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Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review. So excited about this book haul:

This week I had some stellar book mail. This week marked the first time I received the big promotional package from a publisher. I am beyond thrilled to be included. Thank you Disney-Hyperion!

For Review:

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Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly, Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore, Far From You by Tess Sharpe, Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout.

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The Ring and The Crown by Melissa De La Cruz, Death Sworn by Leah Cypess and Steadfast by Claudia Gray
For fun we created my avatar picture with the mask Disney sent in the Summer of Chills package.


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      I was shocked to be included in the mailing so am beyond thrilled. I had to drop everything to start reading them. Thank you for stopping by

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    I hate you. Jk <3 But so damn jealous. AMAZING books. So so many amazing ones. CRIES. I want them all. <3 Hoping my pre-order of Death Sworn will arrive soon 🙂 Such a perfect book. Sigh. I hope you enjoy everything Kristen. <3

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      The HC of Death Sworn is very pretty…I enjoyed that one a lot. I hope you get yours soon. I couldn’t believe I got these packages this last week. Shocked and amazed.

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    The Ring and the Crown has a GORGEOUS cover! Congrats on receiving your first big package. I have a copy of Far From You, and need to hurry up and get to it. As well as Death Sworn, although most of the reviews seem to be negative. *sulks*

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      Thank you so much Amber! It was a great surprise to receive them. I actually really enjoyed Death Sworn…I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

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      Thank you Mel. I’m really excited to dive into them all. I love the cover of Death Sworn too. Very pretty. I hope TRaTC is amazing 🙂

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      Yes, many new books and I can’t wait to get to them all. I started Don’t Look Back and I’m enjoying it a lot. Thanks so much for stopping by Keeley.

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      That is right! Disney is amazing. I am so glad you loved The Ring and The Crown. I’ve not heard any opinions about it yet. I really enjoyed Death Sworn too. I love fantasy too–one of my favorite genres too. Have a great weekend too!

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    Brilliant Haul Kristen. I too got Don’t Look Back so I’m hoping to get into that later this month. I’ll be interesting to see how she writes I mystery as I love her paranormal romances and new adult. Definitely LOVE the avatar. So talented! 🙂 Hope you enjoy all your books! 😀

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      I love Disney-Hyperion very much…I can’t wait to read these. Deep Blue looks amazing…I love that cover and blurb. Thanks so much for stopping by Grace.

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    This is so awesome! I cannot wait to get my first print ARC and things from publishers! I know I probably have a ways to go before that, though! Congrats ad happy reading!

    Tiffany My StS

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      Thanks Tiffany! Are you new to blogging? It is amazing when you start getting print arcs. I’d gotten one offs before but never one of the press packages. It was the best feeling. Thank you for stopping by!

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    Awesome haul! The Ring and the Crown is one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen. Deep Blue sounds really intriguing, there’s been a few underwater and mermaid books out this year, but so few have been worthy. And your avatar is just too cute! I love the Lego bookcovers, you should really be charging authors to create them. So talented!
    Stacking the Shelves

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      The Ring and The Crown has a beautiful cover indeed. I hope it’s an amazing read. I’ve yet to read an underwater book that has been that great so I’m hoping Deep Blue fills that gap. Thank you so much for loving the avatar…and haha, I’m honored you think they are amazing enough to charge for 🙂 Have a great week Kelly!

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    I love your avatar! Sometimes I wish I lived in the US, so I got to go to events and actuakly have a chance of getting those amazing packages but I am already drowning here with books, yikes. The Ring and The Crown looks gorgeous!

    Awesome haul, girl! <33

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      Thanks Melanie! aw, I wish the authors and such would be able to do events where you are. I know what you mean about drowning in books. A great problem really.

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    Lots-o-good books there 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think about Deep Blue. It’s upsetting that it already has a relatively low rating on Goodreads even though there’s not a single written review that has given it a poor rating. I think some people are just upset that instead of writing another, more serious historical fiction, Donnelly’s written a fantasy this time. Whatever the reason, it’s not cool.

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      I agree Jessica! I was looking at it on GR and noticed that too and thought how strange for it to have a lowish rating. I’m hoping it’ll be amazing.

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      Thank you Kel! I’ve already read Don’t Look Back and I’m excited to get to the others. Thrillers aren’t my normal genre but thinking I need to add more of them to my reading.

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    I love your new updated avatar! So cute!
    Congrats on receiving the big publisher promotional package! And it seems like it was a pretty awesome book haul!
    Happy reading, Kristen!

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      Thank you Stephanie! Death Sworn has gotten mixed reviews but I enjoyed it. Not sure what you’ll think. You must let me know. I didn’t request The Ring and the Crown because of the reviews of Frozen but I’m excited to read it now that I have a copy. I’ve seen some folks really loving it too.

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      Haha, it seemed that I had to do that to the avatar. I really love the cover too…the colors are so pretty. I hope the inside lives up to the beautiful cover.

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      Thank you. Luckily all the books are coming out sooner than later. I read Don’t Look Back and I’d recommend it. Was a great fast paced thriller.

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    I was so surprised when that Summer of Chills box arrived because I had already received the titles for this season I’d requested. They must really be wanting to push these particular three. I’ll have to give them a shot.

    Enjoy! Looks like we have a pretty similar batch of books to read/review!

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      I’d received the titles I’d requested too. I’d not requested any of the book in the package but I’m super happy to have them. these upcoming books look fabulous.

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    So excited about Dark Metropolis. I have had my eye on that book since I Heard about it. I put in a request at Disney for a copy but I didn’t request the others in the promo package so I don’t know if I will get it, but I am crossing my fingers!

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      Some how I’d not seen much on Dark Metropolis. It looks amazing so I’m happy it was included. I have my fingers crossed for you that you get it to review.

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    Deep Blue! I’m really intrigued with that one – I hope you’ll enjoy it Kristen!
    And I’m curious to see what you think of The Ring and the Crown!

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