Three Years of Book Blogging


Today marks my blog’s 3 year birthday! I can’t believe it. I can’t imagine my life without My Friends Are Fiction but at the same time it feels like yesterday I decided to embark on this journey. I feel that after 3 years I’ve learned so much, had some incredible moments and met some of my very best friends. Going into this I never expected any of that.

My Blog’s Growth

I think everyone likes to see their blog grow over time.  My blog isn’t all that big but my visitors come back often and for that I’m beyond grateful! You guys keep on checking out what I’m putting out there. This makes me soooo happy. I compared the total number of pageviews per each year I’ve been blogging and so far 2015 has been my highest. Over the years it’s been a steady incline but generally month to month things stay very consistent. I had about a 20k yearly increase from last year.

My first real month ever (Dec. 19, 2012- Jan. 19, 2013) had 1,971 total pageviews compared to 9,351 from this past year (Dec. 19, 2014-Jan. 19, 2015). Okay. I could sit around and stare at stats for hours. I rarely ever look at them because they become way too absorbing. Regardless, there’s some growth there! I love to think back on that first month of blogging and the excitement I felt seeing that even just a handful of people had visited my blog. And the first comment! AH, that was beyond thrilling.

Speaking of comments- in the lifetime of my blog I’ve had 16,236 comments and 754 total posts. That’s about 251 posts a year.

I thought I’d added my social media stats to my 2 year blog birthday post but I didn’t! How am I supposed to see my growth Past Kristen?! I’ll add some this time so next year I’ll be able to look back and say…wow. Or whatever it is you say looking at the past year.nodate


What I’ve Learned

Oh how I wish I had some amazing advice to give and some sort of 3 year blog epiphany but in reality I don’t. These past years have had ups, downs and middles. I have felt incredibly motivated and amazed at what was going on and then at other times I’ve barely had the desire to log in. I think that’s the natural way of things. Regardless, I always come back. My Friends Are Fiction feels like my little internet home. I never thought I could feel so comfortable online but here I do.

The Year In Lego

This year I tried my hand at creating the Lego Cover Art on my own. Prior, I’d taken the pictures and my husband had done the Photoshop magic. My skills are not nearly on par with his but it feels great to be able to produce some on my own. This year I created 4 covers and my husband did 1 (Queen of Shadows). These covers take a LOT of time and it seems that we have less and less of it to dedicate. Here are the 5 covers we did this year:

Click on the image to view the original post

ACOTARLego320 TheWrath&TheDawnLego

AMSDRLego320 QueenofShadows320fin FTLegoCover

I also created a Lego version of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album cover


Blogging and Bookish Friends

I have to give a huge shout out to some of my amazing friends I’ve made in the 3 years I’ve been blogging.

First I’ll take time to thank one of my very first bookish/bloggy friends- Jon from Bookish Antics. We met by doing a buddy read and we’ve been friends since. I typically label Jon as my first bloggy friend because we started talking a ton and doing read-alongs often. His friendship has meant so much to me over the years.

Kate at Ex Libris, Pili at In Love With Handmade, Carina at Carina’s Books,  Stacee at Adventures of a Book Junkie , Jenna at Bookiemoji, Jen at Starry Eyed Revue were all some of the most friendly bloggers to me from the start. I can’t thank them enough for welcoming me to the book blog world.

I’m not sure I’d even have a blog if it weren’t for my high school friend Regina from MeReadALot. I’ve known Regina FOREVER and she was such an encouragement to venturing into the blog world (I thought it just sounded like a lot of work). Thank you for being friends with me all these years.

I’ve really grown closer to some amazing folks this year! Brittany at Please Feed the Bookworm (why don’t we live closer?), Jaimi from Fiction Fare (one of the most generous people you’ll meet), Rachel at A Perfection Called Books (amazing friend and blogger to work with), Meredith at Pandora’s Books (thank you for all those DM chats) , Jess at The Reading Nook Reviews (thank you for listening to me and comparing bookmail) , Sarah at The YA Book Traveler (thank you for being so encouraging and kind), Karina at A Reader Under the Sea (so sweet and POLDARK!), Nikki at There Were Books Involved (thank you for lending an ear/eye all those times) , Cee at The Novel Hermit and Jessica of Literary Etc! (my blog twins). Ah, this list could go on and on and on.

I have to give extra kudos to Crystal from Bookiemoji for nearly being my therapist. I talk with her daily about all life things and seriously I don’t know what I’d do without her. Kelly from Effortlessly Reading has been such a supporter and friend. Thank you dear Kelly (I miss you!)

I never expected to get so close to authors as well as bloggers but they are such an amazing bunch. Special thanks to Heidi Heilig for being such an amazing inspiration and friend (and taking a chance on me). Our friendship means so much to me and I can’t wait to finally meet you.

Thank you Becky Wallace for being so awesome. Janet Taylor, Nicole Castroman, Roshani Chokshi, Kendare Blake, Shannon Parker, Alwyn Hamilton, Mary Pearson, A.G. Howard and the list could go on and on.

I can’t forget my Poldark Descent ladies! I LOVE YOU ALL.

This is why I never really single bloggers out because I know I’m forgetting someone that is amazing. There are soooo many more bloggers that have been so kind to me and I’m realizing I can’t thank you all. But, just know I’m thinking of you and THANK YOU to the entire community for being awesome. All my publishing reps have been so kind to me and supportive. I LOVE YOU and thank you for fueling my bookish addictions.

Also, I have to thank my family and my amazing husband for being so supportive.


  1. says

    thank YOU Kristen, for everything you’ve done and continue to do, and for your friendship, which is the best thing of all 🙂 <3 <3 <3 Congratulations on a great year and i'm wishing you many many more!

  2. says

    THANK you for the past 3 years! It’s been absolutely wonderful (most of the time) 😉 and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years bring. I promise to get back into blogging soon, it feels weird being absent from this sphere. THANK you again, eat a slice of cheesecake to celebrate!!

  3. says

    Congratulations on three years, your growth has been phenomenal and inspirational! Love the creativity and dedication you have continuously put into this blog and the community. Here’s to many more happy years!

  4. says

    Although we have different tastes (I’m a crime freak!) it’s fabulous meeting so many lovely bookie people! Happy blogoversary, and here’s to many more – for all of us!

  5. says


    It’s so crazy that it’s been three years. THREE YEARS. And look at how much we’ve accomplished! We are so awesome. XD <3

  6. Jess @ Reading Nook Reviews says

    So thrilled I’ve gotten to know you better this year! <3 Thank you for being my mail buddy, and all around awesome blog buddy! <3

    Happy anniversary!!!

  7. says

    Wow, time flies – I remember commenting on your two-year anniversary post! Congratulations on such phenomenal growth, and having such a lovely blog to boot. Your lego covers always put a smile on my face. Here’s to another year of fabulous books and blogging!

  8. says

    You definitely put a lot of effort into your blog and it’s great to see the changes that have occurred. You’re one of the sweetest people. You’re very active on Twitter and I hope that we can become friends too 🙂

  9. says

    Huuuuugs lovely girl. <3 EEEEE. You mentioned me 😀 Dies. <3 You are the sweetest person. Thank you so much. And ahh. I'm so sorry for taking days to comment on this post 🙁 Just haven't been able to comment for days. Ack. BUT HAPPY BELATED BLOGOVERSARY 😀 Three years is the very best 😀 YAY. I hope you will blog for ever and ever, lol. <3 You are the best. I adore you. And your blog. And you are simply amazing 🙂

    I hope you and your family is having the most amazing Christmas. <3

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