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    Haha! Great post. I think we all know that feeling well. Yet, recently I’ve been having more of tv show hangovers. Especially with all of the seasons ending , I may or may not have been up til 4 am Saturday night catching up with Game of Thrones.. Getting back to books though, you know you’ve read a good book when you get a book hangover 🙂 Great post!

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      I always hate this time of year when all the good tv is off 🙁 Seems like the tv season does entirely too fast. You know a book is wonderful (same with a show) if you just can’t get over it. I’m happy when it happens but still sad.

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      haha! My husband is mostly responsible. I really enjoyed your musings on the season finale. You need to read The Bone Season so we can talk about it!

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    I feel like I’m the ONLY person not watching GoT. And now you have me wanting to click request for The Bone Season, even though I already promised myself not to.

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