Discussion- Where do you like to read?

Where do you like to read?


I’m the type of person that carries a book everywhere I go. It’s almost like a security blanket thing for me. I feel out of whack if I don’t have a book near me at all times. I have stacks in every room of my house and I lug around at least one book everywhere.


But, it came to my realization that though I carry a book around I rarely read during the day. I attempt it but my brain can’t focus in small increments. I tend to have to reread the same thing over and over. I apparently need uninterrupted time to dive into my book and allow myself to travel to another world.

Where I tend to do all my best reading would be in the evening after my kiddo is asleep. I curl up in bed and read.


Though I read best in the evening I stillΒ attempt to at any available uninterrupted time period. This mostly leads to me holding my unopened book and carrying it around with me before I get distracted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered around trying to locate my book after forgetting where I last had it. Back when I had a full time job (I worked in marketing prior to having my son) I would actually sneak read at my desk at work. I never got caught, surprisingly!

I realized that I’m not an outdoor reader which I think needs to change. Do you read outside? I think I’d get distracted but I’m going to have to give it a go while the weather in Texas is still nice.

I’m curious where doΒ you like to read? Am I missing out on some spectacular reading location?


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    I used to be able to sneak read (at school and such) as well. If I even had a minute to spare, I would pull out my book and read. But I don’t know what happened, I can’t do that anymore. I too now need a significant amount of uninterrupted amount of time to read. I’ve also found that I read best sitting in the corner of my room between my wall and my bookshelf, which seems like it should be uncomfortable, but isn’t (although it freaks my mom out haha)

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      I’m glad to know I’m not alone in not being able to pick up and read in short increments. Interesting location between the wall and bookshelf! Seems convenient to be near the bookshelf.

  2. Holly Letson says

    Like you, I carry books/mangas with me everywhere I go. I read everywhere. I have found that I do alot of reading, when I am on the city buses. I enjoy reading at home in the evenings, but usually end up getting distracted.

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      I’ve not ever done public transit but if I did I know I’d read. Seems like the perfect opportunity. My city’s public transport is pretty bleh so most people here drive.

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    If I’m reading outside it almost always has to be at a park. There is a great park at the back of the library I love. Somewhere away from traffic is best. Traffic is the worst noise for me for some reason, unless it’s a good day or a really gripping story I can’t put down. But I also read at bus stops occasionally.

    For the most part I’m an indoor reader too. I have a favorite spot at my favorite cafe. I have a favorite spot at the library. I positioned my couch so I can read easily and comfortably. I prefer book stores with reading spaces.

    I find indoor spaces have less interruptions for me. That’s probably a huge factor. Finding what factors prevent your focus is important.

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      How awesome that there is a great park behind the library! That’s perfect placement. I’ve not thought about traffic noise but yeah…that would be crazy distracting. I’ve not read much in public places though I do always read when I have an appointment and am in the waiting room. I don’t feel like I really absorb what I’m reading as well though πŸ™

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    My husband and I share a car so when he drives, I read. I read in the waiting room at my mother-in-law’s doctor appointments. I read in the living room while my kids or husband watch TV. Anywhere that I have to wait, I read on my phone. If I’m in a large group of people and my social anxiety kicks in, I read on my phone. Basically, I read anywhere and everywhere I can. Very rarely do I read outside. And not because it isn’t nice to read outside but because mosquitoes come out mid-February here in Alabama and they’re big enough to carry you off.

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      Oh that’s nice! I used to be able to read in the car but the older I get the more it gives me a headache. Stinks really. I try to read in the living room but the kiddo and hubby are very distracting πŸ™‚ I have family in Alabama! I love it there. Our mosquitos here in Texas are small yet evil.

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    I’m the same way! I always carry a book around with me even if I don’t end up reading it. I don’t want to be caught with nothing to read if I get some sudden free time! If the time’s too short then I play around on my phone instead. I don’t want to take out my book, enter the world and only get ten minutes before I have to put it away again :S I like to be with my family when I’m at home so I tend to read on the sofa. The problem with that is they’re usually watching tv and talking so I find it hard to concentrate on my book. I read a sentence but my brain doesn’t really process it so I end up rereading it a couple times lol. My bed is definitely my favourite place to read. It’s quiet and I can just read and read~~~~ Most of the time I can’t stop reading so I end up sleeping way later than I intended to πŸ˜‰

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      Right? It’s like the one time you forget a book you have all the time to read. Thank goodness for smart phones and e-books. I try to read while my family is up and about and yeah…doesn’t work well. So I end up petting my book while talking/playing with the family. I go to bed way too late because of books far too often

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    First: Great blog! I found it only a week ago but I really like your posts. I hope you don’t mind when my spelling isn’t right sometimes or I’m using a wrong word – it’s far easier to read or even speak in english for me.
    I carry books with me all the time, even when going out for a drink in the evening (I remember very few times I actually read then, but my husband and my friends would be worried about me when I wouldn’t at least have one with me). Most of the time I’m reading at trains on my way to/ from my job. And I enjoy it, no one interrupts or wants me to do something else. Of course reading in bed is nice, but I don’t find that much time for it since I fall asleep too soon after a full day of working… But besides that I can read almost everywhere and even for a few minutes only, although I prefer reading inside. I don’t know why.

