Review of Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey

DuelandDeceptionDuels and Deception
By: Cindy Anstey
Release Date: April 11, 2017
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Format: Print arc
Source: Publisher

My Rating:

Miss Lydia Whitfield, heiress to the family fortune, has her future entirely planned out. She will run the family estate until she marries the man of her late father’s choosing, and then she will spend the rest of her days as a devoted wife. Confident in those arrangements, Lydia has tasked her young law clerk, Mr. Robert Newton, to begin drawing up the marriage contracts. Everything is going according to plan.

Until Lydia—and Robert along with her—is kidnapped. Someone is after her fortune and won’t hesitate to destroy her reputation to get it. With Robert’s help, Lydia strives to keep her family’s good name intact and expose whoever is behind the devious plot. But as their investigation delves deeper and their affections for each other grow, Lydia starts to wonder whether her carefully planned future is in fact what she truly wants…

My Thoughts:
Duels and Deception was exactly what I expected and wanted! It was a fast, fun read that had that Jane Austen feel and such a cute story. Have you read any of Tessa Dare’s historical romance novels? This book had that feel but for a YA audience.

The pacing was quick and this was one of those books that’s perfect for vacation reading, waiting for an appointment- really- the kind of book you stick in your purse and read whenever you get a few minutes. The driving force in this novel was by far the characters and the chemistry they have with one another. I immediately liked the main character Miss Lydia Whitfield. She’s pragmatic and knows exactly what she wants out of life. She’s got everything planned (if only others would play by her rules a little easier).

The law clerk, Mr. Rober Newton, was so cute. I shipped these two quickly and looked forward to their interactions. I loved their misadventures and how they brought out the best in one another.

This book wasn’t overly mysterious- I thought it was obvious what the outcome would be but that didn’t diminish the fun of reading for me at all. It was, as they say, the journey that mattered and not the destination. Reading about these two characters was so much fun. I loved the historical setting and felt that the author did a great job of taking the reader there.

Final Thoughts:
Duels and Deception was an adorable read with quirky characters you love and a fun story line. It’s a standalone and perfect for a vacation read or something quick to pick you out of a reading slump.


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    YES to it feeling like a Tessa Dare novel! I had the exact same thought when I picked it up!

    I’d agree the only downside was that the mystery was a little predictable. BUT, I really did enjoy the journey to get to the big reveal so I can’t really complain 🙂

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    I enjoyed Love, Lies and Spies so I’ll have to check this one out too! Have you read the Glamorist Histories books by Mary Robinette Kowal? I’m reading and enjoying the second one right now and really loved the first one. It’s also Regency era but has magic and a little bit of action too!

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    I feel a slump coming, so I think this might be a book to prevent it! A quick and fun historical fiction with shippable main characters? Totally adding this to my tbr! Thanks for sharing Kristen!

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    Stunning review Kristen 😀 So glad you loved this book a bunch. Yay 😀 It do sound pretty cute. <3 And yay for good characters 🙂 Not really my kind of story, but you have made me curious. I do like that cover a lot. Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3

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