Stacking the Shelves

What a week in bookmail! I received three of my most wanted arcs this week so I’m super happy. I’m expecting one more but I’m a tad nervous it got lost in the mail. eeps! Always scary when USPS says they delivered something but you never received it.

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review.


 Truthwitch by Susan Dennard- Thank you Susan and @Truthwitch for the giveaway! I still can’t believe I won
Weightless by Sarah Bannan and The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore- Thank you St. Martins!
Ink & Bone by Rachel Caine thank you Penguin
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo- Thank you Leigh and Macmillan! I already started it and LOVE every word.

Last Week’s Posts

  • Review of Tangled Webs by Lee Bross
  • Blog Tour– Interview + Giveaway of A Book of Spirits and Thieves

You might be thinking- wow Kristen, you barely posted this week. You’re right. I’ve been working on a Twitter Chat for this Sunday with 2016 debut authors. I’ve also started to create a Lego cover for Truthwitch. Boy this one is challenging.

Check out the blog tomorrow for more details about the Twitter chat!



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      THANK YOU! I rarely win things so I was SHOCKED that I won one of my most wanted books. I had resigned myself to having to wait until release to read it.

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    I got Ink and Bone this week too and I’m already about halfway through, it’s really good! AHHHHH Truthwitch and Six of Crows!! Can’t wait to read those 😀

    I hope you enjoy everything!

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      I had to drop everything to read SoC and Truthwitch. I plan to pick up Ink & Bone next. I’m very excited about it esp hearing that you are enjoying it!

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    I keep seeing the Six of Crows box and I’m so happy for everyone who’s been getting one! I know that the Grisha books are huge favorites around the YA community. Personally, I didn’t really like them, but I read the first page of Six of Crows and it was beautifully written, so I hope that one’s more successful for me. I pre-ordered Ink and Bone this week so I really hope it’s awesome! How could a book about a Great Library not be awesome, though?

    I hope you love everything you received this week! I started Truthwitch and it is AMAZING.

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      I’ll be very curious if you enjoy SoC more than the other books. It had a much different feel to me so you really might enjoy it more. I’ve been a big fan of Leigh since before I blogged and I dreamed that one day I’d receive an arc of her book (when I realized that arcs existed). I can’t believe my dream came true.

      I started Truthwitch and I’m really enjoying it!

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      I love that you got so many copies of Ink & Bone! I just have the HC which is very pretty. If you have a giveaway for an arc I’ll enter for sure! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be reading it soon.

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    Ugh, you are the luckiest sweet girl. <3 I really hope you will love all of these precious books 😀 Yay for Six of Crows and Truthwitch. <3 So happy you loved SoC 🙂 Hoping Truthwitch is amazing too. <3 Hope you had an awesome weekend sweetie 😀 And that this new week will be the best for you. Happy reading Kristen. <3 And ack! Your lost package better show up. It is heartbreaking when this happens 🙁 I'm sure it will get there. <3

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