Discussion- What did you do before blogging?

As with any hobby this blog takes up a significant amount of time; which has me thinking what did I do with my spare time before? I know I read a lot. Probably more than I read now. I’d go to the library and come home with a giant bag full of books and I would read them all. I’d also spend about $200 at the bookstore more often than I’d like to admit. The book spending really hasn’t changed but now I’m usually buying books for other people rather than for myself (hello giveaways).

I think I used to watch a lot more television. I remember enjoying vegging in front of the tele but these days I’m only watchingย TV with a laptop. I’m commenting or just staring at an empty post thinking of what to write. I rarely ever sit and watch without doing something else. I will say that certain shows (Outlander and Game of Thrones) are laptop free times. I need my whole attention dedicated to those beauties.

I used to keep my house a lot cleaner too. I let things slide much more than I used to. Family members used to tease me about the pristine nature of my home but I’ve not heard that in a long time. Clean laundry waiting to be put away on the couch? It’ll be there when the kiddo is ready to wear it or I’m ready to hang it up.

So I guess I read books, watched TV and cleaned? That really doesn’t seem all that exciting now does it?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or completely zapped of post ideas but the idea of not blogging seems so strange I can’t really picture how it would be.


Has your life changed since you started blogging? If you don’t blog do you have a hobby that takes up a good amount of your free time?


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    I am in the first month of launching my blog, so it is a bit of a whirlwind and hard to pinpoint everything that has changed. I know the biggest thing that has change for me is feeling like having a sense of purpose. I love interacting with publisher, reader, writers, and other bloggers. I feel very accomplished, I am loving my new hobby. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time and it seems to be going very well, for just starting.

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    I know what you mean! I used to browse the internet, watch TV, and watch Netflix…nonstop. I didn’t read a lot before my blog. I got back into reading around April 2014 and started up my blog in July, so really blogging has helped me read more too!

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    I started blogging right after I graduated from university, so before I was spending my time blogging, I spent my time going to classes or studying (really boring, if you ask me). What would I do know, if I didn’t blog? Well, I’d be a couch potato, binge watching TV shows and knitting or binge reading. Though I would probably be sad that I didn’t have anyone to talk about books ๐Ÿ™

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    I was totally a tv child before I started getting really into reading. My whole family loves to watch movies and tv so it was kind of a family activity lol. I used to watch anything and everything. Now though, I find I lose interest in tv shows fairly quickly. I’d rather be reading~~ I think the tv shows now just aren’t as good as it used to be. My sister started rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix and it just brought back so many memories we love it ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I’m trying so hard to think about what I did before blogging, and I’m drawing a blank! I started blogging a little bit before I lost my job, and I never went back to work. So I guess I spent a good amount of time working. I also used to have a very active social life, but was at the juncture in my life where I was growing up and the people around me were still stuck in teenager-hood.

    It’s so weird to think about but I’ve been blogging since 2011 – I started at age 21 a lot of my adult life now. I often wonder what I’d be doing if I didn’t start blogging four years ago!

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    I often reflect on the same thing! A lot of my time goes to blogging now, but I find that funny because I’m more busy now than I have ever been! I actually admit that I read less before blogging. I never thought that I would be able to read over 70 books in a year. I could barely manage 30. I don’t know how that happened seeing as how I’m ridiculously busy now, but I guess it does.

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    I remember wondering this a few days ago & I honestly don’t know where I would be without my blog, YouTube, and excessive reading. Maybe I’d be obsessed with makeup or something like that *shivers at thought*

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    I’d like to think that before blogging, my life was more black and white than anything… I can’t really remember what I did before blogging since I took it up at such a young age. I was never into sports – I was the music kid, so that hasn’t really changed. Is it bad that I have SO MUCH spare time on my hands? It’s probably because I’m such a bad student XD

    I think I also watched more TV and now, I’m reading more!

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    YES MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. and it’s funny because I was thinking about this just this week too. xD I used to read less, weirdly. Book blogging has made me a) read more newer books, and b) just read MORE. I absolutely dive into the library at every opportunity. And I also never DNF books now, whereas before, it didn’t matter if I finished or not because I wasn’t logging everything on goodreads. *shrugs* Heh, and my room has filled up with books. I’ve been blogging for like 5 years now and I seriously sometimes forget what my “hobbies” where before?!! Blogging takes a LOT of time.

