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I am honored to once again be part of the blog tour for Paula Weston’s series The Rephaim. Thank you to Tundra Books and Paula Weston for including My Friends Are Fiction on the tour again this year and sending me a copy to review.

Just a couple of weeks ago (September 9th to be specific) the second of the series Haze released in the US. I absolutely adored Shadows and so I knew I wanted to read Haze as soon as possible. I loved this second installment even more than the first and if you’ve not started this series I consider it a must for paranormal fans. You can check out my interview with Paula from last year where she talks about the Rephaim and her research as well as my review of Shadows.

For my stop on the Haze tour I knew I had to ask Paula this question that I’ve been pondering since starting the series (and falling in love with her characters):

Who you feel that you are most like? Do you take parts of yourself for each character or is there one you’ve related to the most?

This is an interesting question. There’s definitely a lot of me in Gaby, or – more accurately – Gaby has allowed me to channel my nineteen-year-old self to tap into certain aspects of her personality.

When I was a teenager, I was impulsive, argumentative and confrontational and may have had some anger issues. 🙂 But whereas I was extroverted, Gaby is far more restrained socially, which makes sense for who she is at the start of the series (a girl covered in scars grieving for her twin brother). It also makes sense she’d be guarded, given she finds herself surrounded by people she doesn’t remember but who remember her – or, at least, a different version of her.

The interesting thing for me in writing Gaby, is that I need to know her on two levels: who she is now and who she was before she lost her memory. The latter is important to explain why those who knew her before react to her the way they do now. That’s definitely something that I explore more in Shimmer and Burn. Much of Gaby’s frustration comes from the fact people keep judging her on a past she doesn’t remember. All she wants them to judge her on is who she is now. Which raises the interesting question of how she will feel if she ever remembers that old life.

Unlike Gaby, I remember my past, and I’ve had some interesting ups and downs. Everything I’ve done and experienced – including my many mistakes – add up to who I am today. But I’m not always proud of who I used to be or some of the mistakes I made. But, like Gaby, I’d prefer people form opinions about me based on who I am today, rather than who I was in the past.

That’s not to say there aren’t parts of me in other characters. As a writer, it’s interesting (and sometimes fun), to draw on less visible parts of our personalities to flesh out particular characters. In many ways, it’s like acting: the character doesn’t have to be anything like you, but you need to find their truth if they’re to be believable, and to do that, you have to find something you can relate to.

I will admit, that if there’s a character I wish I was more like, it’s Ez. She’s rational, empathetic and measured. She’s slow to anger, and yet is deadly in a fight when necessary. I’d like to think I’m more Ez than Gaby these days, but I’m well aware I still have my Gaby moments…

Thanks for the great question. 🙂


I love this answer! I think we all struggle with lining up our past and present self, obviously not to the level that Gaby does. I feel that Paula’s ability to really draw on Gaby’s frustration behind not remembering is one of the most fascinating aspects of the story. I know as a reader I actually fear and question that once I learn of Gaby’s past-will I be able to accept her for who she is now? I love that these characters have become so real to me.

As a fun side to the tour Tundra put together a little quiz to see which character each of the bloggers are most like. My results didn’t surprise me…


Be sure to check out this series if you’ve not done so yet! I’ll be posting my review of Haze very soon so keep your eye out for it. If you’ve missed any of the blog tour here’s the line up (be sure to check out this link to learn about a giveaway):

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    Now that was a fantastic question Kristen and I loved all the insight that Paula gave us in her answer!
    This series is such a big favourite of mine, and I really cannot wait for Burn next year!!

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    Love this guest post. <3 thank you both so much for sharing 😀 I love how much you love these books Kristen. <3 I'm still not sure about them, but hoping that I might want to read them one day 🙂

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    Great question, Kristen, especially since we were essentially tasked with discovering who we were most like from the books. 🙂 I love that we both ended up being most like Gaby…shows how much alike we are, not that I didn’t know that already. 🙂

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      We are truly bloggy soul mates you and I 🙂 I knew that too and wasn’t surprised to see we both got Gaby. I’m so happy we love this series and both had to buy Shimmer. I’d not even thought to buy the UK one until I saw that you had. So THANK YOU. I’ve read it and loved it too. I can’t wait for it to release in the US so I can have the pretty hardcover to match my others.


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