Stacking the Shelves- Hurray For Amazing Book Mail

Hi there! November is creeping to an end and Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. How is that possible? I have lots of family coming over to celebrate and eat so next week should prove to be pretty busy. I hope to squeeze in some good reading time regardless.


This last week was a pretty good one. I re-watched Labyrinth (hadn’t seen it in years) and yeah…just as amazing as I remembered. I actually watched it twice last week and I had to Google search Jareth and all the different theories/analysis on his character.


Very much. Very much indeed.

Have you seen it? I think Jareth is such a perfect YA villain and watching it as an adult I think I enjoyed him even more. Though, it is a tad creepy with the age difference-but he is immortal. I’ve also listened to two songs from the movie, Within You and As the World Falls Down about a thousand times each. There’s a graphic novel series called, Return to the Labyrinth. The ratings seemed meh but I am pretty curious. Has anyone read them?

Beyond my David Bowie/Labyrinth obsession I also did some reading. I read The Girl Who Fell by Shannon M. Parker and wow was this book suspenseful. It was really hard to read in spots because of the subject matter but very well done. I found it hard to stop reading after the mid-way point and would recommend this contemporary/issues book to all those that enjoy creepy, disturbing, suspenseful reads.

I also read a good bit of Their Fractured Light and AHHHH it is really good. I’m loving the characters and can’t wait to own the hardcover. I think at some point the whole Starbound series needs to be reread one after another.

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you show what books you’ve purchased, gotten from the library, received from giveaway, as gifts or for review.


Thank you Penguin, NOVL, Amulet, Random House, Simon and Harper!

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That’s it for me! How was your week? Tell me about your thoughts on Labyrinth and the books I received this week for reviewing.



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    Great haul! A few of those books I might be adding to my TBR right now. I admit nothing of course 🙂

    Despite owning the blueray version, I have never seen The Labyrinth. Why, you ask? I have no good excuse. I will have to correct this soon.

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    OMG!!! I LOVE The Labyrinth! Totally grew up on this movie and adored it! I always loved the song Magic Dance! I have the soundtrack myself because I just love the music so much! David Bowie made for a great Jareth! I have a copy of the Labyrinth to read still somewhere in my massive TBR trunk. Didn’t really realize there was a book to it until last year or two years ago. Not sure if it came first or second though to the movie, but I just thought, I want it!

    Jareth was definitely a complicated villain I think. He was one I could never really figure out. I really like Chloe Jacob’s Greta and the Goblin King as it has a little bit of that Labyrinth feel to it! Though the romance aspect is a little clearer! I could never really tell if Jareth loved or liked or whatever Sarah!

    And OMG!! Frozen Tides!!! Dying for that one! LOVE that series! Cannot wait until it comes out either! Hoping to make sure I finish whatever I’m reading that Tuesday by the end of the day so I can start this one right away! Be a wonderful thing to come home from work to!

    Hope you enjoy all the magnificent reads!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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    Eee, The Dark Days Club! <3 I am so jealous of you sweet girl 😀 I hope you will love it lots and lots. <3 And yay for getting so many other amazing books this week too 😀 Happy reading Kristen. <3 I hope you will have an awesome week next week 😀 Yay! And hoping you are having a great weekend now. <3

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    Yay for book mail indeed! Labyrinth was and always will be a fav of mine along with Willow & Neverending Story!. ” You have no power over me!”
    I’m so excited for Untamed and The Love that Split The World. Glad your liking Thier Fractured Light cause dying to read that…well and pet the pretty cover really. Yay you got Frozen Tides!! Enjoy all the pretties.

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    I LOVE LABYRINTH. Best movie ever. Every year I try to get my boyfriend to be Jarreth so I can be Sarah for Halloween. And every year he refuses. I figure he’ll have to do it if we ever had a kid together! I’m really excited about The Dark Days Club! Great book haul!

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    I strongly approve of the Labyrinth GIFs!!!!!!^_^

    I’m super excited for Frozen Tides! Which is weird because I haven’t read ANY of the book in that series. But something about the title and cover just.. Calls to me. Ya know? Weird! But I’m really excited to binge read them!!

    I’m also so excited for Untamed that I actually had a dream last night that the publisher sent it to me! Hahahaha 🙂

    And I’ve heard excellent things about The Dark Days Club! Can’t wait to read it!

    Epic haul! Happy reading!

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    Your post made me want to watch Labyrinth all over again! I haven’t seen it in aaaaaages. And yay for loving Their Fractured Light – it was really good!

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