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      Thank you so much Izanuela! Your English is perfect! I’m an inside reader too. I love that we all carry a book everywhere we go. I’ve gotten to where now if I don’t read before trying to go to sleep at night I can’t fall asleep. So even if I only read a few pages I’ve got to read.

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      I will never forget- I read an entire book one day at work! haha. I’m sort of ashamed that I did that but it was a good book! Yes, my reading time in the evening is my favorite part of the day too. I look forward to it.

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    Aw, you are adorable. <3 And yay for reading in bed πŸ˜€ Hah, I wouldn't be able to take a book with me and read while doing other things :p Would be too distracted as well πŸ™‚ Wishing I was able to read in bed. But because of my health, I am not able to sit still for that long, hmph :p So I just read in my chair, which I sit in just about all the time. Hah. But I'm happy with that πŸ˜€ Best place for me to read a book. <3 Thank you for sharing this amazing post sweetie πŸ™‚

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      Aw, I’m sorry Carina. It’s good you have a perfect chair that you can get comfy in. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a chair for reading.

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    I carry a book with me everywhere too. Even when I think man I am carrying this for no reason I still carry it because hey you never know when something will happen to free up some time to read. I work at Kroger grocery store and some nights I only work 8pm. To midnight. I definitely bring my book to work and read then cause we aren’t very busy. I think my favorite places to read are in my rocking chair in my little book corner or on the bed. When the weather is nice I like to read outside while my kids play but I do find trying to read outside can be a bit distracting.

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    I am also one of those people who can read everywhere and any time. I always have either an audio book or my Kindle with me whenever I leave the house, and the worst thing I can imagine is when you’re stuck waiting somewhere without a book.
    But I get your point about concentrating, and that’s why I love reading short stories if I’m only waiting / travelling for a short time πŸ™‚

    My favourite place to read though is my reading chair – chosen and bought for the specific purpose of living in my library, so I can sit and read while surrounded by all my beloved books πŸ˜‰
    OH, and I love reading in cafees and parks especially when I used to live in Barcelona, where you could always find a little square, get a coffee and just waste an afternoon πŸ™‚

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    It sometimes depends on the book. If I’m really into the story I take a book everywhere, even when I go to the toilet, haha. I like to read on the train when I’m on my way to school, I like to read during my breaks at work, I like to read at home, right before I go to sleep, the moment I wake up.. There is almost no moment where I don’t read πŸ˜€

  11. Maraia says

    I mostly read in the evening, too. I like to be comfortable and warm and have a solid chunk of uninterrupted reading time. That means I’ll either be found sprawled out on the couch or tucked up in bed. At least in the winter, in bed is definitely the best.

    For most of my life, I read during breakfast. My parents are huge readers, so this was considered normal in our house. In the last year and a half, though, I’ve switched to crosswords instead. It’s easier to focus on a crossword for a short time than a book. At my last few jobs, though, I always read during my lunch hour.

    I totally agree about reading outside. I get distracted by EVERYTHING. The idea of it does sound rather nice, though, doesn’t it? I also agree that it’s important to bring a book everywhere, even if you know you’ll never read it. It’s like a security blanket! I was thinking the other day how amazing it would be to have a perfect photographic memory. Just think…if you got stuck waiting for the dentist or something, you could just close your eyes and start “reading” Harry Potter. WOULD THAT NOT BE THE COOLEST THING EVER? Er, sorry. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since I first thought of it.

  12. says

    I carry a book with me all the time too and never find enough uninterrupted time to read! I find reading in bed or sprawled out over it the best place to read.

  13. Donna says

    I read.at home inside but when I’m at the shore I like to read on the deck or on the beach and I’m a people watcher too but still try and get reading in.

