New Book Obsessions for the New Year + International Giveaway

Happy New Year! 2015 is upon us and so it’s time to take stock of all the books I’m eager to read this upcoming year. I’ve been lucky enough to get a few of my most coveted books early and have read or am in the process of reading them.

2015 Releases I’ve Read or Am Reading:

16085457 16096824 17901125 18068907 18798983

20443207 20560137 22328546 22447220 20911450

I’ll be posting reviews of these as each gets closer to their release date. Ensnared will be this week.

Series Continuations:

16181625 17558151 19401348 20697410

21469053 21473811 21569527 22678141 13638020

Lion Heart by A.C. Gaughen, Of Dreams and Rust by Sarah Fine , The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May, Golden Son by Pierce Brown, Stone in the Sky by Cecil Castellucci, The Wondrous and the Wicked by Page Morgan, The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson, Daughter of Dusk by Livia Blackburne and Angelfall 3 by Susan Ee

These two I’ll cheat and order the Australian version when it releases because I have zero patience.

18516682 19548107
Every Move by Ellie Marney and Burn by Paula Weston

And of course-Winter by Marissa Meyer, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, the 4th Throne of Glass, 4th Raven Cycle book, and Ungodly by Kendare Blake. I can’t wait to see the covers when they are released.

First in a New Series:

23437156 A Darker Shade final for Irene 20643052 18782912

18368525 18081228 16071187 22718738

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine, Dove Arising by Karen Bao, Tangled Webs by Lee Bross, The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows, The Cage by Megan Shepherd and Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein

Stand Alones (or not listed as a series on Goodreads):

18190208 20308537 20873145 21393526

22718701 22929540 23399192 22561320 23014642

The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker, The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough, Trollhunters by Daniel Kraus &  Guillermo del Toro, Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley, Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson, Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George, Rook by Sharon Cameron, Velvet by Temple West and The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth

I am confident I’ve forgotten some amazing titles but this is a pretty good start to the books I’m eager for this year. I’d love to see your list or hear of some that I’ve forgotten. This next year’s titles look so amazing and those covers….so beautiful.

This is just a glimpse of my 2015 Wish-list. If you care to see more you can find them on my Goodreads here


I want to give you the chance to win a pre-order of one of my most anticipated (or already read and loved) reads this year.
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  1. says

    There are so many good books coming out this year! But the one I’m looking forward to the most is probably Winter, by Marissa Meyer. Can’t wait to know what happens!
    Thank you for doing this 🙂

    • says

      Oh yes, me too! I think I’ll like it the best of the series from what I can gather about the characters and such. It’s Marissa Meyer so it’ll be amazing regardless 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • says

      This year so many books are coming out, I’m so excited! I’m most anticipating the releases of: a court of thorns and roses, A darker shade of magic, The orphan queen, the wrath and the dawn, the mime order, invaded, winter
      I believe these are the main ones, so thank you for doing this and fingerscrossed

    • says

      AH! I \ forgot to add it to my list. I’ve only read one of Sedgwick’s books so far, She’s Not Invisible, and it was beautifully done. Excited to read much more from him.

  2. says

    You are one lucky lady 🙂 You pretty much listed my most-anticipated reads for this year. I think Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic tops the list, though!
    Thank you for hosting this and happy New Year!

  3. says

    As someone who is utterly in love with the Lunar Chronicles, I have to say Fairest and Winter are definitely some of the releases I cannot wait to read. They’re hardly the only ones though. 2015 is going to be filled with great books by great authors!

  4. says

    Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson is the one i’m the most looking forward to
    thanks! From your list teh Queen Orphan temptme a lot
    thank you for the giveaway and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  5. Patty says

    A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
    Ensnared by A.G. Howard
    Winter by Marissa Meyer
    Fairest by Marissa Meyer

  6. says

    From where should i BEGIN? I love Court of thrones and roses, The Orphan Queen, the Mime Ordr, Dove arising almost everything you are showing on the post! But I would love to get in my hands “Court of thrones and Roses” Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. says

    So. Crazy. Many. I’m on pins and needles, waiting for Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, and The Winner’s Crime, and Lion Heart. I’m hoping books like The Fill-In Boyfriend, The Fixer, The Game of Love and Death, and The Orphan Queen will be good.

  8. says

    Ughh so many so i’ll tell you few I don’t own yet. A Darker Shade of Magic, The Girl at Midnight, The Stars Never Rise, Truthwitch, TOG 4, Ravencycle 4, …let’s just do this EVERY BOOK ON YOUR LISTS! LOL! It’s going to be a good year, i can feel it! Happy New Year darling!
    <3 britt

  9. Alison says

    My most anticipated book is probably Winter by Marissa Meyer. But since Fairest comes out sooner, I’ll settle for Fairest. Another one of my most anticipated books is The Winner’s Crime.

