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Last week I took some time off from posting here so I could use the time to read and catch up on writing reviews. I would say it was a success! I am only one book behind my reading challenge on Goodreads and I wrote eight reviews. I hope I can keep this momentum up since it feels great to be a bit ahead of the game.

This last week I read In the Shadows, Say What You Will, Free to Fall and The Murder Complex. I’ve written all but one of these reviews and will be posting them soonish. The Lego art is coming together beautifully. The Kiss of Deception is more than half done and should go live this week! Heir of Fire will take a bit longer, I’ve started but still haven’t photographed the Lego figures.

Now for the new additions from this last week. Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review.

For Review (via publisher):


Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

For Review (via Edelweiss):

The Jewel

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Gift (Thank you Krys from Bibliopunkk!!):

The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas



The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Which books did you add to your shelves?


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    The Winner’s Curse looks so good. I really want to read it, and everybody seems to be saying good things about it. The Jewel sounds interesting too, and it has a great cover. I hope you enjoy your books!

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    YAY 😀 So much awesome. <3 Omg, so jealous of print ARC of The Perilous Sea. Sobs. AND THAT GORGEOUS edition of Trial By Fire 😀 I love it so much. <3 Ack. So jealous, lol 🙂 I hope you love everything Kristen. <3 Happy reading 🙂

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    YAY!! Trial by Fire is awesome! I love how stunning the ARC packaging is!!
    The Winner’s Curse is so so so gorgeous! Happy reading with all the ARCs!
    And I cannot wait to see the LEGO cover art!! HEIR OF FIIIREEEE!!!!

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    I’m currently trying to get to where you are with books and reviews. I’m so behind! Thankfully, today is my first day of summer break, so it won’t be too long until I catch up. Trial by Fire looks amazing! So do all the others. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up downloading The Jewel and The Perilous Sea before too long (I’m practicing my resistance). Enjoy your new books!

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      I’m sure I’ll be behind again in no time. I can’t seem to keep up even if I get ahead. I hope you make a lot of progress over your summer break. I’m trying to practice resistance too so ONLY downloaded The Jewel. It was so tempting but I’ve got to hold back. Must not download them all.

  5. says

    YESSSSSS to the Kiss of Deception logo! I will stalk you just to see it! 😀
    Yay for Trial By Fire! ;DD
    AHH, The Perilous Sea! I’m so jealous. 😛
    Also, stroke that copy of The Winner’s Curse for me!

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      haha, right!? Congrats on getting caught up on your goal!! That is an accomplishment! I was 4 books behind for the longest time. now I’m 1 behind. I will get caught up or at least stick around here.

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      YAY! I love the cover of The Perilous Sea and have the arc for The Burning Sky so really wanted to have this one for my collection. ARCs and the hardcovers. I have a collecting problem. I am attempting to practice restraint with NG and EW.

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    I am excited to see the new Lego covers you are working on!
    I am a bit jealous, I really want to read both Trial by Fire and The Jewel! I hope that you like them! 🙂

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      Thanks Stephanie. I hope the books live up to all the high hopes everyone has for them. The Jewel really draws me in with that pretty cover.

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    OMG The Perilous SEA!!! SO ENVIOUS! This is one of my most anticipated titles!! Just picked up The Jewel at BEA and LOVE The Winner’s Curse! Enjoy all of your books!!!

    Happy Reading!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

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      TPS is one of mine too! I’ve been looking so much forward to it since reading TBS. So good! I hope it is amazing. I’ve not seen any reviews yet. Thank you Nicole! I hope BEA was a blast!!

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    Trail by Fire package looks amazing, I got the book on Netgalley (I think)
    I can’t wait to read your review on The Murder Complex, I really loved that book.
    I can’t wait to see the Lego cover for Kiss of Deception however I didn’t like the book, I DNF. I was so bummed.
    Great Haul this week. Looking forward to all your reviews. I’m so jealous you are ahead 🙂 I’m off to right the 5 I need to finish!!!

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      I’m so excited about TbF and the packaging is very nice. I can’t wait to see how the FC looks. I really enjoyed TMC but had a couple issues. You didn’t like TKoD? Oh no! I loved it. Do you think you’ll ever give it a go again?

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    Trial by Fire sounds really good. I can’t wait for The Jewel! I loved the Selection and I heard that it’s perfect for fans of that series. Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous. The Winner’s Curse sounds really amazing too; I’ll definitely have to read that one sometime soon. I hope you enjoy your books!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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      The cover for The Jewel is oh so pretty. I had to DL it specifically because of the cover. You must read The Winner’s Curse soon!

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      I’m very impressed with the packaging. What makes an arc even better? Nice packaging. Very excited to see how it looks as the finished copy. Pretty I’m sure.

  10. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says

    Love the Trial By Fire package! I really want to read that one. I read the first book of her other series which I did sorta enjoy so curious to see what she has in store this time

    Lovely haul! <33

  11. says

    Lovely book haul, Kristen! Trial by Fire is a book I’m very curious about. So, I look forward to your review. I hope it delivers! Ahhh and you got The Winner’s Curse! Doesn’t it have such a gorgeous cover? I still need to dive into my copy. It’ll happen soon! 🙂

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      I hope TbF delivers too! I’m optimistic. I love, love, love The Winner’s Curse. I’ve been meaning to pick up the finished copy forever and finally got around to it. now I just need to meet the author and get it signed! You must read it very soon!

  12. says

    Ah man, I really want Trial By Fire! Lucky, duck! All of those books have beautiful covers though. I’m becoming more and more interested in Jewel as time passes.

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