Discussion- On Not Attending Conventions (yet)


How excited I imagine everyone to be at the book cons

It’s that exciting time of year again- so many bookish conventions- TLA, BEA and a score of others. I love seeing the excitement in the community for these events and all the beautiful books people take home. I’ve yet to be to one of the larger conventions (I’ve been to Teen Book Con one year where I interviewed Kendare Blake–it was an amazing experience).

I had hoped to go to BEA this year but stuff in life came up unexpected so the money nor the time was available. I thought, I’ll go to TLA instead since it’s not far from me (about 3 hours) but turns out I’ll be registering my wee one for kindergarten so I had to skip on it as well. I feel a bit sad because some of my favorite bloggers, authors and publicists are attending. I’d love the opportunity to meet all of the lovely people I chat with so often. That’s not even considering the massive amount of books available as well.

I wondered, are you at a disadvantage as a blogger if you can’t make it to the large conventions (ok, the word disadvantage might not be the right word but I hope you see what I mean)? What all am I missing? I assume relationships are built and I’m curious how much behind the scenes you might learn if you attend the panels as well as the breakfasts, cocktail hours etc. To tell you the truth, I have trouble even picturing how it all goes down but I hope to find out one of these years.

Now I’ll admit something to you all, I am actually at tiny bit relieved I’m not going because when I think about all the socializing and meeting everyone in person it gets my nerves sizzling. It sounds like so much fun and it is hard to sit on the sidelines watching but at the same time -the idea actually scares me. I find it so much easier to communicate in written form than in person so if you do see me at a signing or convention I find it so much more difficult to think of things to say.

My reading and blogging friends- have you attended? How has it been for you? Do you feel like it really changed your experience either as a reader or a blogger? I’m pretty confident many of you have posted about this topic so feel free (and encouraged) to drop a link so I can read about your

BEA and All the Books I Never Knew I HAD to Have

Though I wasn’t able to attend BEA I still became obsessed with stalking the tweets and pictures from the convention. Crystal (Crystal in Bookland), Pili (In Love with Handmade) and I got to talking about all the amazing books we saw and how each of our TBR wish-lists were growing. We figured it would be fun to post the books we found that we’d not heard of but now have to read.

 ZodiacGhost House (Untitled, #1)Bitter Greens

 Salt & StormThe Miniaturist

Zodiac by Romina Russell, Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto, Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth, Salt & Storms by Kendall Kulper and The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

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Be sure to check out Crystal and Pili‘s posts too! Did you find new ‘must have’ books from the BEA coverage? If so, which is your most wanted?