  10. says

    AH! I am SOOOOO excited for Lion Heart it’s not even funny. I feel like I’ve been anticipating this particular book for forever. You have some other really good ones listed here that I’ll definitely be adding to my list!

  11. Katie says


    Too many? I think not 😉

  12. Sara says

    I am excited about NIL Unlocked, Fairest & Winter, Finn, and so many more! Thank you for he amazing giveaway. ☺️

  13. Stephanie Garber says

    Great giveaway! So many of those books are books I’m excited about, too! I think I’m probably most excited for The Winner’s Crime, and A Court of Thorn and Roses.

  14. says

    Oh dear, we have so many 2015 books we are highly awaiting in common!!
    And I already have quite a few of them preordered!! A Darker Shade of Magic, Every Move, Red Queen and Burn are one of the few I haven’t preordered yet!!


  15. Sierra says

    I’m most excited for Royal Wedding – the next Princess Diaries book. I’m re-reading the original series right now in preparation for its release in June. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! You’ve got a lot of great picks on your list. 🙂

  16. Kelsy says

    Most of the books I’m excited for are on your list! WOOO!! There are A LOT of books that I’m excited for this year, some of them are:
    – Shadowscale
    – Red Queen
    – The Heart of Betrayal
    – Winner’s Crime
    – The Revolution of Ivy
    – Fairest
    – Winter
    – Rook
    – The Orphan Queen
    – Crimson Bound
    – Elemental Trilogy Book 3 (I think that comes out this year?)
    – Etc. Etc.
    So many books, my wallet is already crying

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  17. Pamela Verfaillie says

    So MANY great books coming out this year, but I’m glad I don’t have to wait long for Ensnared!

  18. Raven Desroches says

    Shadow Scale, The Wrath and the Dawn, A Court of Thorn and Roses, Red Queen and The Winner’s Crime are just a few I can name off the top of my head,

  19. Ashley says

    I am eagerly anticipating Shadow Scale. Like, a LOT. In terms of books that aren’t on your list (GOOD LIST), I’m looking forward to a ton of books that don’t have set names/cover/release dates but that SHOULD be released this year: Raven Cycle 4, The Thorn of Emberlain, Winter, and Carry On.

  20. says

    I’m super excited for A Darker Shade of Magic, I read Vicious earlier this year and absolutely loved it! I’ll definitely be adding some of these books to my to be read pile for 2015!

  21. says

    About 95% of these are on my TBR as well! I hadn’t heard of Trollhunters, Velvet, and The Wild Girl before but now they’re on my TBR =)

  22. says

    The Wondrous and the Wicked, The Vanishing Throne, The Sin-Eater’s Daughter, Illusionarium….. 2015 is going to be a great year, for books and for life! 🙂 Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway, and giving me a few new books to add to my TBR, such as The Game of Love and Death! Happy New Year!

  23. Ana Death Duarte says

    A lot, really a lot… a lot of some you mentioned, but the one I am really looking for is Winter :3

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and the chance to win xD

  24. says

    I’m exited about so many book this year. Some of them are; Throne of Glass #4 by Sarah J. Maas, ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas, The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead, The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan, and Oblivion by Kelly Creagh. 🙂

  25. Emily Crowell says

    I’m most excited for Throne of Glass 4 by Sarah J Maas or Winter by Marissa Meyer. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. Alyssa says

    I’m really can’t wait for Marissa Meyer’s Fairest and Winter. I’m also excited for All the Bright Places, Black Iris, and Tonight the Streets Are Ours. 🙂

  27. says

    Eeeek! Amazing post Kristen. <3 I am so jealous of all the new 2015 books you have gotten to read. <3 Sigh. I want them all, lol 🙂 I think I'm most excited about ACOTAR right now. I want all the sequels, of course, but this is the new book I'm most excited about 🙂 Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 And thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂 You are the best. Happy New Year 😀

  28. Dani F says

    I am super excited for Fairest and Winter by Marissa meyer and A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. I need to read this books so bad.

  29. Renée says

    I really really really can’t wait for Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder! She’s my favorite writer of all time, and I’m finally going to meet her this year!

    Wishing you a bookfilled 2015
    Renée AKA NovelNutcase

  30. says

    Omg you’ve already read so many books I’m dying for! ACOTAR! The Winner’s Crime! Court of Fives! Red Queen! An Ember in the Ashes!

