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Midway through January already! Amazing how fast time flies. I got some great book mail this week: a surprise package from HarperTeen and books I’d ordered from Amazon. So excited to read, read, read.

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review. So excited about this book haul!

For Review (via NetGalley):

 Lady Thief (Scarlet, #2)
Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen

For Review (via HarperTeen):

 Harper packageHarper Books

 Death Sworn (Death Sworn, #1)Perfect Lies (Mind Games, #2)Pretty Sly (Pretty Crooked, #2)

 Ruins (Partials Sequence, #3)Tremor (Pulse, #2)Steadfast (Spellcaster, #2)

Death Sworn by Leah Cypress , Perfect Lies by Kiersten White, Pretty Sly by Elisa Ludwig, Ruins by Dan Wells, Tremor by Patrick Carman and Steadfast by Claudia Gray

Sadly, I’ve not read ANY of the first books in any of these series. I am very interested in the Partials and Spellcaster series. Anybody read these series? You recommend them?


 Scarlet (Scarlet #1)The Shadow SocietyA Darkness Strange and Lovely (Something Strange and Deadly, #2)

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen, The Shadow Society by Marie Rukoski and A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard

Upon receiving Scarlet I immediately read and loved this book. I’ll try to get my review posted next week. I loved The Winner’s Curse so much that I decided that I’ll read anything Rutkoski writes.

Posts from last week:

  • Review of Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott
  • Discussion on how bloggers rate books (emotional connection, construction and execution of story, or mix of both) I had some amazing comments to this post.

This next week I hope to review Scarlet, The Unbound as well as being part of The Unbound blog tour (might just have Legos involved).


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    I’d be very excited about this book haul too! Though, I’d be in the same boat as you; I haven’t started any of the series you asked about. Sorry! I’m no help. But I do LOVE the fact that you picked up A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY! Please do keep us posted on that one! I’ve read the first installment in the series and Daniel’s novella too, but I haven’t picked up the sequel yet. I guess I might be a little hesitant. Getting your thoughts on the sequel would definitely help! I would also LOVE to hear your thoughts on THE SHADOW SOCIETY! I had no idea that book was written by the same author who wrote THE WINNER’S CURSE. So many bloggers are raving about TWC (including my lovely co-blogger), so I’m eager to know more about Rukoski’s work! Thanks for sharing, Kristen! 🙂

    Marlene @ The Flyleaf Review

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      I’ve actually not read Daniel’s novella but I’ll have to before I start DSaL–thank you for reminding me about it! I’ve started The Shadow Society and really am enjoying it so far. It has some of the typical ya tropes but the writing is very well done.

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    Sigh. FOREVER JEALOUS about Lady Thief. I got declined months ago 🙁 Sniffs. Still, cannot wait to get my pre-ordered copy. <3 Hope you are loving it. And ohh. The Shadow Society.. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it or not. Think I must 😀 Can't wait to see your thoughts. Happy reading 🙂

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      Less than a month away until Lady Thief. Hopefully it’ll go fast for you. I had to buy TSS since Rutkoski wrote it. I’m sort of in love with her writing style.

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    What a fantastic Harper package! I love the Partials series and I’m dying to read Ruins myself! I highly recommend it!
    Oooooh, and so excited to hear about upcoming LEGOS posts!! Cannot wait to see!

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      🙂 That reminds me I’ve got to really get working on the Lego art (goes live on Monday) I think you’ll like it!
      I’m guessing Partials will be my next book buy because I’ve heard pretty great things about it.

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    I’ve been meaning to read Scarlet since FOREVER. I hope you’ll enjoy Lady Thief Kristen! (:
    As for Ruins and Steadfast, I loved the first book Partials, but didn’t read the second book yet since I’ve heard not so good things about it. As for Spellcaster and Steadfast, Spellcaster was a bit meh, but I am still a bit excited to read Steadfast.
    Enjoy all your lovely books Kristen! :D<3

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      I really enjoyed Scarlet and I think you would too. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it. Sad that the second book in the Partials series didn’t get that great of reviews. Hrm, bummer that Spellcaster was meh.

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      You know, it feels GOOD to read none review books. Feels like I’ve taken back control of my reading pile and gives me the sense of control I think I needed after being swamped by so many arcs for so long (not that I’m complaining). So far I’m liking TSS 🙂

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      I’m not really that keen on White’s writing style personally. I tried reading her Paranormal series and then The Chaos of Stars and neither really hit me right. 🙁 I hope you read Scarlet soon….was very fast paced and well written.

