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I can’t believe we are in the final month of 2014. Time has really gone quickly this year and really in the last few months. I don’t feel prepared at all for this year to end. Over Thanksgiving my family was given news that my grandfather was very ill. I headed off to see him and returned home Sunday after a 15 hour car ride. I don’t recommend traveling the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We have been so wrapped up and worried about my grandfather it didn’t feel like the holidays were even here. I feel ratherย disheveledย and disconnected but I’m hoping to get my head back into everyday life. If you could say a prayer for my grandfather I’d be very grateful.

I’ve found some solace in books so I’ve been reading as much as possible. I’m almost finished with Shutter and have started Court of Fives (thank you Sajda from Across the Words) and Gathering Darkness. I think Court of Fives is going to live up to all my expectations. Many years ago I read Kate Elliott’s adult fantasy series so I’m so, so excited to see her go to young adult. I read Now That You’re Here by Amy K. Nichols on the road and found it to be an entertaining read.

Here’s what I’m hoping to read this month:


My dear friend Stacee from Adventures of a Book Junkie is sending me The Orphan Queen so I’ll be starting that ASAP. I can’t wait to read it since I’ve heard great things. I don’t know what I’d do without my wonderful bloggy friends.

How does your December look? Are you ready for 2014 to end? I’ll say I’m looking forward to the books 2015 has to offer because they look wonderful-so much science fiction and fantasy.


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    Oh Kristen, I hope your grandfather gets better. I’m keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

    Do use December to take a step back, reflect and relax. You deserve it. I’m using mine to just get caught up with the TBR and get cracking into 2015 arcs so that I can be a little more on schedule. I hope you make the most of the rest of the year, my dear <3

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      Thank you Jess! He’s still in ICU but he’s not gotten worse so we’re hopeful he’ll improve.

      I have so much stuff to catch up on. I’m going to be relieved to have the fresh start of 2015 soon to reboot and try to get a better handle on life. I feel that I’ve fallen so far behind on reviews and my TBR pile. Hopefully I can catch up. Why o why is it so hard to stay on schedule? haha

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    Sending my best wishes and vibes for your grandfather, Kristen!

    The Orphan Queen?? I’m so gonna be stalking your feed and GR to see what you think of it when you read it!! =D
    I hope you’ll love all your books in your stack, and I’m really curious to hear what you think of Shutter too!

    Happy reading!

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      Thank you Pili!

      I am so incredibly eager to read The Orphan Queen. I just know I’ll love it. I’ll let you know how it goes. I finished Shutter and it was entertaining and I’d read the sequel but it’s not ground breaking. But, worth the read if it sounds interesting to you.

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    I’m still so so sorry about your grandfather ๐Ÿ™ hoping he is feeling better. <3 And omg, I know what you mean. I'm not sure where this year has gone o.O time is moving so fast this year. Ack! But anwyay. Lots of awesome books for you to read this month ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck Kristen. <3 I hated Shutter, hmph. But Gathering Darkness looks awesome. <3 happy reading sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thank you Carina. He’s hanging in there and we’re hoping he’ll start to improve soon. This year has gone so FAST. I feel like I’ve been behind the entire year. Maybe next year will feel a bit more organized? I’m sorry you hated Shutter! I need to read your review after I write mine. I didn’t hate it nor love it. I thought it was entertaining though. I’m really enjoying Gathering Darkness.

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    I hope your grandfather gets better, it can definitely be worrying when your family isn’t well. Shutter sounds interesting and I haven’t heard of many of these books, may need to check them out! Hope you enjoy The Orphan Queen when it arrives too.

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      Thank you so much Jeann. Seems we are in a holding pattern just praying he’ll start to improve.

      You should look up some of these…I’ve heard pretty good things about most of them and hopefully they are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by!

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      Thank you Brittany! Court of Fives is good so far. A tad slower paced than normal young adult but the story is very interesting. I think it’ll be a hit or miss though for people.

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      Thank you Danielle, it’s been tough. I really appreciate the prayers.

      I’m almost done with Court of Fives and I’m a tad mixed? I like it but no love. There’s not a love triangle so that’s a plus! But the world building seems a tad fuzzy and I’m not really feeling the ship ๐Ÿ™

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    So many great books in 2015 to look forward to! I’m so ready for them ๐Ÿ™‚
    I bought Rooms in October and was going to a Lauren Oliver signing, but I ended up having to bail at the last minute.. I really want to read it sometime soon anyways! And I can’t WAIT for Darkest Part of the Forest, too!
    Sorry to hear about your grandfather – prayers for him.

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      Thank you Lauren!

      I have been meaning to read Rooms FOREVER. but I keep pushing it back for other things. My reading has been completely by mood lately and for some reason that one has been ignored though I’ve heard great things. I hope we both read and love it soon. And so much YES to the 2015 releases!

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    Sorry to hear about your grandfather ๐Ÿ™ Hope the books have helped keeping your mind off it, and hope he’s on the mend soon. <3 This year has gone by so fast, it's crazy, can't believe it's December, and I've only just got used to 2014. Glad you're enjoying Court of Fives, looking forward to it! I've got The Darkest Part of the Forest, but the UK release date changed to Feb, so I probably won't end up reading it until Jan now, but looks so good. And eek! The Orphan Queen, hope you enjoy that, been hearing some great feedback so far! ๐Ÿ™‚ There are so many good ones coming out in 2015, most looking forward to Ensnared and Crimson Bound.

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      Thank you Kirsty-Marie. He is hanging in there. The books have helped a lot in keeping my mind off it for short periods of time. I’m almost finished with Court of Fives and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. :-/

      I’ve heard great things about TOQ and TDPotF so can’t wait to read them! 2015 looks amazing for books.

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    Oh my I am so with you about this year ending WAY too soon! I’m so sorry about your grandfather, and hoping that things get easier soon!

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      THank you Anya.

      This year zoomed by and I’m not ready yet for it to be over though I’m excited about a fresh new year and a new start. I’m hoping to be better organized, haha.

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    Ah can’t believe I missed this post! The Darkest Part of the Forest is on my TBR for this month as well and Rooms has been on my list for months.

    Fantastic TBR =)

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    So sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’m getting around to comments a bit late so this is an older post… I hope he’s doing better than he was. <3

    As far as books, I'm very excited for Shutter. I just got approved for it the other day so I hope to get to it soon. Aw, Tuck Everlasting. I've never read the book but the movie is one of my favorites. Happy Reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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