    AHHHHH I can’t wait for Lion Heart and The Vanishing Throne!!!! I’m reading Kiss of Deception soon and own Midnight Thief so hopefully I will get to them before their sequels come out.

    EVERY MOVE!!!!!!!! I have zero patience as well, I bought Every Word from Allen & Unwin’s site, totally going to do the same for Every Move 😀 Winter, Truthwitch, ToG4, Raven Cycle 4 (!!!!), dying dying dead from wanting.

    Six of Crows, The Orphan Queen, and Ink and Bone sound really good! And I love the sound of Tangled Webs but I’m not in love with the cover.

    The Witch Hunter is one ARC I do have, I’m reading it next! So excitedddd. And Rook!! I loved her other books, plus I love retellings.

    You have a really stellar list going here, and lots of the same books I’m dying for. I also can’t wait for The Price of Blood, The Storyspinner, and Crimson Bound. Thanks for the awesome giveaway as well!

  31. says

    You have so many that I am looking forward too. Some I didn’t even realize I was looking forward to until I got on this post 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    PS I was going to list which ones I was excited about but realized I might have just listed them all 🙂

  32. Chenise J. says

    Just to name a few: End of Days by Susan Ee, Lion Heart by A.C. Gaughen, The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!

  33. sarah k says

    So many of the books you mentioned are from series I want to start or continue with. Especially looking forward to when A Court of Thorns and Roses is published.

  34. says

    It’s so hard to choose but I did a video about my top 5 most anticipated. I’m really looking forward for Armada by Ernest Cline to come out!

  35. says

    I’m SUPER excited for ACOTAR, ADSOM, and Winter from your list. I’m also beyond excited for Thorn of Emberlain, which hopefully does get published this year haha

  36. Robyn says

    So many books that I keep adding to my TBR list. ACOTAR is a must and Rook looks great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. says

    So I’m obviously dying with excitement for a lot of these, but I wanted to especially say yey Silver in the Blood because Jessica Day George is THE BEST 😀

  38. Evette T. says

    I’m most excited for Ensnared. I’m also looking forward to A Court of Thorns and Roses and Six of Crows.

  39. Jessica R says

    The Wrath and the Dawn, A Darker Shade of Magic, The Witch Hunter, and The Game of Love and Death are all topping my list. We have a lot of highly anticipated reads in common for this coming year! You clearly have excellent taste 😉

  40. says

    Oh my goodness, so many amazing titles on here! I am so excited for The Wrath and the Dawn, ACOTAR, Court of Fives, my binge read of Scarlet, Every Move, Angelfall 3, to catch up on The Falconer, binging Paula Weston’s series, Dove Arising, The Orphan Queen, The Witch Hunter, and Magnolia. Fingers crossed we love ALL of these. 🙂

  41. says

    LION HEART is so good! This post was just so well put together. You have great taste 😉

    I’m not entering, just stopped by out of curiosity!

  42. Jacklin Updegraft says

    I am really excited for the last book in the Raven Cycle series, and A Court of Thorns and Roses and Red Queen! There are so many great books!

  43. Pauleene Jordan says

    This year is going to be a good reading year. I have a goodie goodie list of my most anticipated books of 2015 and two of the books in that list are A court of thorns and roses by Sarah Maas and Winter by Marissa meyer.

  44. raph says

    The Stars Never Rise (Untitled Series, #1) by Rachel Vincent ,A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1)by Sarah J. Maas ,The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker,An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir,A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas,The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)by Jodi Meadows,Veiled (Ada Palomino, #1) by Karina Halle,Red Queen (Red Queen Trilogy, #1) by Victoria Aveyard ,The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6) by Richelle Mead,The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons,The Sin Eater’s Daughter (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #1)by Melinda Salisbury,Court of Fives (Court of Fives #1)by Kate Elliott,A Darker Shade of Magic (A Darker Shade of Magic #1)by V.E. Schwab,The Sea King (Weathermages of Mystral, #2) by C.L. Wilson,Vision in Silver (The Others, #3) by Anne Bishop,The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough ,End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days, #3) by Susan Ee,Stung (Struck #2)by Joss Stirling,Truthwitch (The Witchlands #1)by Susan Dennard,Shadow Scale (Seraphina, #2) by Rachel Hartman,5 to 1 by Holly Bodger,Dream a Little Dream (Silver, #1)
    by Kerstin Gier,Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4) by Marissa Meyer,Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy, #2) by Danielle L. Jensen,Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley,Nobody’s Goddess (The Never Veil #1)by Amy McNulty,Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge,Woven by Michael Jensen,Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1) by Maria V. Snyder,When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling,Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family #1)
    by Tiffany Schmidt,The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

