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I must confess my latest bloggingย  mishap. I’m hoping my mistakes might help others? Really, I imagine anyone that’s been blogging or writing reviews for any length of time has made this error too, or something similar.

Back in December of last year I borrowed a book, Court of Fives, from my wonderful friend Sajda. I read it in a couple of days and sent the book back. I figured…I have time to write my review. Well, months passed and I ended up with my own copy for review. Wonderful, I thought. I’ve already read this one so this should be awesome. So I go into my post drafts…


and that’s all I had written. ABSOLUTELY NO HELP. Damn it Past Kristen. Why didn’t you write some notes? Anything to give Present Kristen any hints as to what you felt about this particular book. I recall thinking of a rating and even having some pretty great opinions but I failed to write anything down. MAJOR FAIL.

Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve done this exact same thing. When will I learn? So, now I will need to reread the book. That’s not that bad except I have lots and lots to read at the moment. I’m wondering, will I like it more? Less? When I start rereading will it all come back to me? I’ll let you know once I find out.

So tiny bit of adviceย to all my reviewing friends- at the very least write some notes. Anything would have been more helpful than what I provided myself.

Have you done this to yourself? If so, what did you do? Reread? Skim? Skip reviewing?


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    Ahhhh this happens to me all the damn time! I have a notebook I take notes about books I just finished and I write the most vague things! I don’t say anything about the characters or anything and I basically start banging my head on the wall when I go back to write a review on a book I haven’t read in ages and my notes just give me no clue on anything!! Hopefully I can get my shit together and start writing more detailed notes haha.


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    Yeah, reading a book a long time back and then trying to review it later one without any sort of clue or notes is a pain!
    The last time it happened to me I sort of skimmed read and jogged my memory but I’m afraid the review suffered from that a bit…

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    I’m afraid I’ve done this with a few books recently! I don’t have the time to sit down immediately and write a review like I used to, but now it’s been a month or two since I read a book and I’m just hoping I can remember WHY I liked or didn’t like it! I should take advantage of my notes app more often – that would probably help.

    I hope you enjoy the book just as much the second time around!

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      Right!! I could totally take notes on my phone. I’ve eben done so in the past. I think I’m just lazy? Hopefully skimming the book will bring back memories and I can write my review.

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    Oops indeed! Ow.

    Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me. Sorry for lack of advice. I usually have a notebook that I keep to the side when I read and literally just jot down a few notes. Usually things regarding the plot and moving forward, just so I can get an idea of the story. Then since I basically write my review after finishing it and before starting the next book, I can pretty much remember all my feelings in regards to my particular notes.

    Though, I have yet to meet a blogger who functions the way I do! LOL! I totally admire all you who can just read book after book after book and then write a review sometime later! I like to just put all my focus on the one book, write the review after I finish so I can hold onto all my feelings about said book. Though I have had interruptions where I was just about to sit and write said review when something suddenly comes up and I have to leave my computer and go do “adult” things. LOL. But yeah…I’m the weird sort and basically focus on 1 book in its entirely before moving to the next.

    Sorry for the lack of advice. I guess a re-read would be necessary, and if possible skim when your memory picks up on things. Good luck!

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    Funny you write this today. Just about 30 minutes ago, I was going through the “Find Duplicates” feature on GR, and I saw that I had Bone Gap listed twice under To-Read, but I was almost sure that I had read it. I read the GR summary, and it sounded kinda familiar, but it didn’t jump out to me like, “Oh, NOW I remember!” So then I looked on my Kindle app, and I saw that I finished the book in April. Four months, and I’ve already forgotten it.

    So, yeah, I need notes! Especially for mediocre books. If a book is really, really good or really, really bad, I could probably squeeze out a review months later. But for everything in between, I give myself about two weeks before it starts to fade from memory.

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    I do this a LOT. I always update GoodReads whenever I finish a book, so I usually have a rating to go off of, but I often forget details that I need to write a review. What helps me is reading through other reviews–detailed ones–on GoodReads. That really helps jog my memory, along with guest posts and other pre-publication Blog Tour posts. It’s tougher, in some ways, to not repeat what I read from other authors and bloggers but it helps a lot and is less time-consuming than re-reading. Although, I will be honest, sometimes I just skip reviewing or, more often, I write mini-reviews with a paragraph or two about my thoughts. They won’t be detailed but they generally give a good idea about what I thought about the book and why. I make this mistake all the time and keep telling myself I won’t do it again…and I do. I try to post a few lines of thoughts on GoodReads when I rate but even that isn’t enough months later. :/ Good luck, dear, with this book–I know I’m curious about it!

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    This is a hard one because I find I need time to absorb the book before I can give it a fair review. So I wait to write the review a couple of days and sometimes I miss some reviews! I refuse to reread the book so I will brush up on the description and if necessary read other reviews to jog my memory. I hate… repeating myself in anyway!

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    Oh gosh, I do this and I do the “I’ll write a review later” and never come back to it. I read Maybe Someday a few weeks ago and I didn’t even start a draft for it. We’ll see how I do with the review XD

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    I’ve so been here before and it totally sucks. I actually do enjoy writing reviews but they can be a lot of work so I tend to push them off a lot of the time. I know, that’s terrible isn’t it?

