Stacking the Shelves

So, this week I inadvertently took a blogging break. I was busy in my every-day life so I didn’t seem to manage blog time. It was actually pretty nice to take a break but I’m ready to get back to it now. I hope to get around to visiting blogs and replying to comments over this weekend.

As for new updates for the last week–I got to meet Mary Pearson at Blue Willow Bookshop which was such a fun event. I can’t tell you how much I’ve looked forward to meeting Mary. It was really wonderful and I’ll take this moment to tell you to read The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal if you’ve not. Doooo it.

MaryPearsonSigning MaryandMe

I brought along a few copies of the Lego cover we created to get Mary to sign and one for her to keep. I have one copy that I’ll be giving away so keep on the look out for that.

I also hit a pretty incredible blogging milestone for me- I hit 4k Bloglovin followers- thank you to everyone that follows My Friends of Fiction there!


Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review.

The Books

walkonearthimmortalheights Armada


Thank you Heather Doss (Harper), Crown Publishing, Nikki, and Scholastic! I am so happy with all these books. I purchased Rebel Mechanics and The Heart of Betrayal.


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    *Gasps* Kristen! First time seeing the real you and not that lego model 😀 So cool you got to meet Mary Pearson. And look at all that book galore! I’m already starting Walk On Earth A Stranger because it reminded me of Poldark!!

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    Congrats on getting 4K on bloglovin. That’s a great milestone. I hope you love all of your new books this week. It’s always great to meet an author. I like that you got her to sign one of your lego’s.

    Grace @ Books of Love

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    Looks like you got quite an amazing haul this week! I love the covers of Heart of Betrayal (still have to read Kiss of Deception!) and The Immortal Height 🙂

    Enjoy your books and happy reading hon! <3

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    Congratulations on the 4k! You deserve each and every one of those followers. 🙂

    I admit I still haven’t read HoB even though I’ve had the ARC forever (and now the finished copy.) I want to soon though! I also got a copy of Hunter this week, thanks to an awesome friend sending me her extra copy. I hope you love everything you received this week! I’ll be looking for your reviews of Hunter and Walk on Earth a Stranger.

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    Hello Kris! Congrats on 4k and I’m so glad you got to meet Mary! I can’t wait for you to read Armada so we can geek out about it together. Have a great weekend!

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    Ahh, so many precious books. <3 You are the luckiest Kristen 🙂 I want a print ARC of Walk on Earth a Stranger so badly. Sigh. I hope you will love it 😀 And YAY for getting to meet Mary. <3 Sounds like you had an amazing time 🙂 So happy for you. And yay for blogging break too, hih, I have sort of had one too 🙂 Well, okay, I blogged a lot this week, but have been behind on commenting on other blogs for ages :p but now I am finally almost done catching up 🙂 Anyway. Happy reading sweet girl. <3

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    Nice!! I met Mary myself just on Thursday! Drove 10 hours from St. Louis to Dallas just to see her! Plus Jennifer Armentrout! There was also Becky Wallace, Jenny Martin and Meredith Moore! It was a lot of fun! I love author signings, though not many happen in St. Louis! Have to do a lot of driving, usually up to Naperville which is just over 4 hours.

    Love your Lego designs too! So I’ll definitely be entering this one and keeping my fingers crossed!! They’re amazing!

    Happy Reading!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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    Um, has anyone told you that you are STUNNING????

    So glad you got Mary, and I love the fact that you brought your lego cover along. I still think you should make a book out of your covers.

    AWESOME books this week, and you’re starting to make me think that I need to read Rebel Mechanics. (Weirdly, this one somehow missed my radar.)

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    oh my god you are so pretty. congrats on the 4k on bloglovin kirstein! i have not read the kiss of deception but i do want to read it, as well as falling kingdoms.

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    Woooohoooo for meeting Mary and getting so many goodies signed! I’m sure she must have been super excited to see the LEGO cover poster! I cannot wait to see the one for The Heart of Betrayal!!

    Great book haul!I’m very curious about Armada, so I cannot wait to hear what you think!
    Happy reading Kristen!

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    Under the Never sky is a book I have heard a lot of good things about! It’s so great that you were able to meet one of the authors you really love as well. I haven’t read any of her books YET. I definitely intend to! And the Immortal Heights and Walk the Earth a Stranger are books we have in common! Armada is sounding good from reviews as well.

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