My August TBR Pile

It is August so that means my kiddo will be staring pre-k at the end of this month. This will be his first time away from me (he’ll only go a couple times a week) but I’m nervous regardless. I’m sure it’ll be great for the both of us…I’ll be having more alone time which I can’t imagine as of this moment. I hope that I’ll be able to dedicate some time writing reviews, discussion posts and reading.

I’ve been enjoying rebuilding old (and new) Lego sets so that’s why Hogwarts Castle is in my TBR picture. I couldn’t help but include it. As you can imagine my son is very excited by my latest hobby since he’s getting to play with it all.


I hope to read most (or all!) of these this month. I’ve started Firebug and am enjoying it so far (only 100 pages in). I’ve heard some mixed things about VoD but I hope it surprises me. It was one of my most anticipated books of the year so there is a lot of room for disappointment. The Miniaturist and Bitter Greens are both adult fiction so that should spice things up some.

What books do you plan on reading this month?


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    Ohhhh that Lego Castle looks amazing! I can imagine how excited your son must be now having new Lego sets to play with!
    I’m quite excited to hear your opinions about The Miniaturist and of course… LAILAH!! I’m so so SO DYING to read that one!!

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      He loves it! He’s lucky my hobby happens to be Lego 🙂 I’m very eager to start The Miniaturist though I have no clue what to expect. Lailah has to be wonderful!

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    Yay 😀 Lots of awesome books sweetie 😀 Best of luck in reading them. <3 Hah. Yeah. I did not like The Vault of Dreamers at all :p Sad face. But maybe you will 🙂 Pff, I want you to hate it too, lol. Anyway. Hoping you will end up loving Firebug 😀 I must know how it is before I start it ;p And aw. I think it will be awesome for you to get some time alone 🙂

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      I hope I can get around to them all. I seem to have many more books than I’m capable of ever getting to but I’ll keep trying. I want to love VoD because I had such high hopes for it. I’ve gotten to liking Firebug more and more the further I read.

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    Vault of Dreamers is on my wishlist, too. I tried winning it, and requested it on Netgalley, to no avail. Since reading some of the reviews I think I will be getting it from the library. The Miniaturist sounds good. I have seen it on several blogs, but no one has read it yet. You we be fine with your littleun going solo a couple of days a week. I promise. After a couple of weeks you will be wondering how you ever got things done before.

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      I know he’ll have SO much fun at school too so I know it’s the best for all of us but I’ll miss the little guy. I imagine I’ll get so much more done. I hope The Miniaturist stands up to the expectations.

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    I popped into Waterstones the other day and was so tempted to get The Miniaturist, but decided against. If you like it, think I might reconsider as the premise sounds so interesting! 🙂

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    My 3yr nephew has dragged me into the wonderful world of putting puzzles together. I used to hate puzzles, but now I find them mildly interesting. XD I’ve had to stop myself mid puzzle and remind myself that HE is supposed to be doing it with me just helping. lol! Lovely book haul too, of course. I want to know about Lailah!

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      It is very hard to let my kiddo do the Lego sets without helping. He’s so good at them. I really like puzzles too! I hadn’t remembered that they could be fun until Bren started doing them. I’m with you, I always want to jump in and do the whole thing.

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    that looks like a great pile! and LEGOS!!
    I’m always really impressed by people planning what they’re going to read the next month. I finish a book and it takes me hours to pick a new one out because I’m always wondering what I’m in the mood for! I hope you like all of those. I’m looking forward to reading the Miniaturist as well!

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      You know, I like to snap a picture but then I realize I left out a TON of them. It helps though to know what my options for the next book are. I also put them on the bookshelf by release date (for unread ARCs)

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      I hope the Miniaturist is amazing. I actually don’t have that much of an expectation of it. I have no clue what to expect. I hope we all love it!

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    I’m sure it’s going to be very weird having some free time, but I hope you make the best of it!

    I hope VoD is better than expected – It’s one I’ve been anticipating, too. I’d kind of forgotten about The Miniaturist. Looking forward to your thoughts on this so I know whether to bother reading it. 🙂

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      I think once we get used to it the time apart will be okay and I can’t fathom what all I’ll get done. Watch me end up napping the whole time, haha.

      You know, VoD has to be good- if not I’ll cry…really. I had such high hopes for it.

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