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    My current blog is coming up on 4 years this summer (!!) but before book blogging I spent a few years reviewing music and shows for first my own online site and then as part of a team of reviewers for another site. BEFORE ALL OF THAT however, I did basically the same things as I do now in my spare time: read, get outside (running and biking are a Big Deal in my life), bake – it’s just that years ago I had more time to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Ah, gorgeous post Kristen ๐Ÿ˜€ Love reading about what you do. <3 I love how blogging takes up so much time; as it is something I really love doing ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I spend most of my days sitting on my laptop looking at things to buy.. which I really need to stop doing, lol :p But ohh. Before I started blogging about books.. which I started 4 years ago, when I was 18. Right before that, though, I had a blog about Robert Pattinson for a few years ๐Ÿ™‚ Which I loved doing. <3 though then it grew to be too much, so I stopped, and then the devil wordpress deleted my blog, because of some photos they said I couldn't post, yet I couldn't find them anywhere on my blog, and that bothered me a lot. Ugh. But anyway. I feel like I have blogged for ages, lol, which I love doing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing this post sweetie. <3

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    I hardly did anything before blogging. I actually wasn’t even really actively reading, and that’s one of the reasons I started blogging — I figured it would motivate me to get more engaged in what used to be my favorite hobby. And it worked! I played with my cat a LOT more, and I watched TV. It was also kind of my “try to actually be social” phase, so I forced myself to go out more. I was also a terrible workaholic. I still have my tendencies, but at least now when I’m bored I pull out my PERSONAL computer instead of my WORK computer ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I read a lot before I blogged – probably about the same as I do right now. I was really into reading and reviewing on Goodreads, and it kind of got me thinking about blogging. Actually… I don’t think my habits have really changed since I started blogging. I did work four jobs before I blogged. I’m kind of glad I’m done with those days because it was so stressful.

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    Other than reading, my hobbies pre-blogging were either writing or playing video games. It’s safe to say my life has changed drastically when I started to blogging. It helped me in so many ways such as improving the quality of my writing and my knowledge of the internet.

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    This is a great question miss! Before blogging hmmm.. Well I used to drool over everyone’s blogs and wonder how these awesome people came to abbรฉ their own space to review books…then I realized I could do it too. I really started reading more once I moved about an hour away from my home town in South jersey. I don’t know anyone here and am not to inclined to make friends (even tho I know I prob should) so with a,l the reading I started doing it seemed a natural things to start blogging since I was reviewing so much on goodreads. My reading increase also kinda coincides with the baby soooo I guess I was probaly sleeping more. Instead of staying up after lil man goes to bed or naps (thank goodness he still naps although I feel that slipping away).
    Ps I totes feel you on the house situation. This is where audiobooks come in mighty handy. You can clean and read at the same time!!

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    Before I blogged…Well, for one thing I have more stuff to do. Without blogging I would be the girl who sits at home and watched YouTube videos all day. Yeah, that was my life before blogging. I would still be reading, but not all the wonderful books I have discovered through bloggers. Also, I would have NO ONE to turn to for things like fangirling over books or reading sprints. I would have NO clue on things like photo editing and HTML coding that’s for one…


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    Oh yeah totally. I used to be really involved watching the beauty blogging community as well. And I also used to leave the house a bit too much LOL BUT since blogging, I’ve got a lot less time for my other hobbies. The thing is, I still try to maintain the other side of my lief which means blogging conflicts with everything and there’s absolutely no balance which sucks a bit. But I’ll get there :)))

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    Oh yes, my lifestyle has certainly changed a lot since blogging. I played piano and went out for runs more often before I got into reading and blogging of the sorts. Right now, I’m only playing piano occasionally and runs? I only got time to do that during PE class at school. But then again, it’s not because blogging is taking over my life or anything, I’m just more into it than I am with my other hobbies, I guess.

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    Before blogging I worked full time. I didn’t work for 4 years on a disability and blogged. Went back to work and couldn’t keep up w/ the blog. Now I’ve retired on a disability and started blogging again. Plus, I can’t physically do much else than sit and read, watch TV, game, etc. I don’t even clean my own house!

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    I’ve thought about this before – I’ve seemed to always have some hobby that I eventually give up… I’m hoping that’s not the case with blogging. Let’s see, there was my Tumblr phase (I made tons of gifs, especially for Games of Thrones), there was my IMDB/movie/Oscars phase, and I still do those things but not nearly as much. I used to watch a lot more TV, too, before I started reading so much and blogging.

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    Oh jeez what did I do before blogging….I still read a whole lot but I played video games, watched way more anime and did more arts and crafts then I do now. And back then I didn’t have two kids…oh I miss having all that free time when there were no kids lol. I can’t imagine not blogging. I could imagine blogging less….lol


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