  14. says

    I usually read at home, either at the sofa in the living room or in my bed at night. And sometimes I get some good reading time while at work on night shifts, from like 3 am to 6 am if none of my patients need anything and are sleeping peacefully! I never take a book to work, because that always meant jinxing my reading time, but I’ve been taking my Kindle and getting time to read, so it’s all good! πŸ˜‰

    What I’m doing now with plotting and planning for my new apartment is creating reading nooks for myself not only in the library room but also the living/dining-room and my bedroom! πŸ˜‰

  15. says

    Hi doll!
    You say things and (im a totally non creepy way) im like wow we have the same book taste, thoughts on blogging, reading habits! I think we might be book soul mates….but anyway. Yes I agree with you(bet you didn’t see that coming) I can’t focus during the day unless im working out (ha) or the child is napping (ha again), I always carry a book or kindle with me. I also tend to misplace them a lot. I love love love my iPad mini since ties like my own lik personal library. My tiny to amthe just took out 3 copies of print books with some red berry juice soooooo I need to be more careful. hUGS!

  16. says

    As much as I love the smell and feel of physical books, I love e-readers because they allow me to have a wide reading selection within my reach at all times (and it’s lighter than my guinea pig). I read a lot on long car rides, but the majority of my reading is done right after school when I need some time to relax after a long day of classes and late at night when the house is completely silent. My bed is definitely my favorite reading spot.

  17. says

    I actually don’t have a specific place. I like to read in a place where it’s quiet, mainly. I can work with music on but I’ve always found that for reading, it has to be off. Or else, I’ll be singing along, abandoning my book.

    I like to read right when I come home from school. This usually leads to me taking an impromptu nap, which is kind of relaxing too!

  18. says

    Hi, this is a lovely post, you really have a nice balance of reviews and discussions here.
    I read in bed before I go to sleep, as well, but I’m usually very tired by the time I manage to flop into bed (my son is 5 months old! My reading habits have changed a lot these past months.). Other than that, I read at breakfast for a while, because there’s nothing better than waking up with a good book. Then I try to snatch some time during the day, but I have a similar problem as you do – it’s hard to concentrate in short periods of time. I like to take an hour or so in the afternoon if the baby is napping, so I can really immerse myself in the story.

  19. says

    I can pretty much read anywhere! With my Kindle and the Kindle app on my phone it’s now really easy for me to delve into another world! I have to say I do love reading outside, especially during the summer! When I’m on holiday I can be sat outside for hours in the boiling heat lost in my book! Recently, I’ve been reading a lot on the train in the mornings and evenings, I completely zone out and it’s perfect for the early mornings! But I’ve got to say my bed and the sofa are brilliant reading spots!

    Alexandra @ Alexandra Florence Books

  20. says

    I’m pretty much the same as you! I carry a book wherever I go, and I’ll read during lunch break at work, but the majority of my reading is done while I’m curled up in bed. πŸ™‚ It’s what I love to do right before I fall asleep.

  21. says

    My locations have changed over time. I went through a phase where I loved to read out on my patio on the weekends, with either a glass of water or wine. I’d stay out there until it got to unbearably hot or at the first sighting of a bee or wasp. Now, in the evenings, I typically read on my sofa, and I usually keep the TV on as background noise. I also try to read a bit on my phone for bed before the Ambien knocks me out, and I sometimes read in the morning before I need to get up for work.

    My very guilty pleasure is something I started doing over the last few months. Laying in bed reading nearly ALL day on the weekends. It’s a guilty pleasure because I feel lazy, but it’s when I get my “best” reading done, i.e. no distractions, no worries about work the next day, etc.

  22. says

    I carry books everywhere with me as well. But I’m not a day reader either. The only time I read during the day is on my commute to school and back which is actually great reading time! My commute is only twenty minutes long but reading makes the time fly by! Other than my commute reading, I don’t really read during the day or at least not on Monday to Fridays when I have school. I might read during class sometimes if there are boring presentations but most often, I can’t bring myself to it so nighttime in bed is really my prime reading time, like you! It’s just so wonderful to be curled up and cozy and warm and relax after a long day with a good book and some water. But the thing is usually I’m so tired that my eyes start to droop after ten or fifteen minutes so I never actually get very much reading done… I might start going to bed earlier just so I can get more reading in!

    So yeah, I’m really not an adventurous person in terms of where I read. Very standard places and I usually never seek out a place to specifically read. Like I won’t make a trip to the coffeeshop solely to get some reading in though that might be a good idea for something to do one day!

  23. says

    I read a lot during the daily commute and sneak in some reading at work too! I also read in coffee shops (apparently I’m an expert at shutting down ambient noise when I’m really concentrating on something LOL) and in parks. I really do love reading in bed too, though! It’s probably one of my favorite places to read. πŸ™‚

    I say just read wherever you want to; if you can’t concentrate on reading in the daytime then that’s completely fine! Reading should be enjoyable (and beds are super cozy so I feel you there lol!)


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