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    Ooo, I just read Lady Thief! And… I wasn’t a fan. I really enjoyed Scarlet, when I read it like, two years ago, but Lady Thief was not my thing. And enjoy the Harper package! I got an ARC of Death Sworn in August, and that’s the only one of those ARCs that I think I want to read – the others are parts of series that I have not read D: I hope you enjoy all of your new books! 🙂

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Check out my STS post!

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      Oh man…I’m about 20% in Lady Thief and so far it’s hurting my heart and I must say some of it is frustrating me. So far I’ve preferred Scarlet but we’ll see since I’m still so early on. Death Sworn was the only one I requested and think I’ll catch up on a couple of the series over time but I think a good amount might be given away. Thanks for stopping by!

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    I am SO glad you are loving the Scarlet books. I only just discovered them, but I am thrilled to pieces with how that story is progressing. And how did you manage that awesome package from Harper? I actually just gave away my ARC of Pulse, or I’d let you have it so you could catch up on the series. (I haven’t read it so I can’t say whether it was good or not…I flipped through and wasn’t that interested, though.) I’ve heard pretty good things about Death Sworn, but I haven’t gotten to my copy yet. Arg…we should have done a buddy read for The Shadow Society…it’s still sitting on my shelf unread. I’ve heard it’s not AS amazing as TWC, but I kind of have my doubts…I, too, have decided I will read anything that Rutkoski writes. 😉 Happy reading!

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      I am not far in Lady Thief but so far it’s hurting me feels. I hope it lets up some because it’s making me sad! I’m excited to see what happens next and have heard mostly amazing things about it. I read the reviews of Pulse and they weren’t that amazing but I might give it a go. I love the covers. I am super excited about Death Sworn. And I have no clue how I managed the amazing harper package–feel like hugging them for it though.

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    I really liked Partials, felt meh about Fragments and my ARC for Ruins is waiting to be read. Death sworn is really good (and what about that gorgeous cover? :D)

    Happy reading!

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      YESSSS. FINALLY got around to ordering and reading. Not sure why I waited so very long. Thank goodness I had the foresight to request Lady Thief.

      Hrm…maybe I’ll wait to see some reviews of Ruins before starting the series to see how it ends. Death Sworn has me thrilled. *pets cover*

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    WOW! WHAT AN EPIC HAUL! That’s awesome!! Personally, I really enjoyed the first two books in the Partials trilogy. I can’t wait to read Ruins!!! I havent read any of the others though! I hope you enjoy all your pretty new books!!! 🙂

    My StS

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      Thank you Becca! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed both prior books to Ruins 🙂 I am pretty surprised I’ve not read them because they totally look up my alley. Thanks for stopping by!

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    I have to admit, I’m incredibly jealous of your Ruins ARC! I’m dying to finish the Partials series, it’s one of my all time favourites! The book are so well written and the story is amazing. I’d definitely recommend reading that series ASAP!

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      I try my hardest to not feel stressed about surprise arcs since I don’t have to review them though I’d like to get to as many of them as possible. Seeing that big package made my heart flutter for sure! I had requested Death Sworn so about fell over seeing it in there. thanks so much for stopping by!

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    Perfect Lies! I’ve been excited to pick this one up. Mind Games ended with a bit of a twist. I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to read it before Perfect Lies, but it might help. I’ll be keeping an eye for your review.’

    Great haul!
    My StS

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      Great to know you enjoyed Tremor, Perfect Lies and Fragments 🙂 I think I’ll probably start with the Fragments series first since I’ve heard the most positive buzz about them. Thank you for stopping by!

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      I’ll have to read Pulse before I can get to Tremor. The reviews are pretty mixed but I’ll hopefully decide for myself soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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      haha, that’s the truth. I don’t feel that I have to read all of them since they weren’t requested so I feel that it’s more an encouragement to read the books I’ve been eyeing but not getting to yet. I finished Lady Thief and must say it was incredibly gripping and I was unable to stop until I finished last night. Recommend the series.

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    That’s an epic Harper package!! I’m so excited for Steadfast and Perfect Lies!! I have a Darkness Strange and Lovely, but I still need to read it .. And Something Strange and Deadly, actually. I’m way behind!

    Happy reading!

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      Thank you Meredith! I really want to read the Steadfast series. The cover appeals to me and they seem different than what I’ve been reading lately. I sort of think I need to reread SSaD because it’s been so long. At least it’s not for review so I can take my time.

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