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    I do this far too often. It’s so bad. Here’s a confession: I did this once with an ARC tour book- read the book (being pubbed in April) the previous August- basically, I could have had a CHILD in the time that lapsed- and when I looked to my “notes” to review it… well, they weren’t great. I vaguely remember telling myself that I would write the review ASAP and did not. And since I no longer had access to the book, I was extra screwed. I even tried to request on Netgalley, but got denied! I wish I could have explained my desperation to reread ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ended up doing a review, albeit a shorter one than usual, from my memories and the crappy notes. You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but instead I just make sure I have my OWN copy of the book to reference later!

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    LOL. This cracked me up because I am the WORST at writing notes. Seriously, it’s laughable. And so many times I find myself in this situation and I’m like ‘next time, I’ll write notes’ . . . and I never do

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    I find that if I’m reading on my kindle, I don’t have this problem, because I add in so many highlights and notes that I’m actually overwhelmed by how much I have to go off of when writing a review… but if I’m reading on paper, I have to write the review the second I finish the book or I’ll forget everything I wanted to say!

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    lol, you are adorable Kristen. <3 I love this. But aw, I'm so sorry this happened :\ Sounds so annoying. Ugh. Which is why I'm so so so happy that I aaalways write my review right after I finish the book ๐Ÿ™‚ Often the same hour as I finish. It has happened once very rare that I finish the book very late, and then sleep, then write my review. But it has never gone longer than that ๐Ÿ™‚ It is the best way, I think ๐Ÿ™‚ But I love love love how differently so many bloggers write their reviews ๐Ÿ˜€ So exciting to read about. Anyway. Your post is gorgeous. I hope you'll be able to get better at writing reviews, hih ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck sweet girl. <3

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    Aha, I’m guilty of this very often! Thankfully I always manage to squeeze in a couple of minutes typing everything I can member in a draft in the next day or two

    I’m not the biggest fan of rereading books, so I don’t usually take that route. I’d probably skim and read a couple of pages every chapter or so until all the memories come back. Sometimes I’ll take a look at quotes from the book and see if that triggers any feelings about what I had when it comes to the novel.

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    YES! I’ve so done this and it sucks, I hate past me for it, but luckily, I tend to take notes separately too, just in case. In fact, there was once where I didn’t take any notes and had nothing because I didn’t intend to review it, then one day, all my feels came crashing at me and I remember almost everything that had happened and how I felt and I sped typed it – it went well and turned out okay, so I’d call that a win. You’re so not alone here Kristen! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Oh, this is so accurate it hurts. I should really write reviews the minute I put the book down, but even then I tend to have already forgotten the main character’s name O.O so imagine what that’s like when you read the book two months ago, with like ten books in between… is no bueno.

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    I always write notes after I read a book, whether I am going to review it or not. I learned the habit the hard way, because I forget details in books quickly, and it made it really difficult for me to review a book even only after a week of reading.
    Thanks for the tip though, Kristen! I wish someone told this advice for me before I had to learn it by myself!:)

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    A day after I finish a book I’ve pretty much forgotten most of it, no matter how good it is. As soon as I receive it I schedule and do a draft like you, filling in all the UBB info. While reading I highlight the intro to scenes I think will be important, or interesting quotes/vocabulary. I was never big on my e-reader, but since I started reviewing these features are a god send. Sometimes I type in my own notes. With a real book I use sticky flags and larger stickies for notes.

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    Yesssss I can totally relate to this! Sometimes when I read books and don’t review them for ages, I tend to forget what I thought and then it’s all downhill from there. I then hopelessly trawl Goodreads reviews trying to get some semblance of my thoughts towards it.

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    I’ve learned my lesson from this and now I always write notes RIGHT after reading a book! It’s not much extra for me, because I read ebooks anyway, so I just have to switch over to a different app to write down what I think.

    Still, sometimes my notes end up too vague, or before I have skipped writing them. Usually I just won’t review — luckily I’ve never done that with a review copy! If that happened, I guess I’d have to reread the book, or make due with the vague notes and try to think of something.

    I do find that looking at the Goodreads summary helps too, although maybe it’s just me? That little reminder of the plot sometimes will help me remember other details ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Post-its!!! I’m such a fan of writing all my thoughts on a post-it in fragment form a day after finishing the book and then it can sit for a while and I can still manage to write a pretty good review, though it’s still better if I write the review sooner so that I don’t forget what the note refers to >.>

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    All. The. Time.

    It hurts my soul because it’s either one of two crap options:

    -don’t review said book
    -reread and miss out on a new book

    Lately, I’ve been scrolling through my ‘read’ list on Goodreads to make sure I’ve reviewed everything I’ve meant to. But sometimes I don’t even mark them as read. Smh… ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Ah gosh, I have a terrible habit of this too! I’ll power through the book and I’ll decide to write the review later, but than precede to forget everything when I get to it, haha. What I’ve tried to do with my ebooks is highlight sections and write notes so I’m not at a total lost, but I’m still pretty bad with physical copies, haha.

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    I have this same issue, but my goal when reviewing is to first read the book and THEN go back and reread and review. I tend to remember where I was most shocked, surprised, excited, or let down in the re-read, but it would probably be helpful to at least take some notes here and there!


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