My September TBR Pile

If you read my recent post about my overwhelming TBR pile you know that September is a CRAZY month for book releases. There. Are. So. Many. I have no clue if I’ll be able to get through them all but I’m going to try and also through in a couple October releases.

And, can I just say, it’s already September! I can’t believe the summer is at a close and fall is soon upon us. My birthday is this month as well.

My pile:


I won’t go through all the titles and post the Goodreads link because- laziness. I’m incredibly excited about this pile and hope that I can read them all. I also haven’t looked to see which e-arcs I have to read so my list could grow by a bit. I need to stop downloading e-arcs because I’m so bad at getting around to them.

Coming this month:

  • Interview with Will Ritter author of Jackaby + giveaway (signed copy!)
  • September 9-Blog tour for The Witch’s Boy by Kelly Barnhill. I’ll be sharing the third part of the prequel novella
  • September 19-Blog tour for Haze by Paula Weston- Guest post


How about you? What books are you reading this next month?


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    September is indeed a crazy month!! I have my pile for the September is for sequels challenge and then some of the most awaited releases too! And also at least a pair of ARCs I should read to have them ready and up for my vacation time in Oct!!

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      Yay to a vacation around the corner 🙂 I need to read some October arcs as well so I can be ahead but we’ll see if I get through the September ones.

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    That’s a nice stack of books! The young elites & Messenger of fear & Made for you are interesting looking books. I wasn’t a huge fan of Falling into place and Exquisite captive, but I’m curious to see how you feel about it. Happy reading :)!

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    Vault of Dreamers was on the top of my September reads list, but after seeing so many disappointing reviews it has slipped down to the bottom of my fall TBR. I am still going to read it because I am intrigued with the premise of the story, but I am no longer hopping excited. I am interested in what you will think about it.

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      I started VoD today and it’s not that bad. It seems a tad lacking in world building so far but it is enjoyable and I’m not dreading reading it. My hopes had been dashed completely so that helps to expect the worse :-/

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    Hah, I need to stop downloading eARCs as well. Most often I don’t want to read the books at all anymore after peeking at them :p Which sucks. Sigh. ANYWAY. YAY for birthday month 😀 And yay for bunch of amazing books to read. <3 I hope you will find the time to read and love them all 🙂 I'm so excited for The Young Elites. <3 And so jealous of you. Ack. And HAH. The Vault of Dreamers. I'm so curious to see what you think of it 😀 Since, you know, I hated it :p Happy reading Kristen. <3

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      I started VoD today and it’s not that bad so far (Only 74 pages in). I’m not loving it but it’s a 2.5 or so. We’ll see as I keep reading. Seems a bit long so we’ll see.

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    That looks like a really nice haul to read, despite how many there are, lol. Hope you are able to get through all of them, or at least most of them! I have many arcs I need to read too. I don’t think it’s that bad, though. We’ll how it goes for me. Also, Happy Birthday to you this month! Mine is on the 14th. September babies are the best! 😉

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      Mines the 11th! YES to Virgo September babies 😀 I hope we both read like the wind this month and get those piles down to a more manageable size. At least I’m looking forward to all the books.

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      Right? It’s amazing how many releases there are in this two month span. After that my pile is fairly small so I hope I can read purchased books I’ve not had time for. Here’s hoping they’re all great books!

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      Yay Stacy!! What’s your birthday date? Mines the 11th. Go September and all the stuff happening. I hope you love Jackaby and enjoy the interview I have with Ritter. It’s one of my faves I’ve done so far.

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    Good luck with your TBR pile, I find it hard to stick to mine (I’m always cheating and shoving new titles in!) but I’m hoping you’ll get to review The Young Elites. I’m very curious about that, and I’ve waffled about picking up Marie Lu’s other stuff, i.e. Legend.

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    Woot for September!! It sure does have a crazy amount of releases, right?! I’m still trying to catch up on some August releases that slipped away from me. But honestly, I think I’ve got enough reviews ready for this month ALREADY. Phewf. I can’t wait to see what you think of In A Handful of Dust and The Young Elites! I’ve read Falling into Place and I really liked that one. Although I wasn’t keen on the main character (she was seriously mean lol!) but the style was brilliant.

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    I am crying internally from all the September ARCs I have to get through. SOOOO MANY. It is such a crazy month. What was I doing a month ago? No idea.

    I hope all those books are fabulous reads!

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    SOOOO many September releases. I gave up before the month even started. I picked out the ones that I HAD to read and said “someday” to the rest. 🙂 From your list, I’ll probably only get to Exquisite Captive, The Young Elites (reading now and LOVING it), and In a Handful of Dust. I’ve already started diving into other October and November releases, too. Here’s hoping for a quiet December. Pretty please?

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