    AND MANY MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. says

    I am excited for all the books! ALL OF THEM. Especially the ones by VE Scwab and Brandon Sanderson and Rick Riordan. 2015 will be an amazing book year, I can feel it. Great post <3

  46. says

    I was dying to read Dead of Winter, but I devoured it when I received a digital copy from the author. Now I’m devastated (that ending! right in the feels)! But also I’m dying to read Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson. With the mind-blowing story and finale in the first book, is one of the most expected books this year for me.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 😉

  47. Kristia says

    I’m super excited about Winter and the 4th book of the Raven Cycle! Thank you very much for the giveaway 🙂

  48. Samantha Wallace says

    I am excited for anything Cassandra Clare is writing especially her new series. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  49. Alina R says

    I pretty much want to read all of these awesome books. But I’m most excited for Shadow Scale, Becoming Jinn, Ink and Bone, Silver in the Blood and Fairest. Thanks for the chance!

  50. Isabella says

    Omggggg most of the books you listed are on my to read list too!! But I think at the tippity top of the list for me is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo!

  51. _Sandra_ says

    An Ember in the Ashes, Red Queen, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, End of Days by Susan Ee, City of Savages by Lee Kelly..
    Can’t wait to read them all! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. says

    I’m sooo excited for The Wrath and the Dawn, Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, The Witch Hunter and Becoming Jinn – they all sound fabulous 😀
    Thanks so much for the international giveaway!

  53. says

    I am so excited for SO MANY books this year!
    A Court of Thorns and Roses, Orphan Queen, The Winner’s Crime, Fairest, Winter, Red Queen, I’ll Meet You There…I could probably go on forever. And so many of the other books you have listed in this post! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  54. says

    I’m really excited about Red Queen, The Wrath and the Dawn, The Witch Hunter, A Court of Thorns and Roses & I’ll Meet You There. I just realized I listed quite a few books. Lol.
    Thanks for the giveaway Kristen! xx

  55. says

    Oh dear god, YOU’RE ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL ME AREN’T YOU??!!! HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE BOOK OUT OF ALL THE ABOVE GLORIOUS DELICIOUSNESS?!! *drools* THIS IS SO HARRRRRD. But. I think it’s a tie between ACOTAR and EVERY MOVE. ACOTAR because SARAH J. MAAS. <–REASON RIGHT THERE. Annnnd EVERY MOVE because, well, Watts and Mycroft have the best relationship of ever and they make me die a little inside just from their cuteness. There's also a BILLION more reasons why I love that series to death BUT I WILLNOT FILL UP THIS COMMENT WITH FANCRYLY GIBBERISH. Today. No promises for tomorrow. 😉

    Eeeeeek, I am so excited for all these releases to come out!! 😀 Thanks for hosting the bestest giveaway in the worrrrrrrrld!!!!!!!!!! 😀 YOU'RE SO SPECIAL. 😛

  56. Lynn K. says

    Practically ALL of the 2015 you’ve read/are reading + the series continuations.
    But most of all, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC!

  57. Judiel Libot says

    I am excited for RED QUEEN! I just read the preview on epic reads and I freaking need this!
    I’m also looking forward to a year full of reading..I think this year would be THE year of reading for me I already am joining a the UnderHyped readathon which is happening this week, i’m also planning to joining the booksplosion readathon which is gonna be someday in June-July i’m not really sure….Those are my plans for the year so far but I’ll see how it goes and what’s gonna happen

  58. Michelle Lee says

    I’m most excited for The Winner’s Crime, Red Queen, ACOTAR, and Ember in the Ashes! Thank you for this amazing chance! 🙂

  59. Lais says

    4th Throne Of Glass,the 2nd Snow Like Ashes (Ice Like Fire),An Ember in The Ashes and of course,A Court of Thorns and roses!

  60. ChANge211.AngelicaMahinay says

    I’m looking forward for the 7th Book of Pittacus Lore for I am Number Four Series. Every year I’ve waited for each book to be released. :)) I so love Sci-Fi books. And I’m addicted to Four.

  61. Yun-a says

    Oh dear, there are too many great books coming out this year. Off the top of my head, there’s Ensnared (which I guess is out already), Fairest and Winter, Manners & Mutiny, All We Have is Now, Lair of Dreams, Sorceress, Hunting the Dark, The Chess Queen Enigma and dozens more I don’t remember right now.

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