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During a conversation with Crystal (Crystal in Bookland) I became aware (ashamed) of my absolute obsession with checking My Choice from UPS. Anya at On Starships and Dragonwings admitted her obsession with the UPS truck in her post, “7 Quirks of My Book Blogging” which also inspired me to come clean.

I need My Choice. If you aren’t signed up you should really give it a go. Of course, you might turn out like us and have the need to check it obsessively.

MyChoiceWhat is UPS My Choice? If you don’t know it is a program where you sign up to get an email alert every time a package is on its way. It allows you to do other things like switching delivery times, etc but I really only use it to stalk what’s coming to me. This is an amazing and beautiful thing for any blogger who loves (needs) to know when a book package is on the way.

Now, a lot of people who are signed up get email alerts and know a package is coming a day or so in advance. An email alert the day before something arrives just isn’t enough. I check daily (multiple times) and can see when a label has been created, the weight, etc.

A warning though, sometimes you will see that a package label has been created and then it will sit there with no updates for a few days. Then, it disappears. So far one package this happened to then popped up the following week, So,  My Choice might drop off packages that aren’t active until they are updated again.

Step 1: Log in or Create an account


Step 2: Once you are signed in scroll across Tracking and select Access My Choice


Step 3: Once there you can view packages on a calendar and if that isn’t detailed enough you can look at it in table form.UPSCalendar

I know I’m not alone in my devotion to this service. After a quick search I found that Good Books Good Wine did a post encouraging book bloggers to sign up, “Why You Should Sign Up For UPS My Choice

If you’ve done a post about your My Choice love let me know and I’ll link you 🙂

Now I ask you-are you signed up? Are you obsessed with it and how often do you check. Confession time–I check at least three times a day.


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    Ack, I AM SO JEALOUS. As I can’t sign up since I live in Norway 🙁 Oh, how I would have loved to check that all day long, lol 🙂 I would be waaaay too obsessive if I had it, hih. But ack. SO JEALOUS. It is amazing Kristen 🙂 And so excited to see about the books you are getting! <3 thank you for sharing 🙂

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      It is very difficult to not become obsessed with checking this service. Of course, it is rather sad to check and have nothing coming, haha.

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    I love MyChoice! I probably check it…. twice a day, once in the morning before work and then after work, even though I get the email alerts, because sometimes not all of the scheduled deliveries go through email. Thanks for linking me!

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    I have this service and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I love that I can just have packages left at my door and I can see things laid out in calander form. I know people don’t have to pay to yes the service but my packages wouldn’t be left without it so worth it for me.

    Great post!

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      I use the unpaid version and feel it has really been a great asset in obsessing about my deliveries 🙂 So happy it works for you too.

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    I had never even heard of this before now, but I can see why it is addicting. I don’t usually get many arcs or purchase many books so I wouldn’t probably use this site, but it is still freaking cool!

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      It is addicting! I love seeing that the label has been created. At least you know about it now if you ever do start needing to track packages.

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    Umm, yes I am so in love with UPS especially since I not only get books, but an embarrassing amount of packages from Amazon. I’m trying to justify buying my Prime by ordering everything from toilet paper to shampoo from Amazon.

    Also, I really wish USPS and FedEx did this, because getting that MyChoice e-mail is almost better than Christmas.

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      I like knowing when things will arrive 🙂 Before I had it I would wonder daily if something was coming, haha. Then when the UPS truck would drive by I’d get disappointed if it didn’t stop.


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