & Storms by Kendall Kulper and The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Check out my past post: If I Were Going to BEA- The Books I’d Want

Be sure to check out Crystal and Pili‘s posts too! Did you find new ‘must have’ books from the BEA coverage? If so, which is your most wanted?


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    I knew it! I knew I ended up adding more books to the TBR list after reading your posts! Bitter Greens added to the wish list now! 😉
    And if Crystal’s post is longer… that means more books!!

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      Bitter Greens! It along with Jackaby are my BEA obsessions! I can’t stop thinking about either book. I hope we both love them! I love all the books! I just need oodles of time to read now so i can make room for these new must haves.

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      Haha! Did you see my list of books I wanted prior to BEA? If you add them along with this one then you’d get closer to obsession.

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    I’ve already heard of Bitter Greens and I’m very interested in that book! Zodiac is new to me, I like the cover and the blurb sounds good 🙂 I can’t wait for Salt & Storm. I’ve never read Adornetto’s books, but I wasn’t aware she had a new book coming up. Thanks for sharing!


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      Where have I been to not have heard of Bitter Greens?! This book looks amazing. I can’t wiat to read. Salt & Storm has me intrigued as well. So many awesome books to look forward to.

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    They all look SO good! At least those of us who didn’t go to BEA can console ourselves with the fact that we haven’t added a whole bunch of new books to our already towering TBR piles. Oh wait … I just added five. Dang it!

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    I love discovering books I didn’t know I needed, but the only one you’ve made me add to my TBR was Bitter Greens. I might actually have to see if I can get it from Fishpond since it’s an Aussie author. 🙂 The cover for The Miniaturist is absolutely stunning, but I’m not all that intrigued by the premise. And having read Halo, I think I’ll pass on Ghost House…her writing leaves something to be desired. But I’ve been waiting on Salt & Storm for ages. I hope I get approved for that one on NG. 🙂

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      Bitter Greens looks divine. I can’t wait to read it and to hear what you think of it. I’m shocked that we’d not heard of it. Oh. I didn’t know that the author of halo was the same as Ghost House. I’m nervous now because I hated that book. Ugh. Hopefully her writing has improved. I’ll let you know. Salt & Storm looks awesome! I need to request it on NG.

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    I love the title of this post. I didn’t go to BEA either but just like you after seeing everyone’s hauls I have found way too many books that I now have to read and have added to my TBR pile. My poor overflowing TBR pile. lol

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    Zodiac looks like an amazing book! That cover is GORGEOUS and each time I see it, I want to read the book more. 😀 I’ve seen Salt & Storm around quite a bit, so I’m curious about it. Ghost House intrigues me . . . . Hopefully, all three of them are as great as we hope they are. 🙂

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    Ohh, I actually hadn’t heard of any of these either, lol 😀 Thank you for sharing Kristen. <3 I hope you will love them all if you end up reading them 🙂

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      yay! I’m a bit scared of Ghost House now knowing that it’s by the author of Halo. That was not a book for me…so we’ll see how this turns out. So happy I could help add to your wish list! I hope you love some of them.

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