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Another week has passed and as always I don’t feel like I accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked. I did however care for my ill  kiddo who was lucky enough to catch two (yes two) separate viruses. Somehow I’ve avoided getting either myself so here’s to hoping my immunity withstands the assault.

Since last weekend was Halloween I didn’t post  my Stacking the Shelves but I did post some fun pictures of my family dressed up. You can check them out on Instagram if you’re so inclined. Halloween was a blast and thankfully kiddo didn’t get sick until after the fun.

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review.

Here are the last two weeks worth of books:

For Review (via Publisher):


ENSNARED!!!! *flails* I’ve started and almost finished reading it already. I’ve loved it. It is an incredibly emotional read that has completely swept me away.

For Review (via Edelweiss):


This sounds a lot like the summary for Trial by Fire but I’m hoping it’ll hit me better than that one did. Isn’t this cover is beyond gorgeous?

Borrowed (thank you Jon from Bookish Antics):


I’ve been obsessed with An Ember in the Ashes since I heard of it and I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend, thank you Jon! I’ve already read it and wow…just wow. You should go ahead and pre-order it.

Gifted (thank you Kelly from Effortlessly Reading and Jon from Bookish Antics):



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    Aww I hope your kiddie gets better soon–two viruses are just the worst! Hopefully your immunity streak lasts!

    ENSNARED. EMBER. WHAT A WEEK! Those two are amongst my MOST anticipated releases for 2015. I’m super duper glad that they lived up to your expectations. I’m scared of what Ensnared will bring (and also of my tears but…) And Ember just sounds delightful. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Now I’ll just sit here and pretend that I’m calmly waiting for my preorder Hahahaha

    Have a good upcoming week, Kristen! (Hopefully all the sickness in the air disappears!)

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      We are on the mend now, thank you! I have been resting and I refuse to get sick.

      YES, so many awesome books. I am beyond thrilled. I am zipping through them and loving every moment. Have a great week Jess 🙂

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    Yay!! I am super pumped about An Ember in the Ashes so it’s good to hear you enjoyed it. 😀 Although I heard there’s a LT situation? So a bit nervous, too…

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      The LT bit didn’t bother me at all. It wasn’t that prominent and was done well…I’d not worry about it. The story is so good as well as the writing. Well worth the read!

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    Glad to hear the kiddo is now better and that you’ve avoided the germs!!

    I listened to you and I’ve already preordered An Ember in the Ashes!! AND I’m so incredibly happy to hear that you are loving Ensnared so much!! I’m doing the pretzel hoping that my copy will arrive a lil early as Unhinged did last year!

    Happy reading Kristen!

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      Yes! I hope you love An Ember in the Ashes. I think you will 🙂 I hope you get Ensnared a tad early. I’m nearing the end and I’m having trouble picking the book up to finish. I don’t want it to end 🙁

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    Aw, I’m sorry your kid have been so sick lately 🙁 That sucks. Hoping he is feeling better now. <3 And omg. SO MANY BOOKS. Dies. So jealous of the awesome 😀 So excited for Gathering Darkness. <3 Though, yeah, I have not read book two yet (A) but shall read all three once I get this one. <3 and yay for getting Ensnared 😀 I just want to know how it all ends, hih (A) Happy reading Kristen. <3

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