My November TBR Pile


It’s November! The weather has cooled off here in Texas (at least for a bit) so it was a perfect excuse to throw in a Sherlock ‘putting his coat on’ GIF. We had a case of sick in our household so I’m a few days late on posting my upcoming reads. I’m very excited about the selection I’ve got this month.

Want to see?


I have already read An Ember in the Ashes and let me tell you- you’ll want to pre-order it. I was really amazed by how beautifully done it was. Even with my kiddo being sick and me lacking sleep I still managed to read it in a couple of days. I was completely mesmerized.

I somehow forgot to add Killer Instinct to my pile so I’ve got an additional picture because why not? I have just started this one. I’m hoping it’s as good as the first.


Random Updates:
I’ll be giving a copy of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray away this week so be sure to keep your eye out for that. I also have started using Instagram. If you’re interested in seeing bookish pictures then give me a follow.


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    Is that Ensnared I see? Enjoy! There some books on there I am looking forward to reading myself. I’m curious as to what you’ll end up thinking about them.

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    If you end up enjoying Frozen, I have a copy of Stolen you’re welcome to borrow. It’s autographed to me so it’s a little awkward to have not read it yet, but someday! Just not today 😉

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    Ooh! I’m due to start The Mime Order soon as well! But I’m putting it off because…I don’t want my heart to be hurt, ripped apart and destroyed. HA! You’re enthusiasm for An Ember in the Ashes has just got me desperate for 2015. In fact, I just want ALLLLL of next year’s releases NOW! Ensnared…I’m genuinely a tad worried about that one….Hopefully it ends well! Happy reading for November because you’ve got an AMAZING stack! x

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      Me too Jess! I know it’ll break my heart so I keep waiting on it. I’ve been so eager for it and now that I have it I keep staring, petting and putting off reading it out of fear. Plus, once we read it we’ll have to wait again. Next year has such amazing releases. I want them ALL.

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    AJFDSK to An Ember In the Ashes! I WANT IT SO BADLY. I’ve requested it on Edelweiss so so far my fingers are just crossed and I’m hoping real really hard. XD Ensnared tho! OMG. I’m just drooling all over this stack of yours. I hope they’re all as good as they look!

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      Ember deserves all the ajfdeajf because it was epic and beautiful. I pestered a friend into loaning me their copy. And Ensnared! I’m so eager for it. I hope it’s amazing.

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    Sooo, preordering Ember in the Ashes, right? I’ll get right on that! 😉
    What an amazing stack of books you have there pending to be read! Cannot wait to hear what you think of Ensnared and The Mime Order!!

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    Ack, I really want to read An Ember in the Ashes. <3 SO glad you loved it Kristen 😀 And ack. I am also SO JEALOUS of you living in Texas. <3 wishing I had your heat. Hmph. 🙂 And yay for all these amazing books to read this month. <3 Hope you will get to read them all 🙂 and love them all. <3

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