Review of World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters

World of Trouble (The Last Policeman, #3)World of Trouble (The Last Policeman #3)
By: Ben H. Winters
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Quirk
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

This is the third and final book of a trilogy be sure to check out my review of book one, The Last Policeman. This review will contain spoilers from the last two books.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:

Critically acclaimed author Ben H. Winters delivers this explosive final installment in the Edgar Award winning Last Policeman series. With the doomsday asteroid looming, Detective Hank Palace has found sanctuary in the woods of New England, secure in a well-stocked safe house with other onetime members of the Concord police force. But with time ticking away before the asteroid makes landfall, Hank’s safety is only relative, and his only relative—his sister Nico—isn’t safe. Soon, it’s clear that there’s more than one earth-shattering revelation on the horizon, and it’s up to Hank to solve the puzzle before time runs out . . . for everyone.

My Thoughts:
This book. I have so many feels about this series and this book specifically I can not express them without all the spoilers. Let me just say that this series was one of the biggest surprises for me of 2014 and will be on my favorites list from here on out. I adored Winter’s writing and most of all his characters. I have already starting pushing this book on others (first to my parents) and can see myself recommending it to many people.

The first book sets us six months before impact and each novel gets closer and closer to the dreaded arrival date. Because of the ticking of days before Maia’s estimated arrival each book had higher stakes and a faster pace. Again, we follow Hank Palace as he navigated his own life, memories and the new turn his surroundings had taken. Hank was such a complex, well rounded character I really felt that I knew him after reading along with him for these three books.

Immediately upon closing this book I had to sit staring at the back cover for a good long time. I had been on an emotional journey with Hank Palace and I was in no way ready to say goodbye to him or his dog Houdini. Once I hit the midway point of World of Trouble I had already started mourning the inevitable goodbye. I felt such a deep connection to these characters and their world that it was painful to know I was finished.

Since you are most likely not reading this review unless you’ve read the first two books know that World of Trouble keeps with the heart and soul of the prior two books though each got progressively darker.

Final Thoughts:
I loved this series.


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    Wow…you blasted through the series! That is a good sign, especially with 4.5 for the last book. I must confess, I read NOTHING on this post, because I still need to read the first book. But now you make me want to get to it soon! (It’s actually on my TBR for this month.)

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      I enjoyed them so much! I was so surprised that I did too to be honest. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it when I started the first book but fell in love with Winter’s writing and characters. Let me know your thoughts about them!

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    You must have loved this series cause you’ve power read them books! I skimmed this review cause I’m hoping to start the series, but it’s fantastic that you’ve loved the whole series!! Thanks for the great recommendation!

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      I hope you enjoy them Pili! The first book was the slowest for me and each consecutive book moved faster than the last. I really did enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts when you read.

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    Aw, YAY 😀 So glad that you loved this series. <3 Makes me very happy. Not ready to read them yet myself, but hopefully one day ;p Amazing review Kristen. <3 I'm glad you loved the writing and the characters 🙂

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