Great Minds Think Alike

NOTE 7/9/2014: This blog is not running any longer.

Last week I met a great new blogger, Sarah. She had just started a book blog and named it My Friends Are Fictional. You might be thinking-that’s rather similar to My Friends Are Fiction. We agreed. After discussing it, we decided that it might be too confusing to have both blogs being based on books and reviews having names that close.

Sarah was gracious enough to change her blog’s name to The Fawn and the Flight. You must go check out her blog and help support one of our newest bloggers in the book community.

Banner has been removed at the request of the owner

I love her new name and her banners- just¬†gorgeous. She’s still working to get her other accounts set up for Twitter, etc. Once she does I’ll post them here so you can give her a follow and say hi.

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