DNF Review for Blood Red Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick

bloodredsnowwhiteBlood Red Snow White
By: Marcus Sedgwick
Release Date: October 25th 2016
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Format: Print ARC
Source: Publisher

A copy of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

I DNFed at page 93

There never was a story that was happy through and through.

When writer Arthur Ransome leaves his home in England and moves to Russia to work as a journalist, it is with little idea of the violent revolution about to erupt. Unwittingly, he finds himself at its center, tapped by the British to report back on the Bolsheviks even as he becomes dangerously romantically entangled with revolutionary leader Trotsky’s personal secretary. Both sides seek to use Arthur for their own purposes…and, as he struggles to find autonomy, both sides grow to suspect him of being a double agent. Arthur wants only to elope far from the conflict with his beloved. But when he attempts to extract himself and Evgenia from the complicated politics and politicians that he fears will lead them both to their deaths, the decisions he faces are the most dangerous and difficult of his life.

My Thoughts:
Blood Red Snow White started off so strongly for me. I was immediately captivated with the writing and story telling. This book was written as if I was listening to my grandfather telling me stories. I was in love. I just KNEW I’d love this book to pieces.

So, what went wrong? The tone of the book changed as we got to the main character and his story. It went from the fairy tale feel to more of a dull account of what Arthur was doing, talking to and seeing. I wanted to be interested but sadly I was not.

This book heavily goes into Russian history which, at first, I found intriguing. I loved they symbolism Sedgwick utilized and felt that it was such a strong start. Once the scene was set and the real story began all the heart just seemed to leave the story. I felt nothing for Author though I wanted to.

Also, if you are thinking this is a fairytale retelling- it’s not. You might think from the title- Snow White- but nope. It has nothing to do with Snow White. The beginning did feel like a fairy tale but after that it felt very much like historical fiction. If you are a fan of slower paced historical or Russian history this book might be for you.


Have you read this book? Should I continue? Does it ever got back to the beautiful feeling of the beginning of the novel?



  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I am so happy to see your review on this book! I forced myself to finish this one (though I probably shouldn’t have) because after the initial fairy tale portion it did indeed get so dry. 🙁 There are a few brief glimpses of hope throughout the book, but I’m not sure if I would say it was worth finishing. I’m glad I’m not the only one! (though I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it – disappointing books are never fun!)

  2. zed says

    I’m currently reading this and have just started to learn about Arthur. It’s okay-ish but I feel it will be a 2-star read…let’s see!

  3. says

    I actually think it’s a fairytale retelling, which is why I never bother to check it out. But now that you mentioned that this is a historica fiction, I’m really interested in it! I have nothing against retellings, but we have a lot of russian-inspired retellings and fantasy element, but I’ve never read historical (fiction or not) events about it. I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy it though 🙁 Maybe you should give it another try sometime in the future? It might be easier to read after a while!

  4. says

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear this took such a turn for you! I do like a slower-paced book every now and then, and I’ve heard that Sedgwick’s style is very hit or miss, so I’ll have to check out his other books. He’s written a ton and somehow I haven’t read a single one!

  5. says

    Uuuugh 🙁 I’m so sorry you had to DNF this book sweetie. Especially since it started pretty good. Sigh. But yeah, I wouldn’t want to read this one either :\ Doesn’t seem very good. Aw. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it, though 🙂

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