Beginning of 2015 To Read Piles

I am going to try to be more organized this upcoming year with my TBR (in hopes of narrowing down my TBR piles). I feel that I request on a whim and then get backlogged with books that I lose interest about. I need to remedy this. I want to pay more attention to what I request and try to avoid being swayed too much by the buzz (I know this won’t happen 100% but a start would help).

So, I’ve stacked my physical ARCs/review copies up and haven taken some pictures to hold myself accountable.

Review Books for 2015 Thus Far:

2015reviewbooks1Looking at that pile-I am not intimidated! I’ve done really well at avoiding my 2014 piles and diving into the 2015 books. I’ve read a number of 2015 books already (not pictured above) and have been fairly decent at already having my review written and ready to go. *pats self on back*

Now to take a glimpse of my electronic ARCs…

22328546 22535481

 18782912 21393526 22840398

Not so bad! I’ve been trying to avoid downloading all those Harper Teen titles all at once. I am past due on 4 reviews on Edelweiss. As for NetGalley I’ve sent feedback for all of my recent downloads and have a 91.4% Feedback to Approval Ratio. It looks like my ‘request less e-arcs” goal for 2014 really did help me out.

The Past Due Review Pile:

Well, that’s far worse isn’t it? I am not pleased with the number of books I’ve let pass their release date. To be fair ALL of these were unsolicited (or gifted to me) but I did have an interest in them so I’d love to make time to read each book. With the smaller amount of ARC requesting I hope to have time to get to each of these.

As any book lover knows there are shelves and shelves dedicated to books purchased/gifted but never read. I have too many to photograph in this post but the pile is rather large. I’d love to make a dent in it this coming year.

That does not mean I’m giving up requesting ARCs. I want ALL the books but I’m going to try to limit my requests to those books I’m the most desperate for. Will I succeed? Time will tell.

Overall I feel pretty fantastic about this year and feel that I’m on the right track to keeping my piles tamed (at least more so than the past 2 years)


Your turn- how does your 2015 review pile look so far? Fantastic or terrifying?



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    My pile of books pending to read that have released is overwhelming and I still need to get better at my NetGalley requests! I’m at 75% but I still need to finish reading quite a few books!!

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      75% is really great! I bet this year you easily get over the 80% mark. I don’t love reading e-arcs so it helps me not request so many. I hope we both get our TBR piles smaller this year and if we don’t–we don’t stress about it!

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    I’ve decided to completely cut myself off from ARCs in 2015. If I decide that that’s a poor decision then I’ll change it for 2016, but for now I’m happy with not requesting anything. If I want a book, I’m more than happy to wait until the release date (except Throne of Glass #4 – I NEED IT). I have a backlog of review copies as well that I would like to whittle down over the year.

    WE CAN DO IT *cheers* *shakes pom poms* *throws confetti*

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      That is a bold resolution! I would love to hear how it goes with cutting off ARCs. I actually pondered this myself but then I got the Macmillan catalog and knew I’d not be strong enough to resist. Will there be Throne of Glass #4 ARCs? I think I heard there won’t be so you won’t have to worry about the temptation.

      We CAN do it!!!

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    Just like you I am hoping to make a dent in my review pile this year, mostly e-books for me. And 91.4% is a nice percentage to have on Netgalley, you’re really doing god on that front! I am around 70% I think, not too shabby, but I could certainly do better.

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      Thank you Lola! Last year I made the goal to clean up EW and NG because both were a mess. I feel like I did a great job there. I feel like that was the only resolution I succeeded at! haha.

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    You’ve got some awesome looking books in that tbr! Good luck with reading them all.

    My review tbr is terrifying. It’s all unread eARCs, most are at a year or more past their release date. I only have three that are coming out in 2015 and I’m going to read those ASAP. I’m determined to have all of them read by the end of 2015.

    The one thing that is more terrifying than my review tbr is the number of books I own but haven’t read yet. There’s over 100 books on there. It’s a serious problem. So no buying books next year (unless they’re part of a series I’m DESPERATE FOR) and minimal ARC requesting until I cut the piles down a bit.

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      Wow, you do have a mountain of unread hardcovers waiting for you. I’ve not counted how many I have but I know it’s not nearly that many. I’ve been trying very hard to restrict purchases and requests. Hopefully I can do even better this year. You can get through those piles (the e-arcs for sure!). Good luck to both of us!!

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    Sending you energy and focus when you tackle all your ARCs.

    I don’t even want to look at the ones I have that are building up and up. I will not look. *peeks and cries* I’m just glad I don’t get a lot of physical ARCs or I will seriously cry. SENDING YOU MY AWESOME SELF-CONTROL POWERS. ;D

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      I feel like I’ve actually done rather good not requesting a ton…that pile doesn’t scare me one bit. The e-arcs used to be my biggest problem but I cleared that up last year…you can do it!!

      *grabs a chunk of your self control and energy*

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    WOOOOHO HAVE FUN WITH ALL THE 2015 RELEASES. I really need to get started on mine. I’ve let it grow a tad uncontrollable and NYE is in about half an hour and I’m kind of freaking out. I was going to start yet another personal book but meh, maybe there’s no time :O


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    Amazing post Kristen. <3 I hope you will get to read all of these awesome books in 2015 😀 So so many awesome looking ones. <3 I'm excited about Red Queen. And I adored Invaded. <3 I hope 2015 will be all kinds of amazing for you sweetie 🙂

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    Wow, that is quite a review pile! Mine, fortunately, is pretty small so I don’t have too much catching up to do, although I’m the about avoiding the older ones :/ . Have a great year and good luck with the reading!

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    Mine is a LITTLE terrifying. I get a whole lot of unsolicited books, which is really worrying for me because I do NOT like to be ungrateful and note read them…but at the same time, I really don’t like that style of book. I end up reading and giving a low rating. So I’m not sure which is even better?! Of course I do hit gems I wouldn’t have tried otherwise, so that’s always a bonus. 🙂 I want to do some more rereading this year and to try and only have a TBR of like 7 or less books at a time. HA HA. Hilarious